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Hospital Tycoon Game

Plays: 5953
Category: Action
You are going to cure the sick children who come into the hospital. Let the children sit on the chair by dragging them with your mouse and examine their sickness by using the magnifying glass on top of the screen after clicking the children on the chair. When the examination is over, move the children to the injection room, manufacturing room and treatment room according to their sickness and cure them by using the bandage, medicine box and injection on the right.
Baby Hospital Game

Plays: 5341
Category: Action
When a new baby comes in, bring it to an empty bed, then when it cries, go to it and see what it needs, and then pick it up and give it what it needs, once the baby is happy, pick it up again and bring it to the door and out.
Raising a baby 4 Gangnam Style Game

Plays: 5001
Category: Action
It is a game that makes the baby dance without getting caught by other people. Click the Mouse when people are looking back or when they are looking at somewhere else. The baby dances while you are pressing the Mouse and the baby stops if you pull out. Your points go up when you dance for a longer time at once.
Raising a baby 3 Game

Plays: 4678
Category: Puzzles
You need to place the same shapes in order vertically or horizontally. Your level goes up if you complete the mission within the time limit. Left click your mouse.
Find the Treasure Vegetable Game

Plays: 2821
Category: Adventure
Toto found the treasure map by an accident! The treasures are the vegetables that sparkle. But the road to finding the treasures is a complex maze. Try to solve the maze by using the mouse and find the treasure vegetables.
Alien Hunter 2 Game

Plays: 2821
Category: Action
The planet earth is already suffering from the attack of the aliens. Alien Hunter~ You are the one who can save the planet earth from the alien invasion. Let us defeat the green monsters with quick reactions!
Gomsee the Stunt Man Game

Plays: 2812
Category: Action
Gomsee is making his appearance on an action movie! But this movie is known as a movie that uses real props! And nobody wants to make their appearances on this movie because it is extremely dangerous! Would Gomsee be able to turn this movie of monsters and explosions into a success?
Raising a baby 2 Game

Plays: 2810
Category: Puzzles
The mother has to take care of her baby while doing a side-job in this game. Doing a side-job: She attaches the eyes on the doll by color and receives gold. Looking after the baby: She gets close to the baby whenever the baby frowns and does what the baby wants. Buy goods: She purchases goods for the baby through the internet. When the movement of the mother becomes slow, eat and her stamina will be replenished.
Gomsee the Stalker Game

Plays: 2615
Category: Action
The pink bear and black bear that our Gomsee loves is having a date with each other! What did it happen?! Try tailing the two without being caught. Be careful, because you fail if you get caught by the black bear or make a wrong makeup.
The Bouncing Champion Game

Plays: 2472
Category: Action
All you need to do is to bounce the soccer ball with your mouse. Select the country that you like and start the game. The number of the highest bounce will be recorded as your high score.
Ice cream Tower Game

Plays: 2449
Category: Puzzles
Ice cream tower game.
Gomsee the Champion Game

Plays: 2438
Category: Sports
Gomsee is on the ring. Try to defeat all the challenging enemies.
Daddy, that doll ! Game

Plays: 2350
Category: Shooting
A cute little bear ask her Daddy to buy a doll. If you would like to get a teaddy bear, you should shoot a doll with a popgun. Shoot all the dolls in a given time.
The Master of Packaging Game

Plays: 2087
Category: Puzzles
You’ve working at a bakery as a part-timer! Try to become the master of packaging by packaging the breads that come in like flood. Cover up the 4 points with the wrapping paper by clicking your mouse and put a ribbon on it by dragging your mouse.
The Little Girl of the Post Office Game

Plays: 2051
Category: Puzzles
You are now the little girl of the post office and are going to deliver the letters. Click the number of the letter and click the correct mailbox and the mail will go into the mailbox. Your level will go up if you place 12 letters into the correct mailbox.

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