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Play Color HexColor Hex Game

Plays: 3239
Category: BoardGame
Puzzle game that is easy to pick, but can introduce really hard levels. With in-game level editor for neverending fun. Tutorial in game, during gameplay.
Play Hex WarsHex Wars Game

Plays: 3137
Category: BoardGame
Multiplayer strategy for 2-4 players. Build an army, fight for ressources and conquer your opponents.
Play RedbeardRedbeard's Treasure Game

Plays: 3058
Category: Education
Take Redbeard's treasure by solving his riddles!
Play Hex-BHex-B Game

Plays: 2907
Category: Action
Bring the Bee home after a hard day working with this quick and challenging puzzle that will make your brain and reflexes work hard.
Play HoneySweeperHoneySweeper Game

Plays: 2792
Category: BoardGame
Are you familiar with the computer game Minesweeper? We kept the intellectual charm of a logical puzzle and added a new and dynamic living environment. Honeycomb are used as a game field, and bees play the role of the mines. At the beginning of the game the cells are completely covered with wax. The goal of the game is to open all of the cells as quickly as possible while trying not to be stung by a bee. You can open the cells by clicking of the left mouse button, also you can mark the bees by press the SPACE button. Each bee produces honey, therefore yellow "honey" rises in the neighboring opened cells around the bee. Each cell contains as much honey as the number of bees around it. Do not be afraid if you see the queen bee after a move. The queen is quite harmless and can be opened by clicking of the left mouse button. The queen bee feeds on honey, so all five cells under the queen don't have yellow "honey", even though the bees can be sitting around.

Plays: 2725
Category: Action
We have jazzed up the popular bubble game! We've put a new angle to it, literally. How many balloons can you pop in 5 minutes? Try to get on top of the high scores!
Play BeeBee's Knees Game

Plays: 2491
Category: BoardGame
A board game with hexagonal pieces that are used to build your hive empire.
Play Smart BeeSmart Bee Game

Plays: 2426
Category: Education
'Tis the era of working smart, for blind laborious jobs have already gone out of style - why take the lengthy path when you can achieve your goal effortlessly through clever shortcuts? Come and join the league of smart worker bees to embody the spirit by picking up the resources with the fewest possible moves! In this game, you will be given a beehive composed of multiple hexagonal cells. Your goal is to collect all of the resources in the hive as indicated by honey jars through the shortest path. You can click an adjacent tile so as to move the bee onto it, or press 1,2,3,7,8 and 9 keys on your numpad to control the bee. Note that the bee can only move to the cells which are lighted up. Some color portals will serve as handy shortcuts, allowing the bee to travel multiple tiles in a single move. When the bee enters a portal of a certain color, it will come out from another of the same color, for example, when the bee moves to a blue portal, it can be transferred to another blue portal in the hive. The number of moves and the amount of time you have spent will be counted at the top of the screen. After you have gathered all of the resources, the path you took and the shortest path will be displayed. If you took the shortest route, you win. Work smart and become the brightest bee!
Play Star RelicStar Relic Game

Plays: 2296
Category: Strategy
A turn-based tactics game - 3 races wage war over the sacred Star Relic. 3 campaigns, 3 different races, 16 unique units, different skills, and a unique, never seen before tactical mechanic.
Play Hex-BHex-B Game

Plays: 2171
Category: Action
Bring the Bee home after a hard day working with this quick and challenging puzzle that will make your brain and reflexes work hard.
Play 0xDoku0xDoku Game

Plays: 2157
Category: Puzzles
Sudoku steps up to the next level - hexadecimal. Get your digit fix in this tech-themed take on a classic.
Play Sudoku HexSudoku Hex Game

Plays: 2110
Category: Education
Classic sudoku. Don't know how to play? Read instruction.
Play Bricks Breaking HexBricks Breaking Hex Game

Plays: 2082
Category: Action
Destroy blocks in this hex variant of the classic Bricks Breaking game.
Play HexonHexon Game

Plays: 1959
Category: Puzzles
Hexon is a mind-bending puzzler - light the whole board in as few moves as possible.
Play SudokuSudoku Game

Plays: 1958
Category: Education
Classic sudoku. Don't know how to play? Read instruction.
Play GembinderGembinder Game

Plays: 1913
Category: Action
Take the role of a Gembinder, imbuing items with incredible power through the use of magical gems.
Play Hex WordsHex Words Game

Plays: 1464
Category: Education
The Electrifying Beat the Clock Word Game. Clear the words from the grids to spark another level!

Plays: 1417
Category: BoardGame
Defend America from Canadian cyber-attacks! Canada uses computer viruses to disable America's defenses and invades the US. In this turn based strategy game, you must repel the Canadian invaders. The collectible card game (CCG) mechanics let you use special forces, computer hackers, insurgents, spies and tanks to maneuver on a hex based map. Note: This is a purely hypothetical scenario designed to explore the ramifications of cyber-warfare. Canada and the US are lucky to have each other as neighbors. From a war-gaming perspective, however, Canada makes a really great antagonist because it has: 1) a high tech economy, 2) a modern, professional military and 3) a long, undefended border with the US.
Play Asymmetric WarfareAsymmetric Warfare Game

Plays: 1330
Category: BoardGame
Rebuild the United States after a devastating plague in this turn based strategy card game
Play Hex RotateHex Rotate Game

Plays: 1294
Category: Puzzles
Color the blue hexagons red in this puzzle game, using the rotation hexagons to move them around.

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