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Play Sandy Bridge DRM AttackSandy Bridge DRM Attack Game

Plays: 1118
Category: Action
Crack open Sandy Bridge DRM with powerful jets of plasma in this parody game!
Play Heli SupportHeli Support Game

Plays: 1029
Category: Puzzles
Heli Support is here. Use the chopper to build a path for the tanks and other army vehicles. Not much point in having war machines, if they can't even get to the action. Build your way through 12 challenging levels, all with varying difficulty. Picking up blocks and bridge parts and putting them down in a way the vehicles can cross, in this fun army physics game.
Play Three MonkeysThree Monkeys Game

Plays: 1014
Category: Action
Play Birdie Hop-HopBirdie Hop-Hop Game

Plays: 968
Category: Action
Oops... The bridge is broken. A group of cute & kawaii birds needs to migrate to another island. Unfortunately they can flap their wings which means they can't fly. The good news, they're good at jumping. But still not far enough to jump to the next island. So it's your turn to guide them to move to other island using the cute clouds. Use them as a jumping platform for the birds to travel to the next island. Tap the screen to place a cloud, and make sure the position is precise enough so the bird can jump on that cloud perfectly. Don't let any birds drown to the sea, because the sharks are very hungry and will eat anything they found. Collect the points, and unlock new bird costumes. Six new cute bird costumes are available to buy. Upgrades also available, and will make it easier to gain even more scores. Simple game for children as well as mature players. With online leaderboard, so you can compete either with your family, friends, or with the people around the world. Show them who got the best highscores. Game Features: - Simple gameplay, just tap the screen. - Cute bird characters, from cockatoo, chicken, duck, toucan, flamingo, eagle, and more. - Leaderboard ready
Play Under Bridge Cave Escape 2Under Bridge Cave Escape 2 Game

Plays: 957
Category: Puzzles
In this game you must search for items and clues to escape the cave. Have fun!
Play Sandy Bridge DRM AttackSandy Bridge DRM Attack Game

Plays: 929
Category: Action
Crack open Sandy Bridge DRM with powerful jets of plasma in this parody game!
Play London Bridge MahjongLondon Bridge Mahjong Game

Plays: 920
Category: BoardGame
Fantastic free most popular mahjong game . We are sure the game will be interesting both for the mahjong experts and for the novices who just discover the games of this genre. Try to resolve all twenty puzzles in quiet and relaxing atmosphere while drinking a cup of tea or coffee. Find identical tiles and click at them to delete. But pay attention that the tiles should be unlocked, i.e. no tile above-below or to the left-right.
Play Chicken Get HomeChicken Get Home Game

Plays: 892
Category: Puzzles
Fix the broken bridge to help the little chicken get home. There are 20 levels, challenge yourself!
Play Falling BridgeFalling Bridge Game

Plays: 891
Category: Action
Ride your bike and escape from the falling bridge.Collect gold on your way to score points.Use space-bar for nitro and "P" for Pause.
Play Mania Street RacersMania Street Racers Game

Plays: 817
Category: Driving
Race against other drivers in this dangerous street racer game. Try not to fall off the bridge or crash with other drivers.
Play Gon And MonGon And Mon Game

Plays: 790
Category: Action
Description Many people believe that the king of the jungle is a lion, but they probably have not heard about Gon and Mon yet, the spectacular monkey duo that dares confronting death in all its forms known to man. Get ready for a monkey business that mainly involves collecting bananas, frequently will challenge you to pass thru fire or even walk on water, occasionally can bring you joy when a level is completed, all this and much more just to complete all 20 stages and have loads of adventuring fun! Remember that fire does not affect the big monkey, while the smart little monkey is always ready to build a bridge or two. Good luck!
Play AssembotsAssembots Game

Plays: 778
Category: Puzzles
A modern take on a classic puzzle game. You must guide you robots from their work place back home to safety after a long shift at work. You must use the robots skills in engineering to bash through wall, blast through rock, dig down through earth, bridge over ravines an swim through oceans in order to save them.
Play Hang-Gliding GirlHang-Gliding Girl Game

Plays: 758
Category: Customize
This daredevil girl is always trying to jump into an some adrenaline-pumping action, and there's nothing cooler than jumping from a high cliff or bridge with a hang-glider attached to her back! Let go and let's fly!
Play Rainy Big Dam BridgeRainy Big Dam Bridge Game

Plays: 713
Category: Customize
As the weather is rainy today, Rebecca and Roberts are going to the big dam bridge for kissing and dating games. All you have to do is to see that when they are kissing no one should be there. Try!
Play Escape The ShipEscape The Ship Game

Plays: 707
Category: Puzzles
This is the 141th game from Assume that you are owning a farm located near the city bridge. one day a men who maintains the control of the bridge is under some personal problem so he can't continue his job, but their is a ship needs to cross the bridge. Please make the ship to cross by solving the puzzles and get the control for the bridge. Click on the objects to interact and find the enagames and have a happy life!!
Play Under Bridge Cave Escape 3Under Bridge Cave Escape 3 Game

Plays: 668
Category: Puzzles
In this game you must search for items and clues to escape the cave. Have fun!
Play BridgesBridges Game

Plays: 647
Category: Puzzles
Utilize your powerful logic to connect the secluded lands! Your task in this game is to construct bridges so that all of the islands are connected to each other. Multiple isles will be presented when the game starts, and on each of the islands a number is given to indicate the required number of bridges connecting to that piece of land. Simply click the space between two islands to place a bridge. Note that the bridges cannot cross, and any 2 islands cannot sustain more than 2 bridges. If you would like to remove a bridge, you can increase the number of bridges to the maximum, then click the bridges to remove them all. The amount of time you have spent will be recorded at the top left corner of the screen. Can you complete the puzzle and unite the separated pieces in no time?
Play Deer EscapeDeer Escape Game

Plays: 646
Category: Puzzles
This is the 109th game designed by A deer called "RUSSELL" enjoying his happy life with his friends and relatives at the forest, one day Russell and his friends where planned to play outside the river near to the forest. While enjoying with his friends, rain shower starts Parts of the forest are flooded as high tides combine with heavy rain and strong winds.Severe flood occupies most of the places in the forest. Our Russell lost his family member, it starts searching for their parents once the heavy rain stops. Bridge between the river brokendown because of this flood. PLease help the deer to start his happy life by crossing the river and hug his family members. Construct the broken bridge and help the Russell. Click on the objects to interact and solve puzzles. Play enagames and enjoy your moments.
Play The Broken BridgeThe Broken Bridge Game

Plays: 625
Category: Action
It's a long, hard road when you're running for your life!
Play Microphone Does BridgeMicrophone Does Bridge Game

Plays: 622
Category: Strategy
Small microphone wants to cross the bridge! These trees are mine, and the bridge is mine. If you want to passby it, you've got to repair it. Here's looking at you! Use your brains to look at the rule of building bridge, or you will fall into the river!

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