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Play Shark ZeroShark Zero Game

Plays: 2690
Category: Action
The sharks in the sea are overpopulating the sea and leaving a mess in our beautiful ocean, You as a space fighter have been issued a new water tolerant ship and ordered to take out as many crazed sharks as possible!
Play Sharky Coloring 3Sharky Coloring 3 Game

Plays: 2665
Category: Other
Sharky Coloring 3 is the third installment in the Sharky Coloring series. You get to color another pose featuring the cool great white shark named Sharky.
Play Hungry SharkHungry Shark Game

Plays: 2642
Category: Adventure
A hungry shark that wants to eat a lot of fish and gain weight, to be able to cross the oceans and not be hungry on it's way :) . Easy game, controls with mouse. Eat fish, avoid bombs (from level 5) and avoid poisonous fish!
Play Deep OceanDeep Ocean Game

Plays: 2582
Category: Shooting
Keep those sharks and mines away from your ship in this underwater shoot'em up game!
Play Shark ZeroShark Zero Game

Plays: 2579
Category: Action
The sharks in the sea are overpopulating the sea and leaving a mess in our beautiful ocean, You as a space fighter have been issued a new water tolerant ship and ordered to take out as many crazed sharks as possible!
Play Scuba Catcher XtremeScuba Catcher Xtreme Game

Plays: 2566
Category: Action
As a scuba diver and also fancy resteraunt owner you must capture different exotic fish types for your buisness, Be careful these fish are super hungry and won't go down without a fight!
Play Underwater RacingUnderwater Racing Game

Plays: 2566
Category: Adventure
Absorbing racing free Flash game by Two fish take part in the underwater racing, choose the one to rule and go! Collect bonuses (round brings points, hot pepper is acceleration). Avoid clashing with different obstacles (stalactites, shark, turtle, and sea-horse); in case you collide you loose the speed. Controls: key arrows.
Play The deepThe deep Game

Plays: 2554
Category: Action
Down deep inside and find out the treasure of Brakham the pink. Be aware, sharks, barracuda, fishes, eels and octopussy keep the treasure. Be care with your oxygen bottle, eat fishes to survive, and after first level...
Play Fish MeFish Me Game

Plays: 2468
Category: Dress-Up
Can you help this poor little fish to stay close to the beautiful pearl? Watch out for that mean shark, and other sea creatures..
Play The U-Boat Dr. Musto 424The U-Boat Dr. Musto 424 Game

Plays: 2396
Category: Action
You steer the U-Boat Dr. Musto 424 which must make way to falling down barrels and assert itself against hungry sharks!!!....
Play Electro CrabElectro Crab Game

Plays: 2290
Category: Action
You are Lewis Crabenstein, the crab with the power to convert chicken into ferocious electrical attacks! Avoid fish and sharks in this crab-tastic avoidance skill game!
Play Shark MountainShark Mountain Game

Plays: 2258
Category: Action
Beware the dangers of Shark Mountain!
Play The Black SharkThe Black Shark Game

Plays: 2174
Category: Other
I am a little cute shark and I want to eat small fish! Would you help me eat all those fish available in the scene?
Play Xtreme ChomperXtreme Chomper Game

Plays: 2108
Category: Action
You are a very agressive shark, and are ready for your dinner, Eat as many fish as you can within the time limit to go on to the next level! Build your own game like this on! Build Your Own Games
Play Jose McGingeJose McGinge Game

Plays: 2104
Category: Action
Jose McGinge is the first and only biological black ginger, but the Ginger Beard Committee has never officially recognized this. Unfortunately for the Ginger Beard Committee, Emperor Tamarin, emperor of planet Moustachio, has invaded the Ginger Beard headquarters and kidnapped the President of the Ginger Beard Committee. It is now up to Jose McGinge to prove his worth to the Ginger Beard Committee by defeating Emperor Tamarin and his moustached minions and rescuing the President!
Play Shark AttackShark Attack Game

Plays: 2045
Category: Action
Help Sharky fill his appetite by eating every fish he sees. But watch out for the hazards that can kill him.
Play Shark Antennas Co.Shark Antennas Co. Game

Plays: 2002
Category: Action
Hi! This is our entry for the third Game Jam of Newgrounds. What is the GAME JAM?The 'Game Jam' is a challenge where you get 72 hours to create a game based on a specific topic. The topic was randomly created by different word suggestions and was crapped out by a robot, the IdeaTron made by Tom Fulp. And we're not joking. It really crapped those ideas out. Our topic for this Jam was 'Cows connecting flying Sharks'. Upon that topic, Team FuNaNdMoNo created the game 'Shark Antennas Corporation'. The main goal in this game is to connect as many people as possible to the internet. To do so, you have to hit houses with sharks while flying above them with a helicopter. The more houses you hit, the more points you'll get. The better your score, the more you can brag about it when you submit it :)
Play AnimalMemoryAnimalMemory Game

Plays: 2002
Category: Puzzles
Snoep Animal Memory The well-known brain teaser in a new variant. Finish the game and you can use the cards as a drum-kit. The animals will soon feature in a youtube video.
Play Fishy :DFishy :D Game

Plays: 1908
Category: Action
In this game you play the role of a fish which must eat the good fishes (the orange ones), and avoid eating the bad ones (the blue ones) while dodging the shark, in order to survive. P.S.: You have only 60 seconds to do that :). In the end, you’ll get a score (which is also explained). Good luck!
Play SharkShark's Key Game

Plays: 1805
Category: Action
You pilot a helicopter that follows your mouse. Aim of the game is to obtain a key from shark's chaps using a hook. You can move a hook down with a left click. Beware of obstacles such as ships and sharks. Refill fuel from gasoline cans. Try to earn more points.

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