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Play Aplode - Multiplayer PuzzleAplode - Multiplayer Puzzle Game

Plays: 3132
Category: Puzzles
Multiplayer Puzzle Game. Build gapless rows to aplode them and send some bad rows to your opponent. Win your league and buys new blocks & music from the shop. Just get a friend to play with and fun increases exponential! (Single Player available)
Play Power FistPower Fist Game

Plays: 3095
Category: Action
Use your Power Fist to grab and fire various boxes to their correct location!
Play Spectromancer: League Of HeroesSpectromancer: League Of Heroes Game

Plays: 3036
Category: Action
In Spectromancer, an online fantasy card game, players participate in a magical duel against other mages by strategically summoning creatures and casting spells. Each mage uses five magical elements during a duel - Fire, Water, Air and Earth, plus a fifth related to the specific mage type. There are six mage types in the game: Clerics use Holy power; Mechanicians use Mechanics; Necromancers use Death; Chaosmasters use Chaos; Dominators uses Control and Illusionists use Illusions. Players are able to duel against the computer or against other online players live.
Play Cheering for Football Champions LeagueCheering for Football Champions League Game

Plays: 3013
Category: Customize
Have you ever tried Dresses Cheering for Football Champions League? You would be really gentle, comfortable and stylish in this Dresses for this season.Try out these dresses in this collection then you believe in my words.
Play Galactic 123 The MissionGalactic 123 The Mission Game

Plays: 2960
Category: Action
Galactic 123: The Mission. The militaristic Terran Union controls a considerable region of space. A league of planets, however, have rebelled. In order to stop the rebellion, a special team is sent. Things go wrong soon enough. The player gets to control several weapons and upgrades, to fight many enemies while visiting different places. How to play: Move with arrow keys / WASD keys. Aim and fire with mouse. More instructions given in the game.
Play Europa League (Hamburger SV - Fulham FC)Europa League (Hamburger SV - Fulham FC) Game

Plays: 2833
Category: Puzzles
Europa League (Hamburger SV - Fulham FC) Puzzle Game
Play Copa LibertadoresCopa Libertadores Game

Plays: 2683
Category: Shooting
Choose your team and take it from the round of 16 all the way to the finals. Can you win it all and be the South American champion.
Play Smart BeeSmart Bee Game

Plays: 2503
Category: Education
'Tis the era of working smart, for blind laborious jobs have already gone out of style - why take the lengthy path when you can achieve your goal effortlessly through clever shortcuts? Come and join the league of smart worker bees to embody the spirit by picking up the resources with the fewest possible moves! In this game, you will be given a beehive composed of multiple hexagonal cells. Your goal is to collect all of the resources in the hive as indicated by honey jars through the shortest path. You can click an adjacent tile so as to move the bee onto it, or press 1,2,3,7,8 and 9 keys on your numpad to control the bee. Note that the bee can only move to the cells which are lighted up. Some color portals will serve as handy shortcuts, allowing the bee to travel multiple tiles in a single move. When the bee enters a portal of a certain color, it will come out from another of the same color, for example, when the bee moves to a blue portal, it can be transferred to another blue portal in the hive. The number of moves and the amount of time you have spent will be counted at the top of the screen. After you have gathered all of the resources, the path you took and the shortest path will be displayed. If you took the shortest route, you win. Work smart and become the brightest bee!
Play Champions League 09-10 (FC Bayerrn Munchen - Olympique Lyonnais)Champions League 09-10 (FC Bayerrn Munchen - Olympique Lyonnais) Game

Plays: 2502
Category: Puzzles
Champions League 09-10 (FC Bayerrn Munchen - Olympique Lyonnais) Puzzle Game
Play FoosballFoosball Game

Plays: 2490
Category: Sports
Table soccer with actual premier league teams!
Play Puzzle Champions League Final 2009-10Puzzle Champions League Final 2009-10 Game

Plays: 2383
Category: Puzzles
Champions League Final 2009-10 Puzzle game
Play Karting Super GoKarting Super Go Game

Plays: 2363
Category: Action
3 leagues, 6 karts, 6 characters, 9 tracks! Beat the league champions racing your super-fast kart around these tricky specially designed courses!
Play IvanIvan's League of Super Flankers Game

Plays: 2187
Category: Action
Take part in a Jet fighter game with up to 13 different weapons and 9 different jets. Unlimited levels, each level gets more challenging.
Play Furry FighterFurry Fighter Game

Plays: 2110
Category: Action
Choose your cat and enter the wrestling league of Suntown city. Upgrade your cat's skills and buy items from the inventory to power up your hero!
Play My Soccer GameMy Soccer Game Game

Plays: 2104
Category: Adventure
Funny and addictive football manager game. You control mini soccer team of three players. Train your players to achieve better skills, hire new staff and lead your team to victory! Win the highest league and take your trophy!
Play Rodent Tree JumpRodent Tree Jump Game

Plays: 2092
Category: Action
There is no denying that rodents are great for tossing, but not so well-known is that this ability is embraced by the rodent community. It has evolved into a dangerous but spectacular competition. Hurl your little body through the air and land as close to the targeted distance as you can. If you're able to gather the most points, you're given the opportunity to prove your skills in a higher league. Don't think it is all fuzzy glory though, if you're slacking and finish last you'll be harshly relegated.
Play Conqueror of HeartsConqueror of Hearts Game

Plays: 1857
Category: Action
The game trains perfectly, and then estimates skill of conquest of hearts which can be useful once. The harmonious combination of style, music, humour and gameplay cheers up perfectly. What it is necessary to do in game to deserve the high status? - To pass training circles; - Precisely and without misses shoots on hearts; - To win hearts of beautiful princesses; - And don't to shoot on all to the rest, for not to receive the bad characteristic. Especially talented conquerors of hearts while maintaining occupy pride of place in the "League of Brave"
Play Ivy LeagueIvy League Game

Plays: 1774
Category: Dress-Up
Ivy League Dress Up Game by ! More fashion princess dress up games and celeb games at
Play Terra Defence LeagueTerra Defence League Game

Plays: 1706
Category: Shooting
You are part of an elite group of space cadets that must defend Terra from alien attacks!
Play Sepp SplatterSepp Splatter Game

Plays: 1635
Category: Sports
The head of FEEFA has had enough of foreign players coming into the English football league and has taken matters into his own hands. How many can you splatter?

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