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Stray island Game

Plays: 3843
Category: Action
Kittens living on the island, we help it seize the fish, through the island hunger tough life!
Night Strike Command Game

Plays: 3750
Category: Fighting
Seemingly calm night, but the bloodshed, the enemy is hidden in every corner of the, you put them all to find out, destroyed!
Laden VS Obama Game

Plays: 3685
Category: Action
Not to ascend the dead brother? He is not easy, you should be the biggest potential.
FireBoy WaterGirl Racing! Game

Plays: 3468
Category: Action
Come help child of fire and ice. Complete their adventure in the icy Temple journey. Have a look is ice. Speed or fire her speed?

Plays: 3360
Category: Action
Aomo is the 1987 establishment of the elite special forces, its main task is to prevent crime and annihilate the drug dealers. And in great condition occurs, Aomo often and Alfa ( two largest Russian special forces one, another one is called " signal flag" ) alongside. In 2002 October, the Chechen militants Russian opera hostage incident, Aomo and Alfa in order to rescue the hostages and made a significant contribution.
Beach Head 1 Game

Plays: 3356
Category: Action
Intercept the enemy on our island! Enemy to occupy our island, ask my guns agree?
City Defend Game

Plays: 3183
Category: Fighting
The war drew to a close, the enemy to the city an unprecedented attack, defense troops to launch the city defense, in a strong attack before, garrison for homeland security, a desperate resistance, today, you will act as a member of the review that period of history ... ...
??2012???? Game

Plays: 3179
Category: Action
S.W.A.T Game

Plays: 3165
Category: Action
A SWAT (special weapons and tactics) team is an elite tactical unit in various national law enforcement departments. They are trained to perform high-risk operations that fall outside of the abilities of regular officers. SWAT team members' duties include: performing hostage rescues and counter-terrorism operations; serving high risk arrest and search warrants; subduing barricaded suspects; and engaging heavily-armed criminals.
Knife Warrior BLADE Game

Plays: 3066
Category: Action
In this troubled complex world, disaster always from the most secluded corner, justice and evil war will be in unknown places on. The arrival of the new century, before long, an unknown new virus accident was born. In order to combat the terrible monster, to protect the future of humanity, blade killed to the harvester. At this point, a Xing wind " blood " rain is unavoidable, but audience will have much to bring an umbrella, so as not to splash your own blood.
Battlefield counterattack Game

Plays: 3019
Category: Adventure
This is a very classic defensive game, the metal slug game you need to attack enemy all eliminate oh, come to challenge!
Gold Desert Eagle Game

Plays: 2541
Category: Action
Seth ( UK) SAS British SAS, as the British special forces, much of modern special forces with a long history and traditional one. It is the world's many other special forces model. Seth with a cruel selection and training. Every team member is through hard after the examination of the elite talent showing itself, at present, the main task is responsible for Britain's stability, and solve all international disputes associated with english.
Lovers holding hands Game

Plays: 2484
Category: Puzzles
"knowing each other"" Love"" forever diamonds"
Lian Lian Kan Chinese Game

Plays: 2380
Category: Puzzles
?????????? ,???????!
??-????? Game

Plays: 2340
Category: Fighting

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