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Play Circle SnakeCircle Snake Game

Plays: 2630
Category: Action
A simple and fun arcade style game.
Play Shape AvoiderShape Avoider Game

Plays: 2610
Category: Puzzles
A game where you must avoid EVIL falling multi-color shapes while picking up coins! Will you save the world?
Play RotatoRotato Game

Plays: 2587
Category: Action
Use the mouse to rotate the circles and catch the shapes according to their color
Play MouseKillerMouseKiller Game

Plays: 2584
Category: Shooting
click on the circle as fast as you possible, you will be a mouse killer.
Play Winter Circle Scarf Dress Up Winter Circle Scarf Dress Up Game

Plays: 2582
Category: Dress-Up
This season's scarf trends are all about bold colors, lovely prints and circles, so how about learning how to accessorize your outfits with beautiful scarves while playing the 'Winter Circle Scarf Dress Up' game?
Play Laser DefenceLaser Defence Game

Plays: 2527
Category: Puzzles
Laser Defence is a defence game that brings a new dimension into the Tower Defence genre. Build and strategize tower positions for maximum laser effects and protects the stars!
Play Catch the CircleCatch the Circle Game

Plays: 2509
Category: Shooting
Catch the circle is a game created by MFP... it's incorporated with MFP's virtual world.... and now with Mochi!
Play FrisbeeFrisbee Game

Plays: 2505
Category: Action
Use the mouse to set the angle and power of your throw. (A longer arrow means more throwing power.) Click to throw. If Pepper catches it, great! Hit the circle of treats (in the sky) to get bonus points. To see the circle of treats before you throw, or to see where Pepper is before you throw, click Full View. If Pepper can't catch the frisbee, you lose energy. You start with 5 energy points. The game is over when you're out of energy.
Play LooopsLooops Game

Plays: 2502
Category: Puzzles
Cute and clever collide in Looops, a puzzle game about making everything come full circle.
Play CircleMasterCircleMaster Game

Plays: 2502
Category: Other
Protect the little dot by drawing circles around it. Better circle you draw, better is the protection. Protect all the dot as long as possible to get higher score. And you can practice drawing circles with mouse in Free Drawing mode. Submit your game score or your best circle in Free Drawing mode to see if you are the Master of Circle.
Play Space OutSpace Out Game

Plays: 2493
Category: Action
The object of Spaced Out is to reflect the orbs shot at your from the center ship back to its shield via your paddle. Mouse movement judges where your paddle is (circle around shield) and the left mouse button changes the color of your paddle When you reflect an orb it takes the color of your paddle. If the orb collides with the shield and its the same color, bonus points are given. The game ends when you miss 5 orbs IN A ROW. Each successful reflect adds 1x to your combo mod (there is no limit); mssing an orb resets the modifier to 1x. Theres also an achievement system that grants 5000 pts per achieve
Play Slate CircleSlate Circle Game

Plays: 2470
Category: Puzzles
Slate Circle is a text-based strategy game that you have to remove the last slate circle to win. Can you remove the last slate circle? There are 30 slate circles. When it is your turn, you can remove either 1, 2, or 3 slates. The person who removes the last slate wins. Think before you choose because this game is all about strategy. Good luck. - Slate Circle was a game concept I had since 2008. It was supposed to be a mini game in a major game. However, I have not had any ideas for a big game that I can include this mini game. So I have decided to release this game as a standalone game. Anyway, please play the game, and I hope you enjoy it. Please leave comments, feedbacks, and constructive criticisms on the game's Newgrounds page, Thank you. Slate Circle by Rickey Wang (Nufffin) Copyright 2010.
Play World DefenceWorld Defence Game

Plays: 2462
Category: Action
Tower Circle Defence Defend The Earth
Play Cross-Circle-Triangle: Battleground __ LOCKCross-Circle-Triangle: Battleground __ LOCK Game

Plays: 2446
Category: Puzzles
It is like a simple Tic-Tac-Toe game, but with a third player and a bonus system. Yeah, right, I said bonus system, but more about that later. So...It is necessary to build a "line" of 3 signs and not to let your other opponents do the same. For each "line" of signs you get points. The game continues until one of the signs gets 100 points.
Play To The Exit!To The Exit! Game

Plays: 2417
Category: Puzzles
This game helps the player on their mouse/cursor skills as you try to guide the white circle to the grey box to get through the game.
Play ElfArcherElfArcher Game

Plays: 2379
Category: Shooting
The player should shoot the archer targeting at the middle of the circle to get high score, if the player shoots anywhere in the circle other than center he will get less score. So target the archer and move on to the next levels. Game ends when he uses all the 12 arrows.
Play Circle VectMoteCircle VectMote Game

Plays: 2369
Category: Customize
To make vector emoticon and immediatly download it
Play Cosmo WormCosmo Worm Game

Plays: 2368
Category: Action
Survive as long as you can by avoiding the red neon squares that you will create by trying to make more points.
Play Drop Your BallDrop Your Ball Game

Plays: 2363
Category: Action
Control your ball falling down an infinite hole make sure not to hit any of the obstacles and reach for the fastest speed against competitors all over the world.
Play Trap Them PixelsTrap Them Pixels Game

Plays: 2352
Category: Strategy
Trap as many pixels inside the circle as you can.

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