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Escape the Toy Factory Game

Plays: 3676
Category: Adventure
Your escape from the dungeon didn't go so well: Dr. Minstrel's caught you again. And now you have to WORK. Escape, please!
Crystal Runner Game

Plays: 3620
Category: Puzzles
Run through dangerous mazes and gather the crystals and gold. Avoid nasty hazards and traps! Hurry, please: 24 levels to clear!
Fratboy House Wars Game

Plays: 3525
Category: Other
Who wants to knock down a frat house? Flatten them - before they flatten you!
Celebrity Smackdown 4 Game

Plays: 3358
Category: Fighting
These celebrities fight right down to their evil, alien core if they have to. Can you smack them down hard enough to end their career for good?
The Boyfriend Trainer Game

Plays: 3106
Category: Other
Such bad habits, this boyfriend! Catch him in the act and teach him to be good!
Casanova Kisser Game

Plays: 3061
Category: Action
This smooth guy needs your help to send the smooches to the ladies. Be careful not to send lip service to the fatties, and avoiding the guys is a given.
Royal Wedding Run Game

Plays: 3028
Category: Other
Good Prince William is to wed the darling Kate this very day. But he is on the other side of town! This simply will not do. Run to meet your bride, ducking old girlfriends and paparazzi on the way. Be sure to grab your princely power-ups. Release the Hounds!
Booger Sniper Game

Plays: 2951
Category: Shooting
When your ammunition is this disgusting, how can you resist? Take aim with your nose candy and fling it carefully to hit your many targets.
Escape From Wherever You Are Game

Plays: 2923
Category: Adventure
None of this makes sense: first you are on a spaceship, then a green planet, then a swinging apartment! Try to collect enough items to make your escape...from wherever this is!
Monster Truck Demolisher Game

Plays: 2888
Category: Action
What's the point in driving a monster truck if you can't wreck stuff? Crush pathetic automobiles with your big, mean truck. 24 levels full of victims!
Skycover Game

Plays: 2792
Category: Shooting
Your troops are in dark clothes, moving from left to right. Cover them! Eliminate enemy soldiers in light camouflage. Choose your weapon...rapid fire 25mm? Tank-busting 40mm rounds? Or maybe you like to carry a big stick, like a 105!
Defend the Village 2 Game

Plays: 2725
Category: Strategy
Your medieval town is a wreck, and the barbarians are coming! Toss them with your mouse to crush them. Convert them to your side, and use them to rebuild your town. Can you fortify your village fast enough to avoid capture and ruin?
Dominion Game

Plays: 2674
Category: Strategy
Castles are built for defending. So throw some pain down on those invading pests! When you tire of shooting arrows, unleash some Elemental powers, like Fire Rain or Holy Rage!
Dock My Boat Game

Plays: 2657
Category: Action
Driving a boat is so hard, they call it "piloting." The boat keeps moving after you stop the engines! So be a swell sailor and put your boat back where it belongs, huh? Or maybe you should go back to parking slot cars.
Zombogrinder Game

Plays: 2637
Category: Action
Having a meat wave, a tropical meat wave! Drive through Zombie Town and make a meaty mess out of the local undead!

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