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Countdown Dice Game

Plays: 6714
Category: Puzzles
Take as many turns as you like, but don't get yourself stuck! Launch rockets and gain some points. How much, though, are you willing to risk?
Poker Patience Game

Plays: 75589
Category: Casino
This game is a fun spin on the classic game of poker! You must think strategically in this game! You are given a blank grid of rows with five card slots of them Set the cards to make the best poker hands vertically and horizontally. Compare your best scores to the other players.
Pop Pies 3 Game

Plays: 24583
Category: Puzzles
Version 3 of the hit pie-popping game!
Pop Pies 2 Game

Plays: 24170
Category: Puzzles
A sequel to the popular Pie Popping puzzle game, now with lots more bonuses and explosions!
Think Tank Game

Plays: 23181
Category: Action
Another great retro remake. Move your tank through the grid of streets, killing off baddies and collecting goodies.
Pop Pies Game

Plays: 18647
Category: Puzzles
Pop Pies is a great puzzle game. Explode the biggest chain of pies for the biggest points. Clear columns for bonuses.
Shi Sen Game

Plays: 17052
Category: Puzzles
Shi Sen is a matching-game played with Mah Jongg tiles. Eliminate pairs of tiles by matching 'em. Pairs can be eliminated if they can connect to each other with three or fewer lines. Clear the whole board if you can.
Elementris Game

Plays: 12167
Category: Puzzles
A simple puzzle game where you build larger and larger molecules out of component atoms. And you might learn a bit about organic chemistry in the process, as recognized molecules are described.
Shisen Game

Plays: 10808
Category: Puzzles
Meltdown Game

Plays: 8636
Category: Puzzles
An addictive puzzle game. Try to destroy all of the atoms in the reactor by exploding 'em. Clicking on an atom expands it. Atoms that are too large explode, sending particles into neighboring atoms.
Poppies Game

Plays: 8455
Category: Puzzles
Head On Collision Game

Plays: 8282
Category: Action
A great retro remake. Drive your car around the windy track, collecting up all of the gifts. It'd be easy if not for the suicidal cars trying to ram you. Good luck!
Brain Bones Game

Plays: 7147
Category: Puzzles
A challenging puzzle game. Roll the dice and manage your discards. Try to get a positive score!
ConFusebox Game

Plays: 7090
Category: Puzzles
The object of ConFusebox is to light up all the bulbs and connect all the wires. To rotate a piece, hover the mouse over the right or left side of each cell. Try to light up the whole board with the fewest moves.
ConFusebox 2 Game

Plays: 5247
Category: Puzzles
A sequel to the popular "turn on the lights" game. Now with three different ways to play and three different difficulty settings. Enjoy!

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