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Play Mayan cavesMayan caves Game

Plays: 117043
Category: Puzzles
Enter the Mayan Caves to destroy the chain of colored balls! Match the right type of balls in the hexagonal grid, and use the special items in a smart way to clear each level! Can you withstand the time pressure, and bring this Mayan adventure to a good end? There are several matching games but few are as good as this one! Begin playing this super fun game!
Play Mayan MahjongMayan Mahjong Game

Plays: 44293
Category: BoardGame
In this game there will be a set of mahjongg pyramid tiles piled up together. You need to remove the mahjonggs pair by pair until all the mahjonggs are gone. You can match a mahjongg only if it is not blocked from both sides and that it does not have any other tiles stacked above it. When you finish a set, you will be promoted to the next level. There are a total of 3 levels. The faster you finish a level, the higher the score you get.
Play Deep Creatures in Mayan CavesDeep Creatures in Mayan Caves Game

Plays: 15901
Category: Fighting
Become a deep creature, a warrior from the underworld, fight against dangerous creatures along amazing levels from the dark jungle to the deeps of the mayan caves, look for the giant worm boss and get your treasure back.
Play Mayan Jungle SlotsMayan Jungle Slots Game

Plays: 10608
Category: Casino
Mayan Jungle Slots takes you deep in the Mayan jungle where ziggurats are wild, three or more golden idol's wins you free spins, and wild monkeys roam the forest. Mayan Jungle Slots is an awesome slot machine simulator that allows you to play on Facebook and Android. Mayan Jungle Slots Includes your favorite video slot features like exciting bonus games, scatter symbols, wild, and free spins. Mayan Jungle Slots will have the gamer experience the full scale of emotions just like a real casino player but you won't risk losing a cent and you will be transported to a Mayan jungle. - Get bonus coins every few minutes. - Progressive Jackpot where the more you play the bigger it gets. - Enjoy playing Mayan Jungle slots while listening to the jungle like music in the background!
Play Mayan TDMayan TD Game

Plays: 10028
Category: Puzzles
Stop the spiders before they get to your temple using Mayan towers
Play WordStoneWordStone Game

Plays: 8214
Category: Education
WordStone is a unique and original word game where you must grab, swap and place tiles to form words before the grid crashes down on you.
Play Tombscape 2Tombscape 2 Game

Plays: 7216
Category: Adventure
Tombscape 2 is a Point & Click Escape Adventure game, discover strange creatures, unlock strange rooms, uncover amazing treasures and most of all try to escape alive!!
Play The Mayan ProphecyThe Mayan Prophecy Game

Plays: 6468
Category: Casino
The Mayan Prophecy is a slot game done and set in the Mayan culture and its prophecies. It is an adventure, drama and mystical game. Is based on real events with real elements and a share of mystery about the consequences of the prophecies, where the player will be trapped by amazing animations throughout the game. The game haves 5 reels and 20 lines witch may generate a win up to 5 times your bet per line, also have Free Spins which can triple the winnings up to 75000 credits.
Play TzolkinTzolkin Game

Plays: 4528
Category: BoardGame
The Mayan's hidden secret is revealed. It can't be stopped. It can't be ignored. It must be faced. The power of Tzolkin is yours. Will you embrace it? As the end of the world draws near, only one hope remains. Tzolkin. The ancient Mayan calendar holds the key to mankind's salvation, or its early end. For those who dare to face it, they must unleash the hidden symbols in a puzzling and skill demanding game in order to unlock Tzolkin's mechanism.
Play Escape from the Mayan CityEscape from the Mayan City Game

Plays: 4480
Category: Adventure
This time you are trapped in a mayan city. Find objects and clues in order to escape.
Play Snowy Treasure Hunter 2Snowy Treasure Hunter 2 Game

Plays: 3890
Category: Adventure
Snowy is a restless bear who's always in search of his next great adventure. In Treasure Hunter 2, he embarks on a quest for riches through Africa, the Mayan jungles and the Far East. Each location consists of 20 levels filled with treasure to grab, enemies to avoid and puzzles to solve. Snowy's only tools are his wits, his agility and his trusty pick axe, so he needs all the help you can give him. One of your tasks will be grabbing bonuses that can help Snowy survive. These include bombs can blow through walls and cages that can trap enemies before they reach our intrepid hero. You'll need these to be able to gather all of the gems on each level and open the portal to the next stage. Treasure Hunter 2 features the best visuals and character animation to date in a Snowy game. Our hero comes to life as never before and the colors of the Mayan jungles seem to pop off the screen and fill the space around you. So download Treasure Hunter 2 today and begin the adventure of a lifetime! Full version features 60 all-new regular levels 30 all-new levels for kids Jaw-dropping new backgrounds Cunning new enemies to avoid Shiny new treasure to collect Bouncy new music Free online hints
Play Maya JumpMaya Jump Game

Plays: 3827
Category: Action
Jump as high as possible with your Maya character by jumping on Mayan Artifacts. You have 5 attempts to get the highest score.
Play Mayan Mask MayhemMayan Mask Mayhem Game

Plays: 3678
Category: Action
Combine the masks, look for the special blocks – and watch your score increase!
Play Zombies vs PenguinsZombies vs Penguins Game

Plays: 3670
Category: Action
The Penguins are back to get rid of Mayan Zombies and prevent the foretold Arctic Armageddon!
Play Mayan Mask MayhemMayan Mask Mayhem Game

Plays: 3645
Category: Puzzles
Match up the masks in order to reveal the golden mask. This is an addicting and challenging puzzle game.
Play Jungle ATVJungle ATV Game

Plays: 3448
Category: Adventure
Ride an ATV through jungle paths, explore caves and climb ancient Mayan ruins.
Play Diamond Adventure 2: Mayan TempleDiamond Adventure 2: Mayan Temple Game

Plays: 3366
Category: Adventure
Help your hero to collect all diamonds and eliminate the inhabitants. Find a secret chamber filled with diamonds - a hidden level.
Play December 21December 21 Game

Plays: 2283
Category: Adventure
Word-based adventure game experiencing the thriving Judgement Day predicted by Mayan civilisation. - ~5 Different Ending - > 50 Graphics, ~15 Minutes Gamplay - 15 Personality Achievement
Play lillil' Commando Episode 1 : The Secret Army Game

Plays: 2041
Category: Action
Lil Do has been living in a secluded village trying to forget about the war when they are attacked by a secret army on the same day the Mayan calendar ends. Lil Do much defend the peaceful village from annihilation.
Play Mayan GlyphsMayan Glyphs Game

Plays: 2038
Category: Action
Classic match two game with Mayan theme

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