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Play Pumpkin TossPumpkin Toss Game

Plays: 5947
Category: Shooting
Pumpkin Toss is a fast-paced game that tests your aim as you throw as many pumpkins as you can into moving holes before time runs out. Be sure to look for bonus holes to gain extra points.
Play Professional AssassinProfessional Assassin Game

Plays: 5941
Category: Shooting
The aim of the game is to shoot the targets that are moving around the assault courses. Make sure you hit enough targets to progress to the next level! Try to earn over 2000 points on a level to to unlock the bonus mod with AK-47!
Play Ching Gum From ChinaChing Gum From China Game

Plays: 5938
Category: Shooting
Aim and pop out the bubble gums
Play cow vs zombiecow vs zombie Game

Plays: 5933
Category: Action
Use WSAD keys to move,the mouse to aim and the left mouse button to shoot(hold left button to launch carrot rocket),number key 1-3 change weapon,click the icon below to build production and defense units,start building henhouse and cowshed to get the money for other units.
Play DolphinShowDolphinShow Game

Plays: 5914
Category: Action
An unforgettable experience with the worlds most loved Dolphins. Your aim is to make the dolphin pass through the arranged rings.
Play 60 Second Sling60 Second Sling Game

Plays: 5855
Category: Action
Help Virgil the Vandal aim and fire his slingshot to break as many priceless vases as possible in 60 seconds!
Play Colony QueenColony Queen Game

Plays: 5836
Category: Adventure
You are lonely honey bee aiming to build your own colony. To achieve this aim you need to enter in different gardens and make as many friends as possible by touching them within the limited time. Beware !! if you touch any enemy it will take away one life.
Play Seabed BubbleSeabed Bubble Game

Plays: 5825
Category: Action
Shoot the bubbles as many as possible before the bubbles are close to the seabed. You can Shoot the bubbles by forming groups of 3 or more of the same color. You must reach the required scores to play the next levels. Move your mouse to aim. Click to shoot.
Play 8-Bit Shooter8-Bit Shooter Game

Plays: 5764
Category: Shooting
Remember the days of 8-bit games with this great shooter! And now you're equipped with your mouse!
Play Battle for MarsBattle for Mars Game

Plays: 5726
Category: Action
Fight the aliens on mars in this epic battle for resources. Aim and shoot with your mouse. Use cursor keys or WASD to move the tank around the bottom of the screen.
Play Miss MilliganMiss Milligan Game

Plays: 5720
Category: Puzzles
Miss Milligan is a traditional game of patience played with two decks of cards. The aim is to move all the cards to the foundations, starting with the aces. Cards are can be moved between stacks in the tableau in red-black descending sequences, and more cards can be dealt onto the end of each of the eight stacks from the stock. When the stock is exhausted, the space can be used as a cell to store a single card.
Play Beleaguered CastleBeleaguered Castle Game

Plays: 5697
Category: Cards
Beleaguered Castle is a difficult patience game. The aim is to build up in suit on the four foundations; cards can be moved on the stacks surrounding the foundations singly, and stacked in descending sequence regardless of suit.
Play Bottle ShootingBottle Shooting Game

Plays: 5655
Category: Action
Use Your Mouse to Aim and Shoot the Flying Bottles. Press Space to Re-load the Bullets.
Play Quickshot EliteQuickshot Elite Game

Plays: 5589
Category: Action
Shoot as many targets as you can. Special targets give special bonus.
Play Code RedCode Red Game

Plays: 5581
Category: Strategy
Strategy game where a player controls team of four soldiers deployed with order to investigate what happened with laboratory. The aim of the game to proceed through all game levels w/o loosing any soldier. Each completed level opens new weapons.
Play Monkey EscapeMonkey Escape Game

Plays: 5572
Category: Puzzles
Monkey Escape is a flash puzzle. The aim is to match 3 or more monkeys of the same type. You can earn points when you match more monkeys.

Plays: 5524
Category: Action
Aim of the game is to kill the enemies.
Play Beads PuzzleBeads Puzzle Game

Plays: 5522
Category: Puzzles
Choose one of three skill levels and start to play. Aim with the mouse and shoot at the falling balls. Three or more balls of the same color disappear. The higher skill level you play the more points you get for each deleted match.
Play Ice RushIce Rush Game

Plays: 5504
Category: Driving
New great extreme arctic racing game from Your task is to find the secret package on the North Pole and take it to the base. You have the map and the hint arrow. The police cars will prevent you from reaching your aim. Pay attention that the driving on the ice is rather difficult because of sliding. There are five skill levels and each one is the harder than the previous one. Use arrows to drive and space as handbrake.
Play Speed ArcherySpeed Archery Game

Plays: 5492
Category: Shooting
Click to aim the dot and shoot the arrow. Get the highest score in 30 seconds.

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