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Play Isçi AriIsçi Ari Game

Plays: 1881
Category: Puzzles
Oyundaki amaç en yüksek puani elde etmektir. Yapilan en düsük süre en yüksek puan anlamina gelmektedir. En yüksek puani elde edebilmeniz için size verilen bal petegini en kisa sürede bal damlalari ile doldurmaniz gerekiyor.
Play Katy FairyKaty Fairy Game

Plays: 1880
Category: Action
The kingdom of honey is protected by three dragons. The dragon of fire, water and lightning. They were enclosed in blocks by a sorceress seeking to seize the kingdom. Help Katy the fairy saving all dragons before it's too late! Language select: English, French, Spanish
Play Cute Honey GirlCute Honey Girl Game

Plays: 1875
Category: Customize
??????????????Cute Honey Girl?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????
Play Banana Pancake Cooking DecorationBanana Pancake Cooking Decoration Game

Plays: 1831
Category: Other
Today you can have something special for breakfast, play this game and you will see how you can cook a big stack of banana pancakes. Use different ingredients like bananas, eggs, honey, vanilla, and much more, combine them, add a glass of milk, and you will have the perfect breakfast.
Play Bee QuickBee Quick Game

Plays: 1816
Category: Adventure
Buzz has been kicked out of many hives for not doing his work. Help him harvest honey and keep his home!
Play Bee Maze IIBee Maze II Game

Plays: 1805
Category: Action
You’ll have to go through 15 levels to set the bee free. Collect as many objects as possible to receive bonus points and other goods. Don’t let the time run out.
Play Bear Hunt For FashionBear Hunt For Fashion Game

Plays: 1766
Category: Customize
These cute bears don't want honey or picnic baskets like the other bears you might have heard about. These bears are hunting for fashion instead and they need you to help them dress up. After you have finished share your code to access your bears with your friends. Enjoy many different backgrounds, fashions and a fun song about dressing up a bear. Come on and help this bear hunt for fashion now!
Play Honey BeautyHoney Beauty Game

Plays: 1712
Category: Customize
??????????????Honey Beauty?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????
Play Honey DressupHoney Dressup Game

Plays: 1705
Category: Customize
Honey Dressup game
Play Bee EmpireBee Empire Game

Plays: 1622
Category: Strategy
Your majestic empire has long enjoyed its peace and prosperity, with rich resources and well-constructed colonies spreading all over the realm. But your ambitious neighbor, the kingdom of hornets, is casting the greedy eyes on your homeland. Hordes of fierce soldiers are sent to invade your empire with only one goal: to seize and colonize the land. You need to save the day by growing your army and expelling the malicious intruders. When the game starts, larvae will slowly grow one by one at the bottom left corner of the screen. Above the larvae you can find a selection panel, which contains 3 types of bees for you to breed. The one at the top is the soldier which defends against the enemies; the one in the middle is the worker bee, which can increase the incoming amount of resources (honey, of course); and the one at the bottom of the panel is the drone, which breeds and increases the birth rate of the larvae. Each type of the bees requires a specific amount of resources to grow. you can click the corresponding icon on the panel to grow a bee. The current incoming rate of resources is shown at the top of the screen, while the birth rate of larvae is displayed on the bottom right. When a wave of hornets is coming, a timer will appear on the right of the screen, indicating the remaining seconds for your preparation. When the enemies arrive, they will start attacking the members of your empire. The members will be eliminated when they are under violent attacks, but you can continuously grow new members during the battle. If your soldiers are all defeated, the hornets will reach the beehive at the top left corner of the screen and attempt to destroy it, and if the hive is completely broken, you lose the game. If a wave of intruders is eliminated, the hornets will temporarily cease fire, but will soon come back with a larger and stronger legion. After 9 rounds of violent waves, the queen hornet will join the final battle, and you need to defeat her in order to declare victory. Eliminate the demons and return peace to your beloved empire!
Play Honey White DressHoney White Dress Game

Plays: 1612
Category: Customize
??? ?? ???? ???? ??? ?? ???? ?? ? ??? ????,? ??? ??? ?? ????.??? ??? ?? ??, ??? ???? ??? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??.?? ?? ???? ? ?? ??? ??? ???? ?????.
Play BeeBee Game

Plays: 1559
Category: Action
Play Bee Game
Play No-Bake CookiesNo-Bake Cookies Game

Plays: 1505
Category: Education
You will love to cook these peanut butter-graham treats! You need to gather whole-wheat graham cracker squares, raisins, peanut butter, honey and unsweetened coconut. It's easy and so sweet !!
Play Rock Star MakeoverRock Star Makeover Game

Plays: 1415
Category: Dress-Up
Wanna shine like a Hollywood star and look like a trendy rock star, girls? Play Rock Star Makeover facial beauty game and become a sophisticated rock star fashion diva! Dress up like a glam rock star girl in trendy and feminine rock star clothes and jewelries with studs and spikes. Beautify your face with rock star face cleanser, face scrubs, eye concealer and honey face masks. Complete your rock star makeover with trendy rock star make up and fashionable rock star hairstyles. You don't have to be a rock star to dress up like one. A spiked or studded leather jacket can give your outfit a rock star flavor, while a black dress with studded shoulders, matched with high heels and rock star jewels. never fails to impress no matter where you go, girls! Enjoy Rock Star Makeover facial beauty game!
Play Bee MinesBee Mines Game

Plays: 1390
Category: BoardGame
This game is similar to Minesweeper. The aim is to open all the blocks without opening a block with a bee. Each time you open a block, a number will be shown indicating the number of mines present in the surrounding blocks.
Play Gift For HoneyGift For Honey Game

Plays: 1332
Category: Customize
Avez-vous déjà essayé des robes? Vous serait vraiment douce, confortable et élégant dans cette robe pour cette saison.Essayez ces robes de cette collection vous croire en mes paroles.
Play The Sweet GardenThe Sweet Garden Game

Plays: 1325
Category: Action
- in Summer, Miu, Kitty, Biki decided to spend a day to collect honey - let's help by clicking mouse button into 1 of 3 people - the height of them corresponding to diferent stages of flight
Play Nerdy BeeNerdy Bee Game

Plays: 1285
Category: Adventure
Once upon a time there was a honeycomb near a big pond, in that honeycomb there was a lonely & nerdy bee. One day he thought he may also be able to collect honey from flowers like all other bees, so next day he went to the pond to collect honey from lotus flowers, but unfortunately he was caught by naughty spider. Now your time to help our Little Friend!
Play Bear vs BeeBear vs Bee Game

Plays: 1279
Category: Puzzles
Bear vs Bee offers lots of fun and logical challenge. Help the bear collect honey but be careful not to get caught by angry bees. How many points will you get having passed all 32 levels?
Play Mommy and HoneyMommy and Honey Game

Plays: 1273
Category: Customize
Avez-vous déjà essayé des robes Mommy and Honey? Vous serait vraiment douce, confortable et élégant dans cette robe pour cette saison.Essayez ces robes de cette collection vous croire en mes paroles.

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