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Online educational Games
Play Snakes & LaddersSnakes & Ladders Game

Plays: 2781
Category: BoardGame
Classic board game to help with counting
Play The Alphabet MonsterThe Alphabet Monster Game

Plays: 2768
Category: Action
You are the alphabet monster, and it is time to feed...
Play Animal KingdomAnimal Kingdom Game

Plays: 2765
Category: Education
A hidden word game to build your English vocabulary from basic words to more specialized terms. This word search game is a good exercise for speed reading and accurate spelling. Attain a higher level of literacy and become more articulate as you memorize both common and complex words.
Play Tang Poems 3 - An Autumn Night Message to QiuTang Poems 3 - An Autumn Night Message to Qiu Game

Plays: 2710
Category: Education
You are one of the best apprentices Creihan the Calligrapher has ever had! He now trusts you are able to finish the most delicate scroll he is working on: "An Autumn Night Message to Qiu". Put all Chinese characters back onto their appointed shelf. Again, watch out for wrong moves. Tang Poems 3 can be played independently of Tang Poems 1 and 2.
Play Statetris ItalyStatetris Italy Game

Plays: 2701
Category: Action
Statetris is an interesting game mixing aspects of the popular game 'Tetris' and geography. Instead of positioning the typical Tetris blocks, you position states/countries at their proper location.
Play Matching JetzMatching Jetz Game

Plays: 2681
Category: Puzzles
How well do you know your Jetz? Match them all in 20secs.
Play Spelling BeeSpelling Bee Game

Plays: 2681
Category: Education
Improve your spelling and typing skills with this educational word game!
Play Sweet MathSweet Math Game

Plays: 2680
Category: Education
This an educational game about math. It make solving equations more challenging and fun. Story: Equation bees has stole the numbers honey for themselves. Only our hero the humming bird could stop them with his outstanding math skills.
Play The ApothecaryThe Apothecary's cellar Game

Plays: 2663
Category: Education
Build your vocabulary with this etymology (word formation) trivia game! Get to know the most common Latin and Greek prefixes and suffixes in the English language. Learn new words with their definition, identify their roots and their meaning to be more articulate in English, more accurate in your choice of words, and to improve your writing skills and spelling.
Play Outer Space Matching GameOuter Space Matching Game Game

Plays: 2659
Category: Education
This is an educational matching game. Match the words and images, the better you remember, the higher score you get!
Play Match the Fruits on TimeMatch the Fruits on Time Game

Plays: 2655
Category: BoardGame
In this fun and addictive memory game, you will match the fruits and if you are any good, you will get on the highscore list.
Play Statetris JapanStatetris Japan Game

Plays: 2644
Category: Action
Statetris is an interesting game mixing aspects of the popular game 'Tetris' and geography. Instead of positioning the typical Tetris blocks, you position states/countries at their proper location.
Play Halloween Memo GameHalloween Memo Game Game

Plays: 2628
Category: BoardGame
This pumpkin has many faces - can you remember them all? Click on a tile to turn it over and reveal an image. Then select a second tile, trying to find the matching image. If the images match, the tiles are removed from the board. Try to see how fast can you remove all of the tiles. Good luck!
Play HadronsHadrons Game

Plays: 2616
Category: BoardGame
Put hadrons into movement, cause longest reaction and compare results with friends. Lightweight and amuzing game with educational elements.
Play village adventurevillage adventure Game

Plays: 2592
Category: Action
This game is educational adventure game. In this game caracter of player is boy that will go to any place in the village. But wen he go to any palce in the village he must do any mission such as : collect the rubish, watering plant answering question from NPC and other joyfull action. Question from NPC are educational question
Play Tang PoemsTang Poems Game

Plays: 2589
Category: Education
Match Chinese characters with their pinyin or with their meaning in this smart game to build your basic Chinese vocabulary. This game is a good exercise for both Chinese character pronunciation and Chinese character comprehension. Also learn about two-character Chinese words and expand your vocabulary. This game is the first of a series of three.
Play Word BalloonWord Balloon Game

Plays: 2585
Category: Education
A fun take on the class hangman game! Try to guess Lennox's letters. For every guess you get wrong, one of his balloons will pop. Accidentally pop all 11 balloons, and you're out!
Play Color MixingColor Mixing Game

Plays: 2549
Category: Education
As an assistant to a notable painter, your task is to create the required colors by mixing the given colors, and you need to do so by using additive or subtractive methods. The former method involves the mixing of light in which the colors are added up, for example, when red light and green light combine, the yellow light is produced. The other method involves the mixing of paints in which some colors are selectively removed, for example, when yellow paint is mixed with cyan paint, the green paint is formed. In each question you will be shown a color, and you need to click the corresponding primary colors, then click the OK button that appears on the right of the screen. The time you have spent will be counted at the top, and if you take too long to answer a question, you can receive no score even if your answer is correct. Complete all 20 questions in a swiftly manner to win the praise of the master!
Play Number CastleNumber Castle Game

Plays: 2538
Category: BoardGame
Interactive Educational Number Game
Play Cray PotsCray Pots Game

Plays: 2536
Category: Education
A classic maths game of chance and strategy.

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