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Word Mountain Game

Plays: 2652
Category: Puzzles
Journey across the land climbing the highest mountains in the world. In this universe, you climb by typing words. The faster you type, the faster you climb. Watch out for the evil computer climber, he's always trying to climb faster than you! Use power ups to help you on your journey and try not to make too many mistakes!
D-Space Game

Plays: 2634
Category: Action
Your objective in this game is to conquer the galaxy and to defeat the terrible foe that stands in your way. To achieve this goal you need resources, planets, solar systems and life forms to man your ships.
Mental Showtime Game

Plays: 2611
Category: Puzzles
try to escape from the circus in this point and click puzzle game.
The Knocker Game

Plays: 2570
Category: Action
Demolition in the future is done using the UFO punching method. You work for Puncho Muncho UFO Inc. (U build 'em, we puncho 'em down!) You're Puncho Muncho's top gun demolisher. You've been given the task to knock down 30 buildings across the city. Don't let your company down, and puncho those buildings to hell and back!
Hot Date Hunter Game

Plays: 2550
Category: Action
You're a hot chick out to get yourself a man, even if it means killing all the geeks that get in your way. Climb up the tower of love and get what you're looking for!
X-Striker Game

Plays: 2470
Category: Action
Your city is being overrun with gangsters! Use your police force resources to stop them before all hell breaks loose! Real-time strategy game - think fast, move your forces and eliminate the enemy.
Beach Resort Game

Plays: 2462
Category: Action
This is not your typical time-management game - you must compete against a computer player and try to serve customers before her. Be prepared to fail a few times before you figure out the best strategy to win this fast-paced game! You've started a new business running a beach resort. You're objective is to serve your customers, make money, expand the business and beat your evil competitor! Hints: Plan your expansions carefully - it is not necessary to get everything to win the game - in fact it is better to be very selective - you don't want to be running around the whole beach trying to serve people! If your competitor gets to a customer before you, you can cancel you move and do something else.
puzzle freak china Game

Plays: 2460
Category: BoardGame
chinese version of the game
runawaytrain Game

Plays: 2444
Category: Action
How fast can you get around the insane sky rail network? Try to beat the clock and avoid getting snagged by obstacles!
blackboard squash china Game

Plays: 2400
Category: Action
chinese version of the game
hot date china Game

Plays: 2369
Category: Puzzles
chinese version of the game
Kill Me Game

Plays: 2330
Category: Action
It's your job to end the lives of all the 'suicidal' creatures beneath you. You have a minimum quota to succeed, so don't let them escape! Game gets harder as you progress through the levels. Try to win badges with excellent play!
the great war china Game

Plays: 2328
Category: Action
chinese version of the fwg game
puzzle freak 2 china Game

Plays: 2278
Category: BoardGame
chinese version of the game
the return Game

Plays: 2263
Category: Sports
climb up a canyon wall.

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