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Play Short Legs Want RabbitsShort Legs Want Rabbits Game

Plays: 1475
Category: Education
Cut, hide, stack, help short leg brothers catch fat rabbits! Beat the game, design your patten, win highscores in EVERY USERLEVEL, share your imagination with your friends! Fresh and Fun strategy game waiting for your play! Features: Map editor. Online level sharing with rating system. Highscore for each user level to attract user back. 20 levels 2 rabbit mode
Play Adventure DifferencesAdventure Differences Game

Plays: 1440
Category: Puzzles
5 intriguing adventure pictures and seven differences in every of them. Differences are excellent hide and it is not that quick to discover it! Find differences prior to time runs out! Should you make five errors and click inside the incorrect place the game is more than. Use mouse to click on differences. In case you miss you start off at the beginning. Good luck!
Play Shopping SpreeShopping Spree Game

Plays: 1414
Category: Puzzles
It is shopping time! the cute lady went shopping, please help her find the items she needs.
Play Ebru DifferencesEbru Differences Game

Plays: 1358
Category: Adventure
In the game consisting of ten sections, you will have to find five differences between two pictures.
Play Mad DifferenceMad Difference Game

Plays: 1340
Category: Puzzles
Mind blowing difference game. Find 6 differences between two blocks. Everytime you check the wrong box, screen locks for 3 seconds. And the mind blowing thing inside is every 10 seconds differences shuffle to hide theirselves from your eyes.
Play Hacivat and Karagoz DifferencesHacivat and Karagoz Differences Game

Plays: 1315
Category: Adventure
In the game consisting of ten sections, you will have to find five differences between two pictures. By entering the time needed at the end of the game you will be able to view your worldwide ranking.
Play Eastern Bunny FunEastern Bunny Fun Game

Plays: 1271
Category: Customize
Some Easter bunnies have so much fun this time of year, they can't even contain themselves! This wacky rabbit loves to hide the Easter eggs in crazy locations, so help him dress up in some rainbow colors and spread the spring colors around the playground.
Play Dark Night QueenDark Night Queen Game

Plays: 1266
Category: Dress-Up
The Dark night Queen created to hide the innocent white, the lust of night.
Play The slackerThe slacker Game

Plays: 1216
Category: Action
Your alarm went off 10 minutes ago and you're already late for first period. You'll hide, sneak, and do a number of other shady things to avoid doing any actual work in class.
Play Cure the ZombiesCure the Zombies Game

Plays: 1211
Category: Action
Some humans are turned into zombies after the outbreak of a dangerous virus in zone X. Now they are coming for the uninfected in other areas. As the heroic character in the game, your task is to collect the antidote so that the zombies can be reverted to humans. The game opens with an area which contains a number of obstacles, as well as 4 doors at the cardinal directions of north, south, east and west. Then a zombie will walk around and try to tag the humans. You can use the four arrow keys on your keyboard to control the movements of your character. To collect the antidote, you need to light up the 4 letters of C, U, R and E, but not necessarily in the exact order. The letters will appear one by one, and you need to control your character to run across all of the letters so that the antidote can be found. Be careful not to run across the letters which have already been lighted up or you will need to light it up again. When the antidote is available, move your character to collect it so that all zombies in the area can be cured and turned back to humans. At the start of each level, the zombies will first target the humans, but when all of the humans are tagged and mutated, they will all turn to hunt you. You will start the game with 3 lives, as indicated at the top left corner of the screen. When you are tagged by a zombie, one life will be deducted. A new hero will then arrive and you can continue the game, but when all lives are gone, the game ends. To escape from the zombies, you can make good use of the doors in order to come out from the other side, or collect the power-ups in the area. Each of the power-ups carries a unique effect and is labeled with different icons: the roller skate will increase the moving speed of your character; the clock will stun the zombies; the turtleback will slow down the zombies; the daze will disorient the zombies; and the icon of the hero will give you one extra life. The power-ups will appear randomly, so let them be your assistance before they vanish. Also bear in mind that except the extra life is granted permanently, all other power-ups only last for a few seconds, and the zombies will return to normal afterwards. Survive and save the humans until all areas are cleared!

Plays: 1196
Category: Action
Bring down enemy drafts from a chessboard. To bring down enemy drafts from a chessboard. Win and move forward. Make so the enemy would hide in the corner. Uprvleniye: Mouse. Click a draft and change ??? and force of attack. Rules: That wins who will kick out all enemy drafts from a chessboard. Opponents do courses serially. Bleach an enemy draft a course remains for you. If your draft during this moment fell that the opponent goes. ................................... ???? ????????? ????? ? ????????? ?????. ????? ????????? ????? ? ????????? ?????. ???????? ? ???????????? ??????. ?????? ??? ??? ?? ???? ??????? ? ????. ?????????: ????. ?????? ?? ????? ? ????? ??? ? ???? ?????. ???????: ????????? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ????????? ????? ? ????????? ?????.????????? ?????? ???? ??????????. ?????? ????????? ????? ??? ???????? ?? ????. ???? ?? ???? ????? ? ???? ?????? ????? ?? ????? ????????.
Play Cute Animals Hidden ObjectsCute Animals Hidden Objects Game

Plays: 1159
Category: Adventure
Amongst the objects being lined up in a complicated way in the forest we are trying to find the ten items being claimed from us. In addition, you can earn extra points by finding 10 leaves and 20 hidden animals.
Play Little Girl Hidden NumbersLittle Girl Hidden Numbers Game

Plays: 1153
Category: Adventure
To progress, you have find the 20 numbers. The game consists of four different parts and you will be able to see your total score at the end of the game.
Play Hard to EscapeHard to Escape Game

Plays: 1128
Category: Action
You are kidnapped! All you have in your mind is to escape from this place. You remembered some voices that the enemy hide the room keys in the boxes. Find the keys and escape from this place.Your time is limited. Be careful and fast!
Play find the alienfind the alien Game

Plays: 1126
Category: Action
find the alien the alien will move and you have to click on the alien
Play SnowdenSnowden's Leaks: The Game Game

Plays: 1057
Category: Action
Play as the whistleblower Edward Snowden and copy all secret files from the NSA Headquarter's computers. Hide from security cameras, NSA agents and even Obama. Distract the security by throwing donuts. Exit the floor when all files are copied and leaked.
Play Cover OrangeCover Orange Game

Plays: 1046
Category: Puzzles
If you can't run, HIDE! Make sure the orange smileys are protected from the deadly rain.
Play Mermaid MaidenMermaid Maiden Game

Plays: 1017
Category: Dress-Up
This teen mermaid was supposed to marry a warrior merman because he has been claimed as champion of the merfolk, but curious as to whom this brute was fighting, she discovered a handsome and kind sailor on the defending ship. They've fallen in love, and now must hide their forbidden romance!
Play Ninja vs TankNinja vs Tank Game

Plays: 990
Category: Action
The military has discovered the ninja hide out and bombed it destroying all the ninjas of the world except yourself... Being the last ninja take on the military defences single handedly through out our 99 level layout! Good luck!
Play Hide Caesar Player Pack 2Hide Caesar Player Pack 2 Game

Plays: 954
Category: Puzzles
You have to protect the caesar coin from falling pebbles. This is a level pack to the original Hide Caesar 2 game.

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