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Play Mahjong Hong KongMahjong Hong Kong Game

Plays: 86057
Category: Puzzles
Mahjong is a Chinese game of skill, and it involves four players. Although the game play of Mahjong is similar in all of the versions of the game, the pieces and scoring however, slightly differ depending on the regional variations. The object of mahjong is to build sets, as well as get the highest point value. In order to do this, each player selects and discards tiles until an entire set of combinations has been made. You will not be able to stop playing this super fun ancient Chinese game!
Play Wordsjong FreeStyleWordsjong FreeStyle Game

Plays: 12408
Category: BoardGame
Wordsjong is a Mahjong game with a twist. Instead of CHI (eat) 1,2,3 or 2,3,4 type of numbered sequence tiles, you now have to CHI food name (cod, bun, etc). Everything else is pretty much the same to the original game except that this is much more simplified. Further, free style, means that you are not resitrcted to the popular 3 Fan rule. You will be able to win in any way as long as it is a winning pattern. Of course, score still varies. depending on your hand. For full instructions, please visit for a good explaination of the Wordjong game.
Play Ma BallsMa Balls Game

Plays: 3913
Category: Sports
A True Dodgeball Game - Run around in the sporting arena pushing the bouncing balls to make them roll and dodge them to collect bonus items...
Play Forest SafariForest Safari Game

Plays: 3300
Category: Other
Uno scorcio di foresta ci permette di ammirare splendidi esemplari, ma gli animali sono timidi: fai le foto prima che si nascondano! - A little forest where we can see some animals, but they are very shy: take a photo before they go back in the forest!
Play MaMa Game

Plays: 3161
Category: BoardGame
Ma is the digital version of game Ma and Boy, one of the first not square shape pieces sliding-game.
Play Xing Gan MaXing Gan Ma Game

Plays: 2979
Category: Casino
Chinese version.
Play Gacopyrze vs. WilkolkiGacopyrze vs. Wilkolki Game

Plays: 2162
Category: BoardGame
Anderlor to walka prawdziwych rycerzy mroku. Zawodnik wcielajac sie w postac Wampilorda ma za zadanie uratowac spokój swego wspaniale posepnego lochu przed natarciem pokracznych, ale niebezpiecznych Wilkolków. Powodzenie defensywy gwarantuje sprawne wykorzystanie wiernych zolnierzy – Gacopyrzy, które na kazdym poziomie krwawej bitwy dysponuja wieksza dawka mocy. Jednak, aby ich wysilek nie poszedl na marne, a Wampilord mógl bez nerwów rachowac pajeczyny na scianach, koniecznym jest zastosowanie odpowiedniej strategii w polaczeniu z telepatia!
Play Ghosts Ma jiangGhosts Ma jiang Game

Plays: 2107
Category: BoardGame
A Chinese traditional Ma jiang game. A player wins the round by creating a standard Ma jiang hand which consists of a certain number of melds, namely four for 13-tile variations and five for 16-tile variations, and a pair. Playing Ma jiang with ghosts, win the game and save your score to
Play Ma BallsMa Balls Game

Plays: 2080
Category: Sports
The aim of this fast paced game is to run around pushing the balls of different sports as they start bouncing, before the time runs out. Then as they start rolling dodge your way in between the rolling balls and collect the bonus items appearing from time to time. But if you get hit by a rolling ball then you lose a life so be careful and also remember to grab the power-ups. The longer you survive amongst the balls the more points you will earn. So lets go for the Knock n Roll!!!
Play KlepsydresieKlepsydresie Game

Plays: 473
Category: Action
Klepsydresie to male rozrabiaki, które wszystko rujnuja, balagania i niszcza. Ale oprócz tego sa to bardzo sympatyczne stworzonka :) Jest ich wiele, a kazdy jest inny. Granatowy - zawsze chodzi z pila (lancuchowa lub reczna) i wszystko piluje Zólty - wchodzi na najwyzsze drzewo, budynek, choinke, a w zoo na zwierzaka i zakrywa mu oczy Rózowy - bardzo dobrze sie wspina Niebieski - skacze jak kangur Bialy - jest najgrzeczniejszy (stosunkowo) Szary - duzo wie, naukowiec (w okularach) Fioletowa - modelka, wie co na siebie wlozyc Czarny - plastyk, umie ladnie malowac Zielony - "sankozjezdzacz", ma nowe sanki Pomaranczowy - latwo sie denerwuje Brazowy - lubi straszyc Zlota - klepsydresia ladna, ma duzo kolegów
Play Tan Tan Ma ShuTan Tan Ma Shu Game

Plays: 8832
Category: Action
"Ma Shu" (AKA Mochi) is a delicious dessert made by stuffing the finest beans around the softest rice dough. This is the rite of passage for the humble dessert to become the most mouth watering mochi.


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