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Play Arise and Die AgainArise and Die Again Game

Plays: 2368
Category: Action
Survival top-down arena zombie-shooter??. * 9 kinds of weapon with differenrt ammo * 6 kinds of bonuses * hundreds of different zombies * horror, meat and blood
Play Micro Base DefenceMicro Base Defence Game

Plays: 2322
Category: BoardGame
Free strategy tower defense game for all . Place the armor into special places to defend your Micro Base. The game has 5 levels with 20 waves in each. Freeware!
Play CrusherCrusher's Mean Drop Game

Plays: 2305
Category: Action
Crusher needs armor for battle. Collect as many as you can before they are destroyed.
Play Against The BokariAgainst The Bokari Game

Plays: 2290
Category: Action
The objective of this game is to recover some food stolen by a group of mutants known as Bokari who have naturally thick hides and tend to use clubs and throw stones. Bokari are also rumored to share their lairs with another mutant called a Belch Rat which sprays acid. You can use a club, gun, grenades and fire bombs to recover the stolen food. But use your gun, grenades and fire bombs wisely. While more of them can be obtained in the game there are only a maximum number of each available. In the game you can also obtain and use armor to protect yourself from attacks.
Play Zombie RammingZombie Ramming Game

Plays: 2244
Category: Action
Resist waves of zombies with your car! Buy new cars, upgrade your engine, tires or armor. At night, resist only with your gun! Addicting game with more than 30 levels, Boss levels and shooting minigames!
Play Dine-Room-Puzzle-EscapeDine-Room-Puzzle-Escape Game

Plays: 2232
Category: Puzzles is a gaming website.and developing the games for clients.Contact us through [email protected]
Play ???? - ???????? - ???? Game

Plays: 2226
Category: Action
????????-???? ??????????,??????????????,??????????????,?????????????,????????? ???:???? ???:?? A:??/?? S:????? ???+A:????? ???×2:???
Play TAOFEWA - Skeleton Warrior - Coloring Game (walk02)TAOFEWA - Skeleton Warrior - Coloring Game (walk02) Game

Plays: 2163
Category: Customize
Color a chibi version of the TAOFEWA manga character - Skeletal Warrior. Create the own version of this chibi skeleton that appear with magical armor, a flail as weapon and a shield made of wood.
Play District WarfareDistrict Warfare Game

Plays: 2158
Category: Action
We know a few things for sure... it is 6:21 am in Los Angeles, and there are bad guys to get! Search around for armor and weapons... and do not let the terrorists win!
Play Sinjid Battle ArenaSinjid Battle Arena Game

Plays: 2134
Category: Action
Go to the shop gather up weaponry armor and other items battle it out against tough enemies.
Play Space Dog FighterSpace Dog Fighter Game

Plays: 2106
Category: Action
New addictive shooting game with a lot of bonuses and fun by . Rule the ship, shoot the enemies, score points and you will be not bored for sure. Four various kinds of armor, a number of levels for training skills, picturesque and vivid.
Play Space War FighterSpace War Fighter Game

Plays: 1965
Category: Action
Rule the spaceship, shoot the enemies, collect bonuses and you will be not bored for sure. 4 different kinds of armor, a number of episodes for training skills, picturesque and vivid.
Play Death WarriorDeath Warrior Game

Plays: 1960
Category: Adventure
Strange turn-based adventure game. You are a soldier fighting against all sorts of enemies. Buy guns and armor, improve your skills and fight your enemies! Beat the final boss to win the game.
Play Final TankFinal Tank Game

Plays: 1947
Category: Fighting
Shoot the enemies that get close to you. Rotate the mouse, and press the left mouse button down to keep firing. Don't forget to upgrade your weapons and armor.
Play A Kiss ForeverA Kiss Forever Game

Plays: 1937
Category: Customize
Her knight in shining armor is going off to war. They don't know if they'll ever see each other again, so she wants to give him a kiss that will last forever. It's so hard to give up the love of your life when you've finally found them, but when it comes to love, you must have faith.
Play Space Wings DestroyerSpace Wings Destroyer Game

Plays: 1900
Category: Action
Addictive shooting game with a lot of bonuses and fun. Rule the starship, shoot the enemies starships, collect bonuses. Four various kinds of armor, a number of episodes for training skills, picturesque and vivid.
Play The Last DefenseThe Last Defense Game

Plays: 1869
Category: Action
A sophisticated turret defense game. Upgrade your defense turret with better base armor, cockpit and weapons. Detailed upgrading of weapon sub-systems and the incredible control of bullettime (slow motion) and turret shields. You objective is to survive 25 rounds of several incoming enemies including 5 heavy boss types. You are the last defense.
Play Armoured CommandosArmoured Commandos Game

Plays: 1866
Category: Action
A fast-paced, intense top-down tank shooter game, featuring 6 unique tanks, 30+ different weapons and 28 levels!! Features: *6 different tanks to play, each with unique weapons, attributes and characteristics *Each tank mounts 5+ weapons which fires simultaneously, so expect streams of bullets and explosions on the game screen! *Upgrade Panel after each level which allows players to repair their tanks, upgrade attributes (Armour, Damage and Mobility) and install Add-Ons which unlock new weapons for the tanks *28 levels in 5 intense missions, where you get ambushed, fight bosses, time attack, etc!
Play Rainbow Warrior ArmorRainbow Warrior Armor Game

Plays: 1769
Category: Action
A boy got ancient chinese magic rainbow armor and then became a representative rainbow warrior armor. With righteous power, he always fight with the forces of darkness. Now they developed powerful beasts to make environmental pollution and social chaos...Warrior, come on!
Play Shooting In SpaceShooting In Space Game

Plays: 1751
Category: Action
Great shooting online free game in cosmic theme with a number of bonuses and the variety of armor.

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