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Online Shooting Games
Play Shoot The Smilys 2Shoot The Smilys 2 Game

Plays: 8404
Category: Shooting
What else is their to do when you got Smilys to shoot!!!! And you're going to say Smilys is spelled wrong. Well in this game it's not and it is pronounced Smil-es.
Play Deep Space MinerDeep Space Miner Game

Plays: 7850
Category: Shooting
Updated Version! - Retro Arcade Action bought upto date. Blast Your way through the asteroid field and collect the precious gold ore found within.
Play Trouble on the WayTrouble on the Way Game

Plays: 7309
Category: Shooting
A funny shooting flash cowboy game where you are a sherrif. Using your Lucky Luke skills to defeat all robers and bad guys is a part of your common everyday life. Enjoy keeping the bad guys down and away from honest people!
Play FlatlandFlatland Game

Plays: 6219
Category: Shooting
Pilot a ship through 2D Flatland. Destroy enemies and collect their fragments to grow your ship. Escape Flatland... Surprising simple, yet highly addictive. This game will keep anyone playing. The desire to build the ship to full size, and prevent it from shrinking is compelling. This game features two strong gameplay elements—collection and shooting.
Play DumaDuma Game

Plays: 5855
Category: Shooting
Help Russians deputys get in State Duma.
Play ElecktraElecktra Game

Plays: 5829
Category: Shooting
Floating in space, surrounded by fleets of aliens, use your elecktra hook to disperse the threat.
Play Thr-ust-eroid IIThr-ust-eroid II Game

Plays: 5676
Category: Shooting
Thr-ust-eroid II is the sequel of thrusteroid, Take your spaceship through an asteroid field to the longest distance you can. Use the thrust to steer away and the laser to blast away the asteroids. Watch your fuel and ammunition.
Play Warp ZoneWarp Zone Game

Plays: 5478
Category: Shooting
Shoot a high-powered laser at robots and collect upgrades!
Play Chicken TerminationChicken Termination Game

Plays: 5194
Category: Shooting
Watch out ! a lot of chickens coming to your garden ! hurry, wipe them out before the time run out !
Play CubixCubix Game

Plays: 5090
Category: Shooting
Cubix is a futuristic tunnel based shooter with crazy colors and amazing music.
Play Space Hawk 2Space Hawk 2 Game

Plays: 4704
Category: Shooting
A vertical scrolling space shooting game. Pilot your space jet code named Spacehawk 2 to battle the invasion of the Arlozaxian galaxy's space fleet. With five different weapons, weapon upgrades, secondary weapons and several monster types , this game is fun for all ages.
Play HoundWarsHoundWars Game

Plays: 4695
Category: Shooting
As a virus-busting Hound Unit, it's your job to destroy viruses in the cyberworld! Try getting more than 10000 points in this fast-paced shooter.
Play Super BugHuntSuper BugHunt Game

Plays: 4263
Category: Shooting
Manic little point and click shooting game where you must take out as many bugs as possible within the time limit.
Play Catnip MissionCatnip Mission Game

Plays: 3930
Category: Shooting
This is a small game I made with my cats. The goal of the game is to shoot the toys, but not the cat. If you shoot the cat, it might wake up and you have to start the level over.
Play Drone Wars mini GameDrone Wars mini Game Game

Plays: 3892
Category: Shooting
Drone Wars mini game
Play UFO AssaultUFO Assault Game

Plays: 3590
Category: Shooting
Space shooting game
Play Laser & BubblesLaser & Bubbles Game

Plays: 3474
Category: Puzzles
Destroy the bubbles with laser!
Play SwarmSwarm Game

Plays: 3424
Category: Shooting
Definitive Arcade! Move your ship around the central matrix and protect the energy cells. Destroy the bugs before they polarise the cells. Shoot the cells to restore to normal. This highly original game features compelling gameplay. The player moves in around the screen while remaining focused on the central matrix. In addition to destroying waves of bugs, the player must also aim at grey energy cells to convert them back to a healthy blue color. The bugs swarm in and attempt to convert the blue cells to grey, and thus the battle continues...
Play HellRaider3DHellRaider3D Game

Plays: 3338
Category: Shooting
hellraider3d is a flash 3d is first person shooting.
Play Last DefenseLast Defense Game

Plays: 3301
Category: Shooting
Defend your planet from alien missile attacks! Be fast, be accurate, only the sharpest minds claim victory!

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