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Online Typing Games
Play Typing Game 3Typing Game 3 Game

Plays: 2075
Category: Customize
Change the type of guy and have fun Change the type of guy and have fun Typing, press the arrow buttons, and change the

Plays: 2069
Category: Education
practice fingering typing and Read the story today's story:THE REAL PRINCESS There was once a Prince who wished to marry a Princess; but then she must be a real Princess. He travelled all over the world in hopes of finding such a lady; but there was always something wrong. Princesses he found in plenty; but whether they were real Princesses it was impossible for him to decide, for now one thing, now another, seemed to him not quite right about the ladies. At last he returned to his palace quite cast down, because he wished so much to have a real Princess for his wife....
Play Ninja Cat and Zombie DinosaursNinja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs Game

Plays: 2030
Category: Action
Zombie Dinosaurs have invaded Paris! Ninja Cat needs to kill them with shurikens and katana. Type or die. Original idea, lots of action, addicting gameplay and polished execution!
Play Spelling DrillSpelling Drill Game

Plays: 2014
Category: Education
Jack is Driving his car that has a Super Drill, His goal is simple. Just enter the correct letters to match the word on the screen. You only have 45 seconds but don't rush, one wrong letter and BOOM! Game over. Lets see how far you can make it. Use the Keyboard to enter the words
Play Typing MonsterTyping Monster Game

Plays: 1979
Category: Action
Type in the magic spells to destroy the monster!
Play Man Typing Game 2Man Typing Game 2 Game

Plays: 1967
Category: Customize
Man Typing Game ver2 playing now. Create guy and face to slap :D
Play Winter TypingWinter Typing Game

Plays: 1934
Category: Education
Winter themed learning game. Play and improve your typing skills.
Play 60-Second PenaltyTyping60-Second PenaltyTyping Game

Plays: 1925
Category: Education
A fun typing game . Improve your typing skills. type the words under the football as fast as you . Higher levels get progressively more challenging. Have Fun!
Play Stick Ryu TypingStick Ryu Typing Game

Plays: 1911
Category: Education
Ryu, a Japanese martial artist seeking to become a "true warrior." typed the correct word as possible as you can,Higher levels get progressively more challenging. Have Fun! 1.Improve Typing Speed; 2.Improve the response speed of brain; 3.Learning English;
Play Type Timer +Type Timer + Game

Plays: 1904
Category: Education
Type Timer is a game where you have to press the correct key on your keyboard corresponding to the one shown, you will receive 20 points for getting a letter correct and you will lose 10 points if you get a letter wrong. You will have a limited time, if the time runs out the game ends, however if you get 10 letters correct in a row, you will gain an extra time of 10 seconds to your timer. Good Luck.
Play Flashing FingersFlashing Fingers Game

Plays: 1816
Category: Other
Flashing Fingers is a skill based game where the player's typing skills will be tested to his/her limits.
Play XpletterXpletter Game

Plays: 1799
Category: Action
Type the correct letters to earn score and change game speed in this fast paced typing game. After each round, you are able to choose between increasing your number of shots or increasing your reload speed.
Play Reflex KeysReflex Keys Game

Plays: 1790
Category: Action
Press the keys that appear from the letter strip on each level as fast as possible. The game speeds up as you progress and if you press the wrong key or the letters fade before you explode them you lose!
Play Typing GameTyping Game Game

Plays: 1753
Category: Education
Fun typing game with bubbles! Type the letter on the bubble to pop it.
Play Rocket TypingRocket Typing Game

Plays: 1745
Category: Education
a funny typing game!Help rocket launching.Type out the correct spelling of each word. Higher levels get progressively more difficult. Good luck! more games on
Play Cupid TypingCupid Typing Game

Plays: 1722
Category: Education
a funny typing game!Help cupid to collection the red hearts.Type out the correct spelling of each word. Higher levels get progressively more difficult. Good luck! more games on
Play Lightning Typing 2Lightning Typing 2 Game

Plays: 1718
Category: Education
As a young boy, you developed the power to shoot lightning and fire from your mind! Unfortunately, you can only do it when spelling words! Type out the correct spelling of each word above the creature in order to destroy them. Higher levels get progressively more difficult. Good luck! more games on
Play Typing ArcaniodTyping Arcaniod Game

Plays: 1717
Category: Education
Improve your typing skills and play game in one time!
Play Action Script 3.0 TypingAction Script 3.0 Typing Game

Plays: 1707
Category: Education
1.Improve Typing Speed you learn Flash/ActionScript
Play UFO TypingUFO Typing Game

Plays: 1701
Category: Action
Aliens are attacking your planet and your typing skills are the only thing that can stop them.

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