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Online Typing Games
Play Typing Of The Living DeadTyping Of The Living Dead Game

Plays: 6801
Category: Action
Third person zombie touch typing shooter game. Survivor Mode: Type your way through sixteen zombie infested levels - complete the mission objectives to unlock the "Cut Scenes". Death Wish Mode: Destroy as many zombies as possible before you become infected.
Play B-Speed Typer IIB-Speed Typer II Game

Plays: 6680
Category: Education
Test out your typing skills against ever increasing numbers of words, the faster that you type the quicker you clear them off the screen.

Plays: 6520
Category: Action
Jack Cannon needs your help! Follow the on screen instructions to fight the terrorists!
Play Xbox Avatar DecoratorXbox Avatar Decorator Game

Plays: 6250
Category: Customize
In this little dress up like game you can load an Xbox Avatar by typing gamertag in and decore it with drawing and stamps!
Play Jumping CaterpillarJumping Caterpillar Game

Plays: 6207
Category: Other
You have to jump over obstruction by press right key. If you write key (L,K,J,F,D,S,A), part of catarpillar jump over obstruction. You can also take points by write key which is at the bonus.
Play Fast Typer GameFast Typer Game Game

Plays: 6111
Category: Puzzles
Flash typing game.
Play The AlphabetThe Alphabet Game

Plays: 5978
Category: Word
The Alphabet is a time-trial based typing game where you type the alphabet, from A-Z as fast as you can.
Play Fireball TyperFireball Typer Game

Plays: 5953
Category: Action
The fireball guy hates letters. Type them before he reaches them. Avoid typing letters he's touched. Gold letters give you bonuses and extra tries.
Play Key Master 2Key Master 2 Game

Plays: 5915
Category: Action
Typing is a deadly art - you must practice! Fend off menacing beasts by typing their names. Kaboom! With more levels, power-ups, bad guys and bosses. Prepare for the ultimate typing challenge.
Play Music TypingMusic Typing Game

Plays: 5801
Category: Education
this is a typing game and a music game enjoy it! moregames in
Play Launch CodeLaunch Code Game

Plays: 5681
Category: Action
The Earth is under attack. Every night a swarm of aliens descend upon us, breaking into the Earth’s atmosphere and leaving a trail of death and destruction in its wake. Our only protection lies with the Global Defence Initiative’s MDS (Missile Defence System) and its ability track and destroy these incoming alien swarms. Your nimble fingers, lightning-fast reflexes and eagle-like eyes are the heart of this system. The key to the human race’s survival is at your fingertips. This exciting game has ten levels of fast and addictive game play action that will have you at the edge of your seat as you push yourself towards the final swarm. Unlike other games, this one has the real-world benefit of improving your typing skills and eventually taking it to the next level. The high-quality sound track and slick graphics provide an exciting and modern twist to a classic arcade game.
Play MonKeyboardMonKeyboard Game

Plays: 5470
Category: Adventure
Fun typing game with a lot of upgrades and challenges.
Play Finger Frenzy WorldFinger Frenzy World Game

Plays: 5450
Category: Action
How fast can YOU type the alphabet?
Play The Key MasterThe Key Master Game

Plays: 5424
Category: Action
So my young apprentice you want to become a key master? To become a Key Master you must undergo the Key Master Trails. In this top down keyboard battle you will compete against goblins, trolls, ogres, barbarians and demons. Good luck and may you finally become a Key Master!
Play Word Wise JetsetterWord Wise Jetsetter Game

Plays: 5242
Category: Action
You stay in trendy boutique hotels, lugging around nifty suitcases. Yet, you are just a lame wannabe hipster without a proper understanding of the globalizing world. You don’t need to feign any interest about the civil war in Sudan, nor petition against sharia caning in Malaysia. All you have to do, is to indulge in exoticism while you continue to bask in gilded consumptions. Just master a few words derived from foreign languages, and you will be on top of the world again. After all, the English language has been appropriating foreign words for centuries. Who needs cannons and spy gadgets to colonize the world? The cool lingo for the new global village is, of course, still English!
Play NFL Typing 2NFL Typing 2 Game

Plays: 5241
Category: Education
this is 2 lifes version. Increase your typing speed with this entertaining game. The object of the game is to eventually get the ball through the goal posts and advance to the next level by keeping the ball afloat. Each correctly typed word kicks the ball, keeping it in play. If the ball falls below the word you are typing you start all over. You get five lives to get as far as you can. As the levels increase so do the number of players keeping your ball from the goal posts. more funny games on
Play B-Speed TyperB-Speed Typer Game

Plays: 5210
Category: Puzzles
Test out your typing skills against ever increasing numbers of words, the faster that you type the quicker you clear them off the screen.
Play TypeDownTypeDown Game

Plays: 5141
Category: Other
Type as fast as possible to prevent the column of rising words from reaching the top.
Play Bescrambled - Ordering AdjectivesBescrambled - Ordering Adjectives Game

Plays: 5088
Category: Education
If it can be said it can be Bescrambled! Customizable sentence scrambling mayhem for all skill levels. Develops- Typing skills, Spelling, Grammar, General awesomeness
Play Make Money TypingMake Money Typing Game

Plays: 4811
Category: Education
A fun typing game . Improve your typing skills. type the words under the dollers as fast as you can before the dollers disappear. Higher levels get progressively more challenging. Have Fun! more games on

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