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Play Hidden HeartsHidden Hearts Game

Plays: 5274
Category: Puzzles
Search for 40 hidden hearts, find all hearts, as fast as you can in order to receive more score points! Game will end when you reach 300 seconds game time or collect all hearts. Hint: Each picture contains 5 hidden hearts.
Play Power VacuumPower Vacuum Game

Plays: 5269
Category: Action
Lead the lost electrons to the their atom in this fast paced action game. You only have 60 seconds total to collect all 100 missing electrons from the different levels.
Play Ghost ShooterGhost Shooter Game

Plays: 5261
Category: Shooting
Shoot the ghost as they come up, see how many you can get in 60 seconds
Play BurneyBurney Game

Plays: 5254
Category: Action
Use Burney to burn it up, setting everything alight with only a minute to do it.
Play HoldemHoldem Game

Plays: 5242
Category: Casino
Make the best five card combination possible out of the cards dealt to you. Score points by winning chips from other players. Score bounty points by knocking out your opponents. Get bonus points by winning the game. You get extra points if you can do it in under 25 minutes. The Blinds increase every 60 seconds
Play SkiingSkiing Game

Plays: 5180
Category: Sports
Try to pass between as many pairs of flags as possible within the time limit . flags gives + 2 seconds Avoid trees. Come down as far as possible.
Play Feed Mr. Peterson - Halloween EditionFeed Mr. Peterson - Halloween Edition Game

Plays: 5163
Category: Puzzles
It's time for Halloween and this time you're giving Mr. Peterson all the candy you can find! Are you the one who can feed Mr. Peterson the most? In a puzzle combination of Collapse and Resource Management, you have 60 seconds to feed Mr. Peterson as much food and colored gems as possible. This is the same game as the other "Feed Mr. Peterson", but Halloween themed. Happy Halloween!
Play Onslaught Tower DefenceOnslaught Tower Defence Game

Plays: 5155
Category: Fighting
This is a re-make of the game Onslaught Tower Defense, made to be less resource intensive and add new features such as achievements and coins. This games is not complete, but it is playable. Currently you can choose one of 9 maps in the yellow and blue squares, choose the number of waves, and begin playing. You can build 3 towers and they will proceed to attack enemies that come in waves of 10 until all waves are done. Click next wave when all the enemies from your current wave are on screen to advance to the next wave, or when the 20 seconds are up or when all the enemies have been killed. Clicking towers will allow you to select them, and from there upgrade damage, rate of fire, or sell the turret. I'm working on adding the ability to upgrade range, move turrets, have more achievements that unlock abilities, widen the store, and adding more towers.
Play 2011 Skills Soccer2011 Skills Soccer Game

Plays: 5129
Category: Action
Who can reach more than 50 seconds!!! ????50?
Play Y2K MotorcycleY2K Motorcycle Game

Plays: 5128
Category: Driving
Global famous Y2K Motorcycle, Coming! Race through 4 different tracks as fast as possible to get a high score. Each track has 5 checkpoints you have to reach within 30 seconds, games for
Play Letter Fix 60Letter Fix 60 Game

Plays: 5122
Category: Action
Every letter seems to have lost 2 dots . How many letters can you fix in 60 seconds?
Play Hidden Gemstones 3Hidden Gemstones 3 Game

Plays: 5115
Category: Adventure
Search for 50 hidden gems and do it in less than 300 seconds or game will end. Each of the pictures contains 5 hidden gems. Good Luck!
Play BarBalalance (60 seconds edition)BarBalalance (60 seconds edition) Game

Plays: 5054
Category: Action
Make crates of the same color collide among themselves three times to make them disappear and earn points. Be careful balancing the weight on the bar, if a crate falls down it's game over!! Accurate physics simulation. The game ends in 60 seconds!!
Play Hidden Gemstones: RoomsHidden Gemstones: Rooms Game

Plays: 5042
Category: Adventure
Search for 30 hidden gemstones. You have 300 seconds to find all hidden gemstones! Each picture contains 3 hidden gemstones!
Play 60 Second Quiz60 Second Quiz Game

Plays: 5028
Category: Puzzles
A super fast paced quiz. You have only 60 seconds to answer as many trivia questions as you can.
Play Sin 60"Sin 60" Game

Plays: 5018
Category: Adventure
This Is a game with only 45 seconds play time, in this limited time what you should do is only gain the score as much as possible before the time runs out
Play Stay AfloatStay Afloat Game

Plays: 5014
Category: Action
The sky is falling on your boat. Struggle to stay afloat. Use your mouse and spacebar. It's sink or sail.
Play Avoider 2Avoider 2 Game

Plays: 5011
Category: Action
Avoider 2! Avoid the shapes and submit the highest score
Play Witch in 60 SecondsWitch in 60 Seconds Game

Plays: 4981
Category: Puzzles
An intense match 3 game. You've got 60 seconds to gain as many points as possible. This one really drains your magic power fast.

Plays: 4935
Category: Action
You have 60 seconds to bite as much people as possible. People you bite will turn into zombies and bite other people and soon you'll have a zombie army fighting for you. Be carefull and escape from the police... or turn them into zombies aswell. Collect power up's and get into Bloodrun- mode to kill even faster.

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