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Play Merry Mess 2064Merry Mess 2064 Game

Plays: 4587
Category: Action
It's him again, Santa! People lock your chimneys because he came back to take a dump... as every year! (this is the lo-fi version which includes double speed but no batteries!)
Play Numbscape: Gems Room Escape 3Numbscape: Gems Room Escape 3 Game

Plays: 4521
Category: Adventure
Explore locked room, collect 4 hidden gems and 10 code papers to unlock door lock and escape. Good Luck!
Play InmateInmate Game

Plays: 4488
Category: Puzzles
You're trapped! Find a way out of solitary confinement by searching for clues.
Play 10 numbSCAPE office10 numbSCAPE office Game

Plays: 4440
Category: Puzzles
Find 10 numbers and solve clever door lock riddle in order to escape the office!
Play SantaSanta's helper Game

Plays: 4389
Category: Adventure
Your elf friends thought it would be fun to lock you in this place. Christmas is almost here and Santa needs your help. You need to figure a way to get out of here quick! Good luck and have fun!
Play Galactic DodgeballGalactic Dodgeball Game

Plays: 4165
Category: Action
Dodge Asteroids with the earth as they are drawn to you by the force of gravity. Put them into orbit to lock on and destroy them or fling them out to space.
Play Miami OutlawsMiami Outlaws Game

Plays: 4080
Category: Action
Get ready to lock ‘n load…

Plays: 3995
Category: Action
1. Press the left and right arrow keys to ambulate. Press the up arrow key to put out the fire. 2. The water volume in the standpipe on the right side of will decrease when releasing water, and you can add water by press the lock gate on the left side. 3. You will score if a flame completely put out. 4. You will be burned if standing still when the flame enhances. 5. The temperature will rise if the flames enhance and touch the floor. Temperature will gradually decrease when no flames touching the floor.
Play Anagram EscapeAnagram Escape Game

Plays: 3956
Category: Adventure
You are trapped in a room and must escape. The door lock has letters, but there aren't any hint about what word can open it.
Play Escape The FarmhouseEscape The Farmhouse Game

Plays: 3881
Category: Adventure
The mission of this game is to escape from a house. You will need to solve a series of puzzles and follow clues in order to escape. There is a mysterious lock on the door which requires many shapes to be compiled to form one object allowing your escape. Collect whatever objects you can to help you complete your objectives and don't be afraid to break and cut your way to new clues and keys. Have fun escaping the farm house!
Play BrideBride's Escape Game

Plays: 3880
Category: Adventure
You are in one of the happiest days of your life, you're about to get married! Well, maybe not. A jealous ex girlfriend of your husband-to-be has managed to lock you up in your own dressing room! will you be able to escape? Don´t let this woman get away with it.
Play Urban V Legend Lock N Load ExtremeUrban V Legend Lock N Load Extreme Game

Plays: 3752
Category: Action
An arcade fixed style shooter from the original Urban V Legend series Act 1 the Hotel sub-game. Select from 3 different weapons (Handgun, Shotgun and Machinegun) and fight your way through the level gaining points on each kill and weapon you use. Originally design for the IPhone and Android this intense fixed flash shooter will entertain you and your friends. Remember to add your SCORE to the leader board.
Play Valentines Lip LockValentines Lip Lock Game

Plays: 3746
Category: Other
On Valentines Day, a love couple wants to kiss each other to express they\'re deep love in public palace. Make a valentines couple to lip lock kiss by clicking on them. If anybody watches them kissing, click on the people to avoid otherwise you will lose a life. Fill the kiss loader within the time duration to move further on levels. Have fun on playing game.
Play 10 Numbers Escape10 Numbers Escape Game

Plays: 3706
Category: Adventure
Search for 10 number papers, solve door lock riddle and escape from 10 Numbers Escape! Good Luck!
Play TurnellioTurnellio Game

Plays: 3646
Category: BoardGame
Rotate pieces and match 3 or more with same direction.
Play Lock N LoadLock N Load Game

Plays: 3573
Category: Action
Your city is under attack, Now its your job as a sniper to eliminate all the targets in the given time and rescue your people...
Play SupercriticalSupercritical Game

Plays: 3447
Category: Action
A fast action arcade shooter where you must blast apart the nuclei of giant atoms before their orbiting electrons rip your ship to pieces. Make sure to keep your ship moving, as the atoms will lock onto your location and fire electrons at it. Buying upgrades for your ship is essential to your long term survival.
Play Magic SplitMagic Split Game

Plays: 3322
Category: Action
Place walls to trap and lock magic balls on the gamefield. Gamemode "classic" and "spots" available.
Play Prototype BPrototype B Game

Plays: 3313
Category: Action
Lock onto multiple targets and fire a barrage of bullets to wipe them out. Collect the fuel from the enemies in order to survive as long as possible. Pretty effects and great sounds make this simple game enjoyable over and over again.
Play Secret DiarySecret Diary Game

Plays: 3199
Category: Dress-Up
Have an intimate moment with your thoughts while you muse about boys, clothes, and school in your personal diary. Get a lock and key for the title page, so no one tries to break in and read your passages. Although the poems and fashion tips for Jessica are pretty spectacular!

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