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Play Killer EscapeKiller Escape Game

Plays: 2949
Category: Adventure
You awake in a cell confronted by a man in an asbestos mask, a serial killer. He tells you there is no escape and that he'll be back soon! You have to get out of this place regardless of what this psycho says, you have to escape!
Play Head HunterHead Hunter Game

Plays: 2891
Category: Action
Rex is the perfect hitman. He gets you the kill and their head!
Play BugsKillerBugsKiller Game

Plays: 2890
Category: Shooting
Kill the bugs and make the high score
Play The Balls ArmyThe Balls Army Game

Plays: 2881
Category: Driving
a Very cool Gmae
Play Bee KillerBee Killer Game

Plays: 2826
Category: Action
When the chips are down and times are tough, mankind calls upon one man to save the day - THE BEE KILLER Find out if you have what it takes !
Play Kalorie KillerKalorie Killer Game

Plays: 2820
Category: Shooting
Fight the junkfood in this crazy supermarket! Show no mercy to high calorie foods like hamburgers or pizzas. But don't shoot healthy foods like fruits or vegetables!
Play Piggy FartPiggy Fart Game

Plays: 2749
Category: Action
Farms.Yes farms.Farms have horses,running around and mesmerising you with their beauty. Farms have chickens,these little fellows make delicious eggs!Then you have the cows,well ain't the most clean animal in the farm but their milk is a killer. And lastly you have the pigs.Pigs like many things. But one thing's for sure. They fart.Yeah.All day. about playing with them?I know it isn't the most pleasant thing in the world but...who else is gonna do it?
Play Spider KillerSpider Killer Game

Plays: 2744
Category: Action
Whip Out That Pesky Spider Web
Play Square Adventure Part 1Square Adventure Part 1 Game

Plays: 2736
Category: Action
Get the underwater keys and kill the sharks! Once the ocean was a peaceful place to be, but the evil killer sharks have taking over. Your job is to kill them and collect the keys to all the wonders of the ocean. Game has integrated highscore.
Play Epic Zombie KillerEpic Zombie Killer Game

Plays: 2734
Category: Shooting
A simple tribute to endless zombie combat. Good ole' fashioned zombie killin', down to the basics. Survive...if you can! Like zombie shooters? You'll really enjoy this simple tribute to blood, guts, and zombie violence. Epic Zombie Killer is one man's stand against an endless barrage of zombies. Battle a never ending onslaught of mindlessly endless zombie hordes, locked in a single arena with no way out. It's a sick, twisted game, and your the prey. Whose idea was this anyway?...AND WHY ARE THESE ZOMBIES SO FAST!?!?
Play Bubble WrapBubble Wrap Game

Plays: 2717
Category: Other
Pop bubble wrap! Great time killer!
Play Tempus-TerminusTempus-Terminus Game

Plays: 2684
Category: Shooting
3rd episode of the Sniper Assassin in which sir has found his wife?s killer but the story is about to get more complicated.
Play Flash PunkerFlash Punker Game

Plays: 2675
Category: Action
A very addictive Action Platformer game with zombies and kick-ass guns. Kill zombies, collect apples, food, coins and make the highest score. Browse through 12 items at the shop and upgrade your character to be a more efficient zombie killer.
Play Killer BubbleKiller Bubble Game

Plays: 2667
Category: Shooting
Avoid the killer bubbles and shoot your enemies. Pick up all the tresaures to get to the next level.
Play Get-NetGet-Net Game

Plays: 2649
Category: BoardGame
Small, but addictive time-killer.
Play Zayo 2Zayo 2 Game

Plays: 2643
Category: Action
The fat zombie lord has ate enough bunnies for breakfast and now its time he pay for his cruelties! Help zayo the killer bunny chase and defeat him once and for all. Zayo doesnt know that the fast zombie lord has help from a mighty dark shaman who is trying to turn Zayo in a zombie..
Play Ugly Bug KillerUgly Bug Killer Game

Plays: 2636
Category: Shooting
Kill as many ugly bugs as you like add more shoot them down fun game
Play Insect KillerInsect Killer Game

Plays: 2618
Category: Action
Ms Dee have to keep her birthday cake safe for 12 hours from nauseating bugs in order to keep it fresh!
Play The Silence KillerThe Silence Killer Game

Plays: 2597
Category: Action
Use your ninja and stealth skill to help The Silence Ninja eliminate his emery. Be careful, dont let the enemy see you at all cost or they will kill on sign.
Play Killer SurvivalKiller Survival Game

Plays: 2585
Category: Action
Modern First person shooter game, survive 10 waves of killing rage, unlock 12 trophies and beat the highscore

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