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Kilso Game

Plays: 17248
Category: BoardGame
Get the yellow square out through the bottom edge. Be fast, the clock knows no mercy!
Present Harmony Game

Plays: 9117
Category: Action
A switching line game with two coloured gifts.
Zebra aka Einstein's Puzzle Game

Plays: 8093
Category: BoardGame
Challenge your brain and solve these 10 demanding Zebra aka Einsteins' Puzzles.
Seven Eye's Game

Plays: 7813
Category: Puzzles
Seven Eye's is a simple puzzle game about the lucky number seven. Goal: The main goal is to select dices till the number 7 is reached. Play methods: 1. Level 2. Time 1) Clear the board in order to reach the next level. 2) You have 5 minutes to make many many many points

Plays: 5037
Category: BoardGame
ONLY FIFTEEN is a simple card game. Your goal is to remove all the cards from the board in order to reach the next level and to make many many many points.
Polyominos Game

Plays: 4384
Category: Puzzles
Solve the new tricky number puzzle. No brooding over questions of knowledge, no mathematical magic, logical thinking alone helps to assign the numbers and leads to success.
New Year's Eve Game

Plays: 4054
Category: Action
Fireworks are your life. Select and detonate the rockets and be fascinated. Fascinate the audience. Unlock new features, new game modes and controll the sky with your illumination skills. Earn achievements, take on the challenge, turn the night into day. YOU are the fireworks whizz.
Bazinga Game

Plays: 3642
Category: Casino
Bazinga is a typical german gambling machine like you can see in german pubs.
TCFS - the assignment Game

Plays: 3574
Category: Action
You want to be a part of a new arcane clique called TCFS. But your desire is covered with challenges. Proof that you are made of sterner stuff and succeed.
Dice Challenge Game

Plays: 3216
Category: BoardGame
The purpose of the game is to make many points with dice combinations before you lost all your lives. At Dice Challenge you start the round with 6 dice. After each throw all the possible combinations are shown. Each combination is with a certain number of points. The corrensponding dice of a game get locked and the player can throw the dice again. If no combinations are shown, you will lost a life.
Cards 'n Chips Game

Plays: 2981
Category: BoardGame
Unbelievable cards and chips in ONE game. Remove all chips from the board!
Reflection Game

Plays: 2706
Category: BoardGame
Collect all colored circles to advance to the next level. Avoid the red Xs. It may sounds simple, but once you try it, you will see that it is not as easy as it sounds. The controll is maybe reflected. Left is sometimes right or top is bottom or something else.
Duet Solitaire Game

Plays: 2553
Category: BoardGame
A solitaire game suitable for everyone. Everyone should know what the goal of a solitaire game is. But I say it again. Remove all cards from the board by creating pairs of cards with the same value. Simple! Or not? Try it and have fun.
My Sweethearts Game

Plays: 2143
Category: Puzzles
My Sweethearts is a lovely Valentine's day game. Match the pairs to remove them. Only sweethearts that are touching horizontally, vertically and diagonally can be removed. After a finished round you have the opportunity to choose your handicap: less time, another sweetheart or more cards. Hurry up and don't forget the time!
Double Bricks Extreme Game

Plays: 2073
Category: Action
Double Bricks Extreme is a fast, exciting and cool game, where you have to click and match bricks of a similar color. Try to avoid that the left and right side overlap. Use bombs and other special items to survive as long as possible. Earn Awards in order to make more points and unlock new features in order to destroy more bricks.

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