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Play Help CarHelp Car Game

Plays: 2018
Category: Action
Each driver has ?10.00 they wish to spend at the pumps. When a car arrives, use the cursor keys to guide Stelios to a pump to start filling it up. But make sure you return to the car in time to stop it at ?10.00. A car left overfilling loses you money and creates a dangerous spillage! A bucket of sand will make it safe. But you only get 3 buckets per game. So if you run out of sand it's GAME OVER.
Play adDIGtedadDIGted Game

Plays: 1927
Category: Action
In each area, there are hidden points inside the black sand. Your mission is to get as many points as possible within 45 days. You will share turn with your computer partner, and you have a limited time for each area. However, you can unlock new area, upgrade your partner level, extend time duration on each stage, etc Use these feature wisely to get better points. Good luck !
Play Lucky BuilderLucky Builder Game

Plays: 1920
Category: Puzzles
Help the builder to reach the sand pile. Remove wooden blocks to free his way. Move faster to get a higher score.
Play Fashion SurferFashion Surfer Game

Plays: 1840
Category: Dress-Up
Summer is here and it is time to go to the beach!!! Surfing is becoming more and more popular. So stop building your sand castles and lets hit the water! Who said that you can not dress up when you surf? There are so many water proof clothes that look good! DressUpWho has created a line of amazing looking clothes that won't get wet! So look good and surf at the same time. Don't miss out when the sun is out! =)
Play DOLI- TotoDOLI- Toto's Sand Castles Game

Plays: 1809
Category: Customize
Toto needs your help with his sand castle, customizing the entire beach at the same time. Have a fun summer with Toto and his perfect sand castle decor!
Play Beach Racing 2Beach Racing 2 Game

Plays: 1801
Category: Action
Make the beach secure by fixing the holes, but be aware of the dangerous bubbles.
Play beryleberyle Game

Plays: 1777
Category: Action
In the game ,you will plays a role "Huang Zhong". ASDW:Control directions,J:Shoot,K:Jump,press J three times:Shoot Continously;Sand K: Rotate;JK:Whirl,SWJ:Shoot;When you catch the enemy,press S and J:Throw people forward,Press W and J:Throw people back.
Play Operation Black SandOperation Black Sand Game

Plays: 1763
Category: Action
The world oil supply is low and the battle for resources is about to begin. A new oil rich desert has been discovered, and it is your duty to claim it for your country. Battle enemy forces for the control of the desert using 8 different units and six different abilities.
Play PillboxPillbox Game

Plays: 1757
Category: Action
Pillbox is a fast-paced shooter game with a pixelated graphics style. The players have to use different kinds of weapons, special abilities and power-ups to survive waves of enemy units. Supplies (weapons, abilities, etc.) can be bought and upgraded with the cash gained from neutralizing enemy units.
Play Search The SandSearch The Sand Game

Plays: 1693
Category: Education
Summer, a season with emerging and unforgettable memories. Let's search the sand then and try to relive those memories with this beach-themed word search! Let's play!
Play ZooBuddiesZooBuddies Game

Plays: 1680
Category: Puzzles
Zoo Buddies are here! Well, not exactly here...but around here somewhere... maybe they are hiding behind those leaves...let's go look.There they are!Oh, it's the twins! Come on,let's find the rest of them!
Play Claw of a zombieClaw of a zombie Game

Plays: 1662
Category: Action
Zombies have infested the entire planet. You and your wife and kid are stuck in the desert. You have found a simple building where your wife and kid are safe for now. But that building isn't very strong and mainly made out of sand. Don't let the zombies make a hole in the wall. You have mounted a gun on your jeep. Shoot all zombies and push them away from the walls with your jeep. When you shoot zombies you earn points. Points that are necessary to buy upgrades. Without upgrades you will not be able to hold them long. You need to select the right upgrades for you. Some will be more valuable when playing then others. Although this game starts slow and easy it changes very quickly in a extreme fast shooting game if you manage to hold back a few waves of zombies.
Play Coca Cabana Race 2Coca Cabana Race 2 Game

Plays: 1640
Category: Action
Save the beautiful girls from the evil skulls there now rule Coca Cabana beach.
Play Bikini Beach RaceBikini Beach Race Game

Plays: 1629
Category: Action
Fun, exciting and intense racing game at the bikini beach.
Play Animal Olympics - Triple JumpAnimal Olympics - Triple Jump Game

Plays: 1543
Category: Action
Hop, step and jump - join the Triple Jump event and seize the gold for the kiwi kingdom! You will be controlling a kiwi in the game, and your goal is to jump as far as possible in 3 attempts. When the game starts, the kiwi will be ready on the field. You need to press the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard alternatively for the kiwi to run, press the up arrow key to jump, and hold the up arrow key to set the jumping angle. When you are holding the up arrow key, a power gauge will appear on the screen, and you can release the key when the jumping angle is suitable, so that the kiwi will jump and land on the sand pit. Then the distance of the jump will be displayed, and the referee will determine whether the jump is foul or not by referring to the camera record. A white flag will be raised if the jump is clean, while a red flag will be shown and the jump will be forfeited if the kiwi has stepped on the takeoff line. Then the kiwi will return to the field and completes the remaining attempts. The current best distance will be displayed at the top right corner of the screen. After all 3 attempts are completed, the kiwi will receive a medal if its result is good enough. Can you lead the kiwi to glorious victory?
Play Fashion girl at karon beachFashion girl at karon beach Game

Plays: 1518
Category: Dress-Up
Karon Beach is a popular destination for tourists which is the second largest tourist beach on Phuket and the beach features white sand. Dress up this beauty with chic dresses and stylish skirts and tops, and create the best combination as she's just about to step into the car that is going to take her to Karon beach. Get a pretty and trendy style! A trip to Karon beach with friends, how exciting!
Play Beach CrazyBeach Crazy Game

Plays: 1497
Category: Action
Drive beach buggys and boats and perform crazy stunts in this summer-themed version of Stunt Crazy. Use your stunt rocket and crash bomb to good effect to get around even if you lose your wheels or you are in a boat out of water. Collect all the stunt reels and smash up as much stuff as possible to progress to the next level. Earn enough cash and you can buy yourself a new car! 8 beach themed levels and 6 cars to unlock.
Play Racing in AfricaRacing in Africa Game

Plays: 1482
Category: Action
Fun, exciting and intense racing game, where you need to stay in the fastest track to be number 1 on the highscore list.
Play Race at the BeachRace at the Beach Game

Plays: 1478
Category: Action
Racing in a fun and new way.
Play Crabs Love MoneyCrabs Love Money Game

Plays: 1361
Category: Strategy
In underwater, pirates crabs fight for treasure. You are the red crab and you must cut the last ring for winning all the gold. Have fun !

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