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Online Sudoku Games
Play ZudokuZudoku Game

Plays: 3987
Category: Puzzles
Zudoku is a3 dimensional sudoku-like game.
Play Sudoku PuzzleSudoku Puzzle Game

Plays: 3967
Category: Action
Play this fantastic Sudoku puzzle game that is taking the world by storm!!
Play Mahjong FeverMahjong Fever Game

Plays: 3941
Category: Puzzles
Mahjong is one of the most recognised games in the world. Originally from Asia, like Sudoku, and similar to Money Memo, the aim of the game is to find matching tiles, remove them from the game and build the biggest pile for yourself. In doing so however, you may only take matching tiles which are free on their left or right sides. The game is played until there are no more free tiles to remove. With Mahjong you must, similar to other logic games, always think a couple of moves ahead, to avoid playing the wrong move. Mahjong is so well known that it is often included in computer operating systems, to be played offline. Almost everyone has played this game or seen it played at parties etc. more commonly today probably on their computer. In Asia it is possible to buy handmade Mahjong sets that run to thousands of Euros!
Play Wonderful SudokuWonderful Sudoku Game

Plays: 3858
Category: BoardGame
Plunge into the world Chinese style together with fine puzzle game to Sudoku. Prove that you can quickly solve logic puzzles.
Play Sudoku XSudoku X Game

Plays: 3851
Category: Puzzles
Fill in the squares with 1 - 9 according to the following rules: 1. The numbers in each row or column or diagonal must not repeat 2. The numbers in each 3x3 group (surrounded by thick lines) must not repeat
Play Halloween PicdokuHalloween Picdoku Game

Plays: 3770
Category: Puzzles
Halloween Picdoku is a classical sudoku game, which has pictures instead of numbers.
Play SudokuSudoku Game

Plays: 3720
Category: Memory
My version of Sudoku
Play RandokuRandoku Game

Plays: 3661
Category: BoardGame
Randoku stands for "Random Sudoku". Instead of confronting you with pre-assembled puzzles, Randoku generates randomized Sudokus, varying in difficulty. Puzzles are saved automatically and can be continued at a later time.
Play SuDoKu MastersSuDoKu Masters Game

Plays: 3488
Category: Puzzles
A Sudoku game with 6 different levels
Play Sudoku WarSudoku War Game

Plays: 3416
Category: Puzzles
Multiplayer Sudoku. Based on everyone's favorite logic numbers game, fill in the most squares and win.
Play Auway SudokuAuway Sudoku Game

Plays: 3391
Category: BoardGame
Fill in the puzzle so that every row, column and 3×3 box contains the numbers from 1 to 9.
Play Too Hard Sudoku!Too Hard Sudoku! Game

Plays: 3280
Category: Puzzles
TOO HARD SUDOKU! Over 1400 of the hardest Sudokus. Only for real fans of the game! This Sudoku game client allows you to view number choices and mistakes, but it will still be extremely hard to solve any of the riddles, so be prepared! (o:
Play FlashudokuFlashudoku Game

Plays: 3261
Category: Puzzles
A flash sudoku, with timer and difficulty levels
Play Sudoku 24Sudoku 24 Game

Plays: 3256
Category: Education
Sudoku 24 is a classical sudoku game and it contains 3 different difficulty levels. There are 24 unique puzzles.
Play Classic SudokuClassic Sudoku Game

Plays: 3243
Category: Puzzles
Classic Sudoku is an exciting and entertaining sudoku game where you have to solve number puzzles by filling the empty places of a puzzle with the missing numbers. Every row must contain one of each number. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square. Classic Sudoku contains 3 different difficulty levels and 100 unique puzzles.
Play Halloween SudokuHalloween Sudoku Game

Plays: 3238
Category: Education
Sudoku with Halloween symbols instead of numbers. This game contains an unlimited number of Sudoku as they are created by the game itself and checked for uniqueness. Includes Kid, Easy and Normal level. Use your mouse to drag and drop from the pool. Have fun.
Play Sudoku - Beautiful MindSudoku - Beautiful Mind Game

Plays: 3235
Category: BoardGame
Sudoku with cute graphics!
Play SudokuSudoku Game

Plays: 3097
Category: Memory
Classical Sudoku game.
Play Sudoku ChristmasSudoku Christmas Game

Plays: 3095
Category: Education
Sudoku Christmas is a classical sudoku game, which has pictures instead of numbers.It contains 24 unique puzzles.
Play Sudoku JTSudoku JT Game

Plays: 3083
Category: BoardGame
Great version of Sudoku, one of the most addictive games. Put your mind to work an solve this puzzle

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