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Online Zombie Games
Play Zombie RipperZombie Ripper Game

Plays: 5226
Category: Action
Dismember the Zombie completely in 60 seconds.
Play Zombie SlashZombie Slash Game

Plays: 5147
Category: Action
Buzzing Blades at your fingertips, Zombie Heads galore, Buckets of Blood! Slash your way to a high score.. And remember - it's YOU or the ZOMBIES!
Play Zombie CrushZombie Crush Game

Plays: 5132
Category: Action
Crush the zombies by charging your giant fist!
Play Jump and KillJump and Kill Game

Plays: 5119
Category: Action
Make your player jump by mouse clicks, and kill the zombies.
Play Lama GlamaLama Glama Game

Plays: 5077
Category: Action
Fight against hordes of genetically modified sheep coming from outer space. They killed your friends, you must stop them... c'mon llama, spit'em all
Play Zombie TossZombie Toss Game

Plays: 5070
Category: Action
There has been a zombie outbreak in your hometown and those nasty zombies is now everywhere! Luckily you, a well known boxer, managed to get your hold on one of them and now your job is to box this zombie off the building as hard and as far away as you can. Buy upgrades after each and every round and compete against other zombie kickers on how far away you can kick your zombie. Best of luck and make sure that those zombies never dare to return again!
Play Zombie GuestZombie Guest Game

Plays: 5044
Category: Puzzles
A game where they are zombies and reflexion, it's possible! In this free game you have to put the zombies were they belong around the table. Point the mouse on the heads of the zombies to see what they want. Use the left click to drag and drop the zombie to the good seats.
Play Zombie EmpireZombie Empire Game

Plays: 5007
Category: Shooting
Shoot down the Zombies and win the game.
Play war of money 2war of money 2 Game

Plays: 4993
Category: Action
war of money 2.
Play Decay TDDecay TD Game

Plays: 4946
Category: Shooting
Defend your city against the onslaught of zombies by setting up turrets and upgrading them. Gain money by killing the zombies and stay alive. Don't forget to maintain your turrets or you will be left with no defense against the flesh eating zombies. Can you survive the 30 waves of the undead army!
Play Zombie CrusherZombie Crusher Game

Plays: 4933
Category: Action
You're a alien, and have just one mission: Destroy the zombies that infested your planet, and threaten the peace of your people. Some enemies cannot be destroyed, so keep your eyes open and avoid their attacks.
Play Zombie CreatorZombie Creator Game

Plays: 4904
Category: Dress-Up
Turn yourself into a creepy horror zombie!
Play zombie babe poolzombie babe pool Game

Plays: 4902
Category: Casino
a simple but cool zombie pool game with an addicting rule
Play Zombies versus PumpkinsZombies versus Pumpkins Game

Plays: 4894
Category: Action
Help Jack o' Lantern through the night by blasting zombies with your pumpkin cannon!
Play Death Penalty: Zombie Football!Death Penalty: Zombie Football! Game

Plays: 4879
Category: Action
There's zombies on the pitch! They think it's all over! It will be soon. Boot the balls at the oncoming undead hordes to stay alive.
Play Zombie QuestZombie Quest Game

Plays: 4870
Category: Action
Kill all the ten zombies within a minimum time.
Play A Zombie StoryA Zombie Story Game

Plays: 4868
Category: Adventure
An interactive story about zombies. Choose your actions and try to survive the day zombies take over the world.
Play Flaming ZombookaFlaming Zombooka Game

Plays: 4860
Category: Action
A hero, a bazooka, and zombies! Have fun splatting all the zombies in this physics based zombie shooter created by longanimals and robotjam.
Play Shooter GuardianShooter Guardian Game

Plays: 4852
Category: Action
A mix between shooting game and defense game. The player plays the role of a shooter, who has to protect a man. The man is trapped inside an abandoned city, and is getting cornered by zombies. Player can choose from a range of real-world guns. Player can set obstacles to block the zombies.
Play Hong Kong ZombielandHong Kong Zombieland Game

Plays: 4843
Category: Action
Hong Kong has turned into zombie city in one night due to unknown virus outbreak.The zombies are deadly and they are hunting for fresh meat across the city. You are being trapped on the rooftop of an office building in the city centre and are waiting a rescue helicopter. Unfortunately, the zombies are coming after you to the rooftop. You must keep yourself alive for 5 minutes before the rescue helicopter arrives.

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