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Play Electro SlimeElectro Slime Game

Plays: 1903
Category: Action
Help this slime survive and get enough score to get out of each of the 20 worlds full of different kinds of evil slimes. Freeze them, bomb them or avoid them to get some coins and unlock the survival mode of each level.
Play Jumpix 1.1Jumpix 1.1 Game

Plays: 1843
Category: Action
The player has a few levels, jumping on platforms, avoiding the abyss and dangerous blocks and breaking money box to get points. I increased the speed of the game and added the keys to the exit. Now the camera is not epileptic. Added separate buttons to turn off the sounds and music. update: WASD movement.
Play Extreme Sketch-PakExtreme Sketch-Pak Game

Plays: 1822
Category: Action
The meanest game of Pacman you'll ever play.
Play CaraCara's Magic Pocket! Game

Plays: 1777
Category: Puzzles
Collect the coins to build Cara's fortune with a little help from her Magic Pocket. Watch out for the critters as they aren't too friendly but a pogo stick, roller skates and a huge bunch of balloons should help you along the way!
Play Santa Pac BallSanta Pac Ball Game

Plays: 1750
Category: Action
Help Santa to catch christmas ball, but beware of Monster !
Play PyramiNdsPyramiNds Game

Plays: 1517
Category: Action
Inside the Egyptian pyramids you should find and destroy ancient artifacts by pushing them to get three or more in a line (crossed lines) to get the super power. All the treasure trove you can take yourself. But beware of mummies, sarcophagus and ghosts. 20 levels are available.
Play Savior of the WorldSavior of the World Game

Plays: 1267
Category: Action
The virus is killing our economy now! You are requested to rescue the city from the virus. Play as Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Hillary Rodham Clinton to save our country.
Play PacTrisPacTris Game

Plays: 1041
Category: Strategy
Pacman and Tetris combined.
Play Nam-CapNam-Cap Game

Plays: 854
Category: Action
Nam-Cap is the "Bizarro World" version of Pac-Man.
Play LooterLooter Game

Plays: 566
Category: Action
Inspired by the great's Pacman, Donkey Kong, Bomb Jack and Super Crate Box, Looter pays homage to all in a fast manic game of loot collecting.
Play Many Many (Dogecoin Adventure)Many Many (Dogecoin Adventure) Game

Plays: 554
Category: Action
Riyukuro must save his Shiba Inu Shizuke that has been captured by the Shiro-Gang of Many Many. This is the first and ultimate Dogecoin Adventure on your Family Computer and it is up to you to guide Riyukuro over the various different stages in order to free the captured Inu! Solve the lights-out puzzle that set on Shizuke's cage and trigger the different levels. Collect pallets, Throw blade stars on Shiro Gang members, guide Shibe Inu to their safety and then fight the mighty machine of the Many Many that sets a guard on Shizuke! Do all of this & Race for high score. Many Many - Much dogecoin excitement on your Family Computer! Much Donation of Dogecoin is such appreciated: DEBd2kGFHJXfFFpiszF3AWycLPDVR8wua2 Download an offline version to your computer:
Play Circular ManCircular Man Game

Plays: 522
Category: Action
Help Circular Man eat all the gems!
Play Pacman FashionPacman Fashion Game

Plays: 445
Category: Customize
Lorraine is going to take part in the Pacman fashion show with the hottest new fashion trends. She seeks for your help and wants to know if you can help her please.
Play PokMenPokMen Game

Plays: 407
Category: Action
A Clone of Awesome Classic Legend Game PacMan
Play Pacman BedroomPacman Bedroom Game

Plays: 326
Category: Customize
Pacman Bedroom
Play Ninja PacNinja Pac Game

Plays: 302
Category: Action
You are a ninja pac on the run from ghost bombs while you collect cheese.
Play Ms. PacmanMs. Pacman Game

Plays: 18648
Category: Action
Ms. Pacman is a popular arcade game released by Midway in 1981. This sequel to Pac-Man differs from its predecessor on the fact that it has different screens and a female character. It was also one of the more successful of early arcade games as its sales record is still unmatched. This version was created from Paul Neaves Pacman and edited by Syndicates Domain to accurately to match the original Ms. Pacman as possible.
Play Extreme Sketch-PakExtreme Sketch-Pak Game

Plays: 9170
Category: Action
Extreme version of Pac-Man.
Play 8bitrocket Pumpkinman8bitrocket Pumpkinman Game

Plays: 7520
Category: Action
Princess Pumpkin has been kidnapped by the evil Gordon Gruesome. He has hidden her 30 levels deep in his hideout. As Pumpkin Man, you must traverse all 30 mazes, collect all of the candy corn in each maze, and rescue the princess. Gordon has littered his mazes with blood thirsty bats, evil bananas, ghosts, and many other baddies. At your disposal are a host of power-ups. Collect the corn, use the power-ups, solve the puzzles in each maze and the princess will be yours once again.
Play Anti-PacmanAnti-Pacman Game

Plays: 6655
Category: Action
This is the first game of Anti-Games series. This game is contrary to Pacman. You control the ghosts and must catch Pacman before he eats all dots. You may also lose if Pacman eats all the ghosts, because unlike the original game, here they don't resurect.

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