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Play Doodle ChicksDoodle Chicks Game

Plays: 300
Category: Action
Avoid angry chicks !
Play Flock Lord: The AwakeningFlock Lord: The Awakening Game

Plays: 288
For our upcoming game In Between, a story driven, puzzle plattformer.
Play Loves First WeekLoves First Week Game

Plays: 260
Category: Puzzles
Loves First Week is a puzzle with two characters. Player controls both characters to solve puzzles. The characters have to kick rocks and each other to continue their journey. Find out what happens to their relationship after 15 challenging levels!
Play Loved UpLoved Up Game

Plays: 35763
Category: Action
Cute fun platformer where you have to collect the chocs, avoid the creatures and get the girl!
Play Banana DashBanana Dash Game

Plays: 17162
Category: Other
Play against the clock in Banana Dash where you race time to the finish line. Discover shortcuts and new skills to improve your performance, follow the banana trail to shave seconds off the clock and master wall jumping to beat world record times.
Play Lucid DreamLucid Dream Game

Plays: 11176
Category: Other
Catch some z's.
Play SquareShifterSquareShifter Game

Plays: 10833
Category: Adventure
Short Description: Fast paced 2D platformer, which features the ability to fly and 10 levels. Easy to pick up and play. Full Description: Square Shifter is based around the simple yet effective concept of collection and this comes in the form of "Squares", you must touch all the squares in order to progress to the next level. The game must be competed in 20 minutes and will keep record of how long you take. This means the game is in no way time consuming, yet it offers excellent replayability in the form of breaking your old best times and in the next update, a time based score board. Watch out for enemies! they will try to steal back your squares!
Play Squirrel EscapeSquirrel Escape Game

Plays: 9778
Category: Puzzles
30 level platformer. Find your way out by collecting keys, pulling levers and switches and just being quick.
Play BangoBango Game

Plays: 8876
Category: Action
Bango is a puzzle platformer that requires two things: thinking out of the box and great platforming skills.
Play Super Slash NinjaSuper Slash Ninja Game

Plays: 5179
Category: Adventure
Multilevel, Samurai-themed Platformer. 3 Powerups - Chicken suit can float, Panda suit can jump higher, Fire suit shoots flames. You can clash swords, and deflect most projectiles with your sword. Some levels have several exits - there are numerous paths to the final boss. Lives are unlimited - you just restart at the start of the section. The goal is to get to the end.
Play SkyBuilderSkyBuilder Game

Plays: 4994
Category: Puzzles
Build blocks in the sky. How high can you climb?
Play adventures of a lineadventures of a line Game

Plays: 3845
Category: Adventure
this is a platform game about a line. it has no color because this is a simple game (with a lot of coding)
Play Agent PlatformerAgent Platformer Game

Plays: 3704
Category: Adventure
You are a secret agent! Go through levels collecting coins and racing against time in this awesome platform game.
Play 6-bit Pixel Force6-bit Pixel Force Game

Plays: 3202
Category: Adventure
A retro mega man-esque platform shooter done in an 8-bit style. It features 6 playable characters and stages reminiscent of old school nes games.
Play TeleGrav v2.0TeleGrav v2.0 Game

Plays: 2758
Category: Puzzles
Test your timing and puzzle solving skills in this gravity based puzzle platformer game. Read the instructions carefully, and enjoy.

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