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Christmas Cake shop Game

Plays: 6611
Category: Customize
Distribute the cakes to customers, drag and drop what they order onto the tray
The cricket Quiz: firsts in cricket Game

Plays: 6311
Category: Puzzles
How well do you know firsts in cricket? Anser these questions to know how good your cricket sense is
Fifteen Number Sliding Puzzle (n=16) Game

Plays: 6137
Category: BoardGame
Classic fifteen number sliding puzzle. Move pieces around and you will figure out tricks that help to place tiles in their respective places (in the increasing order of numbers, leaving the last tile empty). You can leave suggestions or tricks to solve the puzzle on "fifteen number sliding puzzle" game blog page
Who said this quote? Game

Plays: 5782
Category: Education
Objective of the game is to recognize the quotes and their respective authors, answer ten questions in as less time as possible, Only the time you take to answer will be considered
Bricks breaking game: Classic high score version Game

Plays: 5518
Category: BoardGame
A classic high score Bricks breaking game with five lives, you lose a life when you click on a single brick, remove bricks in groups as much as possible ,advance as many levels as you can, score as high as you can
Timed Bricks breaking game: play 1,2,5 minute modes Game

Plays: 4560
Category: Action
A variation of the bricks breaking game, in this version you have a time limit but unlimited bricks to play with, click wisely score higher, help us with your suggestions: Timed bricks breaking game
Simple mathMagic Game

Plays: 4521
Category: BoardGame
Prequel to the advanced to Infinite mathMagic: all you have to do is to add, subtract, multiply the given two numbers, type the correct answer to get next question
impossible Tic Tac Toe 2 Game

Plays: 4153
Category: BoardGame
Classic Tic Tac Toe with different difficulty levels, use all your wits and try if you can beat the impossible level. A nice artificial intelligence game, Help us improve Impossible Tic Tac Toe further with your comments.
Simple Multiplication math game Game

Plays: 3969
Category: BoardGame
Simple Multiplication math game: multiply the numbers and type the product into the field

Plays: 3903
Category: Education
Find the mathematical equation yielding different result than the others
FGS Bricks breaking game (high score version) Game

Plays: 3797
Category: BoardGame
A classic high score bricks breaking game, a fun game needs skill to score high, there are 180 bricks in total of red, blue and green color, score as high as you can
Cute friends: Chick and Kitty Game

Plays: 3684
Category: Customize
Drag and drop pieces to their place on grid
Ducky Duck: Save duck from the red balls in pool Game

Plays: 3604
Category: Action
Save the duck from fury of red balls, collect pink and green balls, handle the speedy levels of incoming balls. Pink and Green are bonus balls, they get you more score, there are only five lives, score as much as you can before you lose them all. Play Ducky Duck and leave suggestions.
Rapid bricks breaking Game

Plays: 3549
Category: BoardGame
Bricks breaking game in short time modes, click on group of similar bricks to collapse them and earn points, too big a group too big the score. This game has even shorter time modes than the earlier to pump you adrenaline bit faster
Cute friends: twin kitties Game

Plays: 3335
Category: Customize
drag and leave all pieces in their places

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