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Play 2nd Grade Math Multiplication2nd Grade Math Multiplication Game

Plays: 1449
Category: Education
Multiplication Math for 2nd Grade, click on the correct answer over hundreds of problems to solve, Great for kids.
Play Baseball Training 3Baseball Training 3 Game

Plays: 1420
Category: Action
Learn to hit a ball or catch one in this 46 level game!
Play Pumpkin King ShooterPumpkin King Shooter Game

Plays: 1418
Category: Action
You’re the Pumpkin King and your goal is to stop anyone who thinks they can stop you! Even the elder Pumpkin, No one will stand in your way!
Play Aliens Flu RevengeAliens Flu Revenge Game

Plays: 1414
Category: Shooting
The aliens are stopped and the world is saved. Fifty years later and the Aliens plan Revenge. Will the humans be ready?
Play 1st Grade Math Multiplication1st Grade Math Multiplication Game

Plays: 1404
Category: Education
Multiplication Math for 1st Grade, click on the correct answer over hundreds of problems to solve, Great for kids.
Play Black GemBlack Gem Game

Plays: 1392
Category: Action
The shadow horse needs the black gems, the goal is to collect candy coins and then aim to get the gems as they fall from the sky. Also you can use your coins to buy upgrades.
Play StompStomp Game

Plays: 1391
Category: Action
You are the master of jumping and need to stop the evil puff monsters from taking over the world!
Play Angry SlimeAngry Slime Game

Plays: 1386
Category: Action
The Angry Slime will soon take over the fantasy world! The only one who can now stop them is YOU! Take aim with your catapult and destroy their castles. Do your best to stop the angry slime before they become the rulers of everyone!
Play Zombie Soccer ChampionshipZombie Soccer Championship Game

Plays: 1372
Category: Action
The whole world was turn into Zombie, but even so that not going to stop the Soccer Championship! You play as Liam the zombie but you want to be number one. so even as a mindless zombie you enter the Championship. Lucky for Liam there someone who had the same dream! Who will be crown championship!
Play 1st Grade Math1st Grade Math Game

Plays: 1338
Category: Education
Math for 1st Grade, click on the correct answer over hundreds of problems to solve, Great for kids.
Play Ah Troll GuardianAh Troll Guardian Game

Plays: 1321
Category: Action
You’re the Guardian and a giant of this magical world, you’re kind but being so big can be hard at times, you need to watch out for people, one wrong step and you can splat them by mistake. This is a smaller, more distributable version of the original.
Play Monster HitterMonster Hitter Game

Plays: 1321
Category: Action
The armies of monsters are heading to the human realm; keep them out by hitting them back before too many of them get out. Can you stop the monsters on this 44 level game?
Play Pony JumperPony Jumper Game

Plays: 1317
Category: Action
Pony land turned into one big pit and the only way to stop it is to keep on pushing.
Play Super Mega SlimeSuper Mega Slime Game

Plays: 1312
Category: Action
Story The year is 8xxx, slime world is a peaceful place to live but to the unknowing there is darkness growing. An evil call Oda that was sealed away is now about to break his hundred year seal. Only the legendary Mega Slime can stop this evil! Update Added background to every level Changed or added stuff to every level Made some of the level easier or harder Changed the spike color to an easier color to see Fixed the enemies AI Added and moved all enemies on every level Fixed a bug with boss 1 Fixed a bug with boss 4 Main character movement speed is faster now Fire power can run out of power Made the text easy to read Fixed the how to play texts Changed the main menu to make it easy to find everything Added item that gives life +1 Added item that gives power +10
Play SoccerSoccer Game

Plays: 1284
Category: Action
You and your best friend want to become the masters of soccer! You want to become the master of kicking the ball and your friend wants to become the master of blocking the ball. But you two have a long way to go!
Play Learning for Kids ColorsLearning for Kids Colors Game

Plays: 1279
Category: Action
Color Test for toddlers and kids how many colors do they know? Kindergarten Education. Play three fun games about color matching.
Play Forgotten ShadowForgotten Shadow Game

Plays: 1276
Category: Action
My goal is to make a really fast and fun shooter that anyone can pick up and play, I hope to keep getting better at it, well anyway in this game you play as the monster that is trying to grow to the point in which he can leave his realm!
Play Zombie DefendersZombie Defenders Game

Plays: 1266
Category: Action
A Tower Defend game with Halloween characters, Think and plan your moves to stop the evil zombie army from getting to the other side. Will your pumpkins be able to stop them or will they over take you, the only way to find out is by doing your best.
Play Ghost PopGhost Pop Game

Plays: 1257
Category: Action
Play this easy Halloween mini game while you’re bored, just click on the Ghosts to pop them, good luck and try to get the best score!
Play Pixel Wars XPixel Wars X Game

Plays: 1246
Category: Shooting
A remake of Pixel Wars! The Pixel World was corrupted by a computer virus and you’re the last good pixel, you need to use any means necessary to stop the evil pixels before they’re able to enter into other realities good luck!

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