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Play FortuneFortune Game

Plays: 2039
Category: Casino
This game is a Tarot card divination. To play press to the Fortune button. Then imagine the question to which you want to get an answer. When you want to receive an answer, press the stop button.
Play Soldier FortuneSoldier Fortune Game

Plays: 2028
Category: Action
Year 1923, in Indonesia at Aceh province until 1904 have fight with Dutch. Where ever we fight for the freedom of Indonesia. Many blood, many life, we are losing it. With fully spirit for freedom we are fight it. When the sun rising, we don’t know we still a life or die. The war begin , we don’t afraid with bullet, gun, tank or jet plane. In we heart just fight for Indonesia Raya. And this the actually ………..
Play Xmas Differences 2Xmas Differences 2 Game

Plays: 1957
Category: Puzzles
Enjoy finding the good fortune in this Christmas story. Discover all the differences in these holiday images.
Play CaraCara's Magic Pocket! Game

Plays: 1892
Category: Puzzles
Collect the coins to build Cara's fortune with a little help from her Magic Pocket. Watch out for the critters as they aren't too friendly but a pogo stick, roller skates and a huge bunch of balloons should help you along the way!
Play Luminous Christmas DressesLuminous Christmas Dresses Game

Plays: 1757
Category: Dress-Up
The most important featival Christams is coming and people hope that this holiday with magic can bring good fortune for them. A beautiful girl wish that she can look more pretty in this special moment, so she wants to buy cute Christams suits, luxuriant accessories and change a new hairstyle. Giving her a hand on choosing perfect items for her and dress her up as modern as you can.

Plays: 1739
Category: Education
practice fingering typing and Read the story today’s story:THE SHOES OF FORTUNE A Beginning Every author has some peculiarity in his descriptions or in his style of writing. Those who do not like him, magnify it, shrug up their shoulders, and exclaim--there he is again! I, for my part, know very well how I can bring about this movement and this exclamation. It would happen immediately if I were to begin here, as I intended to do, with: "Rome has its Corso, Naples its Toledo"--"Ah! that Andersen; there he is again!" they would cry; yet I must, to please my fancy, continue quite quietly, and add: "But Copenhagen has its East Street."...
Play Xmas DifferencesXmas Differences Game

Plays: 1706
Category: Puzzles
Enjoy finding the good fortune in this Christmas story. Discover all the differences in these holiday images. Try not to make mistakes; with every wrong click, you will lose 5 seconds. For each level you have 3 minutes, and in case you run out of time, the game ends.
Play Orbital OnslaughtOrbital Onslaught Game

Plays: 1620
Category: Action
A real time/turn based, tactical-strategy game. Lead your mercenary forces against fugitive criminals in a sector, and fight for fame and fortune! Bring the fugitives to justice using a wide variety of unique mercenaries, including soldiers, turrets, gunships and more!
Play Paper Rabbit Fortune HunterPaper Rabbit Fortune Hunter Game

Plays: 1555
Category: Action
To everyone: From my deep heart, I want to thank those who have helped me. Without you, I will never complete my dreams so soon. (Witch grandma,I will not blame you as you also help me grow.) 2012.6.29 Baby Rabbit
Play High Class in a High ChairHigh Class in a High Chair Game

Plays: 1550
Category: Dress-Up
Who is this baby who knows the difference between escargot and filet mignon before most babies can stack blocks? This billionaire baby won his fortune from good luck and rich grandparents. :) Fetch his gold-plated high chair!
Play Takeaway BurgersTakeaway Burgers Game

Plays: 1402
Category: Other
Carve a niche among top American burger joints and make a humble but better start with tasty burgers and happy customers. Get the business rolling and be prepared to handle both fame and fortune.
Play Killbot in CandylandKillbot in Candyland Game

Plays: 1391
Category: Action
The candy company is paying top dollar for as much candy as you can collect. Pilot your Killbot into the heart of Candyland and make your fortune!
Play Lucky CloverLucky Clover Game

Plays: 1309
Category: Action
Discover the rare four-leaf charms which represent faith, hope, love and luck! Your goal in this game is to spot 10 four-leaf clovers as quickly as possible. When the game starts, you will be given numerous pieces of clovers, in which 10 four-leaf clovers are hidden among the shamrocks. Click to collect the four-leaf clovers as you spot them, and you need to act fast as your score will be counting down according to the time you have spent, as shown at the top of the screen. Good luck!
Play coin catchercoin catcher Game

Plays: 1234
Category: Strategy
catch the falling coins to gather your fortune.
Play Lovely Cocoa PuddingLovely Cocoa Pudding Game

Plays: 1150
Category: Dress-Up
Avez-vous déjà essayé des robes fortune teller? Vous serait vraiment douce, confortable et élégant dans cette robe pour cette saison.Essayez ces robes de cette collection vous croire en mes paroles.
Play Daisy PetalsDaisy Petals Game

Plays: 1104
Category: Strategy
A fortune teller in real life may not be professional enough if daisy petals are used to predict the winner who picks the last petal from the flower. Grasp your own fortune in the game of Daisy Petals, in which you and the computer will take turns to pick from a daisy with 20 petals. When the game starts, you will be asked whether you would like to start first, and you can choose your answer by clicking the corresponding button. When it is your turn, you can click to select a petal, then click the piece again to remove it, or you may choose to remove 2 neighboring petals. The selected pieces will be highlighted in yellow, but note that your selection cannot be changed once the petals are clicked. The one who picks the last petal from the daisy wins the game. The time you have spent will be recorded at the top left corner, and the quickest winner will receive the best prize ever!
Play PiratePirate's Fortune Game

Plays: 1084
Category: Education
Pirate's Fortune is a game of chance and light strategy! Purchase and command pirate ships in this light, educational and retro-inspired game. How much gold can you and your army of pirates make in just 14 days?
Play Fortune fashionFortune fashion Game

Plays: 1058
Category: Dress-Up
Chinese version.
Play Fortune Teller FashionFortune Teller Fashion Game

Plays: 909
Category: Customize
Avez-vous déjà essayé des robes? Vous serait vraiment douce, confortable et élégant dans cette robe pour cette saison.Essayez ces robes de cette collection vous croire en mes paroles.
Play The Fate PathThe Fate Path Game

Plays: 885
Category: BoardGame
Do you want to know your future? Then play this game oracle! Sort of a mystic backgammon.

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