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Online timing Games
Play cannon_humancannon_human Game

Plays: 3907
Category: Other
Send this poor guy away as long as possible. Don't forget it is all about timing
Play SpotHunterSpotHunter Game

Plays: 3797
Category: Action
You control a dot and and you need to find all the other spots to reveal the complete picture. do not hit the wall. Have Fun!
Play Neon GuyNeon Guy Game

Plays: 3757
Category: Action
Neon Guy is a one button platform game. Jump over gaps, avoid enemies and master the force of gravity in your journey through 40 mind-bending levels. It is all about timing. This game is also available for iOS and Android (see info inside). In case you are playing on a mobile device and have beaten all levels: Turn your device around 180° and play again upside down for a fresh challenge ;)
Play zleepzleep Game

Plays: 3704
Category: Action
Don't let the classroom become a sleeping lounge! Throw the chalk at your snoozing students, before the dulldrum becomes contagious and put you to sleep.
Play Blackhole ProbeBlackhole Probe Game

Plays: 3704
Category: Action
No Black Hole Probe isn't a painful medical procedure but a test of timing, reflex and skill! Maintain contact with the probe for as long as possible to rack up the points. You need to literally keep your finger on the pulse with this mission; one slip and the probe will be lost forever...
Play Tribal OlympicsTribal Olympics Game

Plays: 3639
Category: Action
Use your mouse to control your bone and bat the skulls as far as you can to score the highest distance.
Play Wacky Weirdos on the RunWacky Weirdos on the Run Game

Plays: 3629
Category: Action
In this game a group of wacky weirdos have escaped from their prison cells heading towards the city to bring terror so it's up to you to stop them with your gun and bombs before they turn the city into a disaster area
Play Cursor 3Cursor 3 Game

Plays: 3616
Category: Action
You are in the park with your girlfriend, pinky. all of a sudden you wake up in a castle... the only thing you remember is a bang! you cant find pinky! save her!
Play Truck Stop ParkingTruck Stop Parking Game

Plays: 3483
Category: Driving
Truck stop is a place where trucks comes and goes. You decided to take a break after a long drive. You need to park the truck in the right place to move to next level. Enjoy it.

Plays: 3480
Category: Other
A rhythm game using ten keys - test your mettle against driving rhythms and complex melodies, and enjoy the awesome music!
Play Spartans To The RescueSpartans To The Rescue Game

Plays: 3463
Category: Action
your people are arrested and is being killed, use your weapon to save them, please be quickly because time is limited, show your skill and courage in the Spartans game.
Play Monkey frameMonkey frame Game

Plays: 3273
Category: Action
The monkey will appear only for a fraction of a second. Then player will have to click the camera at the top right hand corner of the screen to take the picture of the monkey. This captured picture is displayed along with milliseconds of player’s timing.
Play ColliderixColliderix Game

Plays: 3253
Category: Puzzles
With the right timing, remove the wooden blocks so that the same colored spheres collide with each other.
Play High Speed Boat ParkingHigh Speed Boat Parking Game

Plays: 3182
Category: Driving
High Speed boat is know for their fast speed.However, this is not a racing games. In this cool parking games, you need to park the high speed boat in the right place to move to next level. Enjoy it!
Play KazooballKazooball Game

Plays: 3181
Category: Action
Kazooball is a fast and frantic puzzle game of color-matching in a never before seen-way! Shoot the colored ball from your platform in the direction of the correct colors on the impending snake of colored doom! The timing of your shots is crucial in Kazooball! So is lack of color-blindness really.
Play Seductive Vampire MakeoverSeductive Vampire Makeover Game

Plays: 3090
Category: Dress-Up
With all this Twilight series frenzy going on right now, more and more boys and girls imagine they turn into vampires and get to live forever and ever roaming around the world. This amazingly beautiful girl is the biggest Twilight fan and she has done everything in her power to become a true seductive vampire, one who will break all innocent hearts and walk around looking gorgeous and breathe taking all the time. She knows that becoming a vampire is not that easy so she decided to try getting a vampire makeover and see how things turn out. Will she end up looking like a seductive vampire or will she just look like a rather pale pretty girl? Her seductive vampire makeover secrets are just like all the other secrets vampires keep for ages, but today these secrets are all out in the open and the timing is perfect for all of us Twilight fans to discover them. We can dress this future seductive vampire up and choose the perfect makeup for her look as well. Bella would better hide by the time we're done since there will be no other vampire in the world as seductive as the one in our game. Have fun playing our game, ladies!
Play Monsters Gone WildMonsters Gone Wild Game

Plays: 3072
Category: Rhythm
Help these monsters find their groove while they try to move to the beat.
Play Scary DogsScary Dogs Game

Plays: 3032
Category: Other
Panicked man is escaping from dog sounds by running and making the best timing.
Play pop wars!pop wars! Game

Plays: 2869
Category: Action
Are you ready to pop evil lord Harula and his minions? beat all 5 worlds in this skill – shooter where timing is crucial…
Play DeflectorDeflector Game

Plays: 2849
Category: Action
Defend your space station from the attacking alien horde. You don't have any weapons of your own, but what you do have is a super charged deflector array that can repel enemy missiles. Your objective is to bounce alien missiles back to the alien scum and blow them out of the sky. Timing is the key to successfully deflecting incoming missiles - the deflector cannot protect the whole station at once and loses power quickly needing to be recharged. Watch out for power ups, they can mean the difference between surviving a level and being wiped out! Be prepared, this is a tough game to beat. Goodluck!

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