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Bulls & Cows Game

Plays: 13177
Category: Puzzles
The old, classic game of logic and deduction upon which Master Mind is most probably based!
Vowel Movement Game

Plays: 5427
Category: Puzzles
A combinatorial optimisation game in the same family as Master Mind, Bulls&Cows and Thugs&Bowmen. Test your logic and deduction skills by challenging the computer!
Sliding Tiles Game

Plays: 4414
Category: Puzzles
The classic tile-sliding puzzle featuring several variants including some with tiles fixed to the board and a "Clean Slate" mode in which the tiles aren't even marked!
Nosferatu Beckoning Game

Plays: 14678
Category: Adventure
A text-based RPG in which, instead of throwing dice to determine option sets and outcomes, the player draws cards from the tarot.
Hold 'em Game

Plays: 8718
Category: Casino
A tongue-in-cheek version of Texas Hold-'Em in which you play against computer generated opponents. The opponents are blind to all cards except their respective pockets and any public cards that have been dealt. They use Monte Carlo methods and slightly randomized, crude bluffing algorithms to play. Play until all but two players have gone bankrupt or until you've had enough!
Beyond the Penumbra Game

Plays: 7565
Category: Adventure
A mining colony on one of Jupiter’s natural satellites needs your rocket-maneuvering skills in this moon-lander-style action game.
Semantic Tank Antics Game

Plays: 6304
Category: Puzzles
Pilot the semantic-tank to retrieve the scattered letters of the words removed from the quotations.
Poker Square-Off Game

Plays: 5855
Category: BoardGame
Play Poker Squares against the computer!
Chessman Sliding Game

Plays: 5553
Category: Puzzles
A more difficult variant of the classic tile-sliding puzzle.
Rise and Fall Game

Plays: 4483
Category: Action
A game of logic, deduction and four-letter words.
RTP Sudoku Game

Plays: 4237
Category: BoardGame
Have some fun with Sudoku! Also included is a solver, so if you're stuck with a puzzle, just enter it in and let the computer solve it for you!
Fall! Game

Plays: 4102
Category: Puzzles
A little puzzle requiring quick reactions!
Thugs&Bowmen Game

Plays: 4065
Category: Puzzles
A game of logic based on the rules of Roshambo and in the same strain as Mastermind.
Spanish Verb Invasion Game

Plays: 3410
Category: Action
I thought I'd share this silly little flash-card game that I made to help me remember my Spanish verb tenses.
Proposition Bot Game

Plays: 3054
Category: Education
Have some fun using basic formal logic! Create propositions and use them to get the bots to deactivate the sites and then get each bot to its respective exit. (Although all the information required to play this game is provided in the in-game manual, a little familiarity with basic formal logic is recommended.)

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