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Plays: 2512
Category: Action
A terrorist group has established the headquarters on the Black Spider's Island. Now they are ready to launch their nuclear missiles against neighboring Europe. Try to foil their evil plan. GOOD LUCK SOLDIER
Play Which Smurf Are You?Which Smurf Are You? Game

Plays: 2503
Category: Puzzles
The Smurfs are a group of cute small blue creatures with different characteristics. This game is a super accurate test game on which smurf you resemble. Would you like to have a try?
Play Christmas SmileChristmas Smile Game

Plays: 2446
Category: BoardGame
Match the same smileys in group of three or more in row or column adjacent each other to collapse them. Drag the strips vertically or horizontally to make the matches happen.
Play Lost In CastleLost In Castle Game

Plays: 2419
Category: BoardGame
Free impressive online hidden object, point and click and find the difference game from . During my last trip to one of Eastern European countries I went to the excursion to the ancient castle but strayed from the excursion group in the garden labyrinth. I need to escape from the castle that is full in mysteries. Please help me. The task is to find keys on the first level, to find the objects according to their shadow on the second and find differences on the third. Excellent quality graphics, addictive plot, relaxing music and three games in one are main feature of this free online Flash game.
Play Bricks Breaking Playtime beBricks Breaking Playtime be Game

Plays: 2417
Category: Action
There is a grid of bricks of different colours. When you click on a grid, all the bricks that are connected to this brick by the same colour will be destroyed. The bricks on top of the destroyed bricks will collapse and the columns of bricks will merge. If you want to remove a single brick, you must use a magic wand. The game ends when you run out of magic wands and you can no longer destroy bricks by groups.
Play ????Raiders of the Lost Cave????Raiders of the Lost Cave Game

Plays: 2408
Category: Action
????,??????????,?????????,?????????,??????????,?????????there is a hidden cave, which have thousands of treasures, but by a group of guardian monsters, only the really brave dare to challenge and defeat his won treasure.
Play Group AttachGroup Attach Game

Plays: 2398
Category: Puzzles
group attach
Play Numbered BubblesNumbered Bubbles Game

Plays: 2372
Category: Puzzles
Easy to learn, hard to master. Addictive and intuitive. Group same numbered bubbles to pop them, drag two to sum them. The puzzle game for everyone.
Play Alchemical MysteriesAlchemical Mysteries Game

Plays: 2361
Category: BoardGame
Wonderful arcade game by Dip into the atmosphere of alchemy! Learn the magical rites, be the witness of ritual acts, apply to the divine strength through spells. All these will help you in the secret creation. Click at the group of three or more gems of the same color to erase them and pass all levels.
Play Egg CrushEgg Crush Game

Plays: 2347
Category: Puzzles
A beautiful Easter Egg themed, physics group matching game. Collect groups of eggs as quickly as possible, advance to higher scoring levels by fulfilling your progress meters to maximise your score. Get huge groups for extra bonus points, in a game where speed as well as cunning can give you an advantage.
Play Speed Breakers DeluxeSpeed Breakers Deluxe Game

Plays: 2345
Category: BoardGame
In this game there is a matrix of gems, you need to destroy the gems by clicking groups that have at least 3 same coloured stones. If you destroy a group with at least 15 objects, you will be awarded with a bomb. Click the bomb to destroy all nearby pieces. Other 2 arrow pieces make you life easier, click on them. You need to work fast, because new rows of bricks will be added constantly from the bottom pushing the ones one the board upwards.
Play Dangers of dark nightDangers of dark night Game

Plays: 2322
Category: Action
In a dark night, a hawk has lost from his folk. He was searching his group. Suddenly cruel tribes attacked him. Please help him to escape from: DANGERS OF DARK NIGHT
Play Aqua WeddingAqua Wedding Game

Plays: 2259
Category: Dress-Up
This dolphin aquarium instructor has always been married to her work, and joked that she would one day marry one of her dolphin coworkers. But now she's found the love of her life in Greenpeace, an environmental advocacy group. Now she has one more performance before she slips into her gorgeous wedding gown!
Play Challenge of the Sumo wrestlersChallenge of the Sumo wrestlers Game

Plays: 2234
Category: Puzzles
The task is to switch between the 2 group wrestlers, meaning that the red wrestlers will moved to the left side and the black wrestlers will moved to the right side. It is allowed to move 1 wrestler by replacing him with the sumo text or by jumping over another wrestler with a different color.
Play Agent BreakoutAgent Breakout Game

Plays: 2209
Category: Action
Reina is an excellent agents.She was ordered to give chase to a group of terrorists.Group of terrorists had just attacked the embassy, they must be severely punished.Reina specializes in the use of firearms, and her skill is also very agile, but is she able to overpower so many terrorists?
Play Zombie PopZombie Pop Game

Plays: 2181
Category: Puzzles
Destroy the zombies by clicking same colored groups with at least 3 zombies. If you destroy a group with at least 15 zombies, then you can get a special feature!
Play Against The BokariAgainst The Bokari Game

Plays: 2175
Category: Action
The objective of this game is to recover some food stolen by a group of mutants known as Bokari who have naturally thick hides and tend to use clubs and throw stones. Bokari are also rumored to share their lairs with another mutant called a Belch Rat which sprays acid. You can use a club, gun, grenades and fire bombs to recover the stolen food. But use your gun, grenades and fire bombs wisely. While more of them can be obtained in the game there are only a maximum number of each available. In the game you can also obtain and use armor to protect yourself from attacks.
Play BozzleBozzle Game

Plays: 2172
Category: Action
There's nothing like a good old-fashioned quick-paced online puzzle game is there?! Bozzle is seriously simple yet fantastically fun online game! Shoot the same colored cannonballs at the identical cannonballs looming overhead. Get three or more touching colors and you clear that group. Aim cunningly to blast away numerous groups in one go! You'll need nerves of steel as you progress in this game. More colors are introduced; the balls start off lower and you'll need to go berserk to keep up with the load!!
Play Shadow Alien InvasionShadow Alien Invasion Game

Plays: 2170
Category: Action
Shadow alien invaders are coming for Earth. The military has selected from a group of top military test pilots to lead the first line of defense against the alien attack. You have been strapped into a prototype starfighter which has just been launched from Earth's rickety space station. Defend Earth or die trying!
Play Marble lines Playtime beMarble lines Playtime be Game

Plays: 2158
Category: Action
In this game the marbles are lined up and will gradually go to the hole. You need to stop them from going to the hole by shooting marbles at them and destroy them by forming groups of 3 marbles of the same colour. If you cannot destroy all the marbles before they reach the hole, then you lose the game. Press the mouse button to shoot marbles and press the space bar to swap the marble to be shoot.

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