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Play Protector: Reclaiming the ThroneProtector: Reclaiming the Throne Game

Plays: 3591
Category: Strategy
An evolution in defense gaming, Hire your units and manage their development as you destroy hordes of mindless creatures! Reclaiming the Throne adds many new ideas and enhances several old ones to bring you a greatly improved Protector experience.
Play prisonbreak evolutionprisonbreak evolution Game

Plays: 3572
Category: Action
Game objective: You are controlling 4 character: scofield, Lincoln, Sara, and Sucre. Your Mission is breaking the prisons. Each character have different characteristic.
Play Quibeland EvolutionQuibeland Evolution Game

Plays: 3414
Category: Action
The blocky hero returns to fight more huge robots!
Play brat-evolutionbrat-evolution Game

Plays: 3364
Category: Customize
bratz girl, saw this beautiful doll bratz prepares beautiful doll with your best combination
Play NTCreature2NTCreature2 Game

Plays: 2926
Category: Action
Raise your creature and build towers to defend against enemies! Total of 28 creatures, 10 towers and 6 different game mode now in NTCreature2! Each creature has unique attack and ability! Remember that after you finish story levels with one race of creatures, you can use all creatures of this race in the challenge mode! Controls: W,S,A,D for directions, Holding left mouse button for attack, E for eating, SPACE for casting ability. You can set your own keys in Control Menu. All creatures' stats: Facebook: Twitter: Feedbacks or bug reports are most appreciated! [email protected]
Play evolution chinaevolution china Game

Plays: 2764
Category: Strategy
chinese version of the game
Play Parking EvolutionParking Evolution Game

Plays: 2684
Category: Driving
Could you park your car in the marked zone? Parking Evolution is a parking game with instructions in spanish and english. Six diferent levels not so easy to complete.
Play ???? Mobile  Jungle Jumbo Jump Mobile???? Mobile Jungle Jumbo Jump Mobile Game

Plays: 2536
Category: Action
????????Niko???????????????????,????????,????????!?????????,Niko????????,????????????????!????,Niko?????,Niko????,??????!Who said only birds can fly? Niko is determined to challenge the theory of gravity and evolution, and became the most advanced species on earth. But she's gonna need your help, all you need to do is feed her with as much fruits as you can! the more she eats, the higher she could fly. The success of Niko's ambition now depends on you!
Play The Origin of ValmalvaxThe Origin of Valmalvax Game

Plays: 1978
Category: Action
Experimental, shooter / strategy game. You are in control of a creature that will evolve depending on how often you perform certain actions. Moving around, shooting, eating the corpses of the creatures and enduring punishment will fill your upgrade meters a little. When the time bar at the bottom is filled up, the current wave will be over. If you did enough in your lifetime you will level up before the new wave starts.
Play Fly fly planeFly fly plane Game

Plays: 1579
Category: Sports
Fly fly plane
Play smily word builder gamessmily word builder games Game

Plays: 1430
Category: Education
The languages of the word are simply the evolution of basic Communication. Languages have evolved throughout centuries and there are hundreds of languages in practice throughout the world. People identify themselves with languages and they form groups, states and even countries based on languages. However English has become the prominent of all languages due to several historic reasons and is spoken by a vast majority of the people around the world. So, it is a necessity that we master this omnipresent language. SmileClicker has always encouraged its users to play and think. This latest Skill game will be a feast for your mind. Do leave your comments and let us know what
Play War of virusesWar of viruses Game

Plays: 1195
Category: Puzzles
This game simulates the evolution of two colonies of viruses that evolve themselves and destroy each other.
Play Snurfle IslandsSnurfle Islands Game

Plays: 1032
Category: Adventure
Create a Snurfle with awesome adaptations and test his survival in several challenging island environments! Choose from wings, fire breath, extreme jumps and more! Have fun while learning about natural selection and evolution!
Play Chinese tic tac toeChinese tic tac toe Game

Plays: 1029
Category: Puzzles
The evolution of the simplest game ever. It's not hard to beat, perhaps easier than understanding the rules.
Play Evolution HeroesEvolution Heroes Game

Plays: 906
Category: Action
Evolution Heroes is a game about most popular old-school heroes and evolution sequence. You should help to get out of the ground and mutate to human. There 6 different character with their weapon and feature. Created special for LD24 in 2 days + 3 hours to fix.
Play Maze Evolution 2Maze Evolution 2 Game

Plays: 819
Category: Puzzles
Help a little bright star through an insane labyrinth of twists and turns to the finish with this addicting sequel to the Maze Evolution puzzle game. The further you progress the harder the obstacles and traps will become. Run out the clock and try to find your way through all 28 levels of Maze Evolution 2!
Play Sorry, i was late!Sorry, i was late! Game

Plays: 781
Category: Action
Beat the room, watch it evolve, beat the new version! This is a simple action/puzzle/logic game top viewed with a not-so-original goal. Look how the developer make the room evolve as you beat it. It contains 15 levels and a moral ending. Made in about 40 hours for the LudumDare24.
Play Simulator_237Simulator_237 Game

Plays: 763
Category: Education
Welcome to Simulation_237. This is a "game" where you set up variable and observe the way "organisms" strive for survival. Their lives are fairly simple, eat food, and reproduce. You on the other hand, are their mighty god, peering over their existence. You also have the ability to dish out food by clicking on the floor, or perhaps smite individuals by clicking on them directly. With each generation a organism would have a slight mutation from it's parent.
Play Super Shark ShooterSuper Shark Shooter Game

Plays: 685
Category: Action
Evolution made sharks pretty tough. We finished the job. Pick your shark, get locked and loaded, then blast your way through the croc enemies.
Play Cloud GuardianCloud Guardian Game

Plays: 601
Category: Action
The evolution of the earth after a long, finally in the mountains and rivers, trees and grass was open on earth appeared the grass tree growth needs sunshine, as this is a cloud opportunity to perform, but there is always some rascal block clouds, follow clouds soldiers together, let the healthy growth of trees

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