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Online patience Games
Play Deauville PatienceDeauville Patience Game

Plays: 4071
Category: Casino
Deauville is a challenging two pack solitaire game. Cards are stacked in alternating colours, but only one card can be moved at a time. Cards are dealt singly from the deck to the waste pile, and there are no redeals. Try to move all the cards the foundations!
Play Pixel ZenPixel Zen Game

Plays: 4033
Category: Other
In the beginning, there was nothing. And then... There were pixels. Use the combined power of your mind, mouse, and keyboard to create dazzling particle effects in this interactive art piece. Those who demonstrate patience may even learn wisdom from Pixel Zen itself.
Play Tripeaks Mania 2Tripeaks Mania 2 Game

Plays: 3987
Category: Casino
Classic Solitaire card game. Play away all cards on the playing field.
Play Raglan PatienceRaglan Patience Game

Plays: 3943
Category: Casino
Raglan is a solitaire game similar to King Albert, in which only one card can be moved at a time and cards are stacked in red-black descending sequences. Aces start on the foundations, and there is also a reserve of 6 cards.
Play Yukon SolitaireYukon Solitaire Game

Plays: 3860
Category: BoardGame
A fun Yukon type of solitaire game.
Play Klondike SolitaireKlondike Solitaire Game

Plays: 3785
Category: Education
A fun solitaire game.
Play SHI.prologueSHI.prologue Game

Plays: 3760
Category: Adventure
Is your life something you would die for? Hello NG! Without further ado: This is the 1st part of a riddle games series set in a eerie, post-human world. Be sure to follow the tutorials and use your mouse to navigate Myst-style. Enjoy! Note I: This game is challenging. In fact, it might be the hardest puzzle game you've ever played. You'll need to strain your mind and have a lot of patience. This being said, all the riddles are 100% logical and solvable - so you should get quite the satisfaction from beating them. Note II: Please do not create nor send answers/solutions/spoiler s/guides for this game. Thank you in advance. (If you're stuck just try to get a friend to help you and/or try using the official game's forum)
Play Six By Six PatienceSix By Six Patience Game

Plays: 3692
Category: Puzzles
Six by Six is an unusual and difficult solitaire game. Cards can be moved singly around the tableau onto cards of the next highest rank; sequences can only be moved if they are all of the same suit, and can only be moved onto the next highest card of that suit. Cards are dealt from the stock onto the first tableau pile.
Play Cats PatienceCats Patience Game

Plays: 3682
Category: BoardGame
Try new online card game by While owners are at work the cats are playing cards. Dedicated to all pet and solitaire lovers! New levels and vivid graphics make this game exciting.
Play Flower Garden SolitaireFlower Garden Solitaire Game

Plays: 3651
Category: Casino
Fun cousin of FreeCell solitaire
Play Cosmic Trip SolitaireCosmic Trip Solitaire Game

Plays: 3647
Category: BoardGame
New patience game with two types of gameplay and a lot of levels by Move from one planet to another and return to the Earth where Kylie is waiting. There are twenty planets with 5 levels in each, so 100 levels in sum for your continuous pleasure.
Play Fortune PatienceFortune Patience Game

Plays: 3638
Category: Puzzles
Fortune is a simple card game in which you must build from ace to king on the four foundations. Cards can be moved only onto the next highest rank in the same suit on the tableau or to the foundations. Clicking on the deck will deal another card onto the waste pile. In easy mode this game will almost always come out, but try hard mode for a more difficult challenge.
Play Ancient Civilizations SolitaireAncient Civilizations Solitaire Game

Plays: 3600
Category: Adventure
Visit all ancient civilizations in the Pyramid Solitaire game.
Play Deuces SolitaireDeuces Solitaire Game

Plays: 3575
Category: BoardGame
A challenging solitaire game that will make your mouse click and your brain crack. Build the eight foundations from the 104 cards, mixed up in ten piles and one more. Two decks, 104 cards, and YOU. This is going to be something!
Play Restaurant BusinessRestaurant Business Game

Plays: 3506
Category: Action
Your customers have a limited amount of patience, and taking too long to prepare orders means bad business. Get ready to serve customers foods and earn money!
Play Big Bertha PatienceBig Bertha Patience Game

Plays: 3478
Category: Casino
Big Bertha is an large scale two pack solitaire game with a lot of strategy. The aim is to build from ace to queen on the eight foundations. Cards are stacked and moved by alternating colours, and available kings can be removed from the game at any time.
Play King Albert PatienceKing Albert Patience Game

Plays: 3449
Category: Puzzles
King Albert is a challenging patience game similar to Klondike, although in this game all cards are visible from the start, and only one card can be moved at a time. Cards are stacked in the tableau in red-black sequences, and there is a reserve of seven cards which can be used at any time.
Play Card CombinationsCard Combinations Game

Plays: 3421
Category: Puzzles
Make combinations of 3 or more cards on the board.
Play Freecell SolitaireFreecell Solitaire Game

Plays: 3391
Category: BoardGame
A fun freecell type of solitaire.
Play Kiz - TotemakuKiz - Totemaku Game

Plays: 3389
Category: BoardGame
This ancient and elegant Nunan token game requires skill, patience and observation. Can you defeat all four of KizPlanet’s Totemaku masters?

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