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Play Triplicate GravityTriplicate Gravity Game

Plays: 1320
Category: Education
The game is a physics based one with a flavor of bejeweled games. Player is supposed to make a match of three vertically aligned same color cubes. The cube generation point moves closer as the time goes by. The level moves on with more closer cube generation point. Game is packed with a total of eight levels.
Play Cube Crash WordzCube Crash Wordz Game

Plays: 1314
Category: Action
Cube Crash: Wordz, a word game with an electrifying twist! Play Arcade mode and race against rows of falling blocks, build words and clear the grid using your spelling skills or by blowing blocks up! Choose Blitz mode if you prefer to play against the clock and try and get the highest score possible.
Play UFO StoryUFO Story Game

Plays: 1292
Category: Action
??????????????????UFO,??????,????? ?????????????????,??????? Move your mouse, let your ufo take cubes, and avoid enemies. And have fun when Bullet Time start.
Play Love Cube SagaLove Cube Saga Game

Plays: 1254
Category: Puzzles
Welcome to the love cube saga! Play for free online at Combine this special love cube saga to create spectacular effects. Love Cube Saga is a match-3 game but why stop at three when four or five will earn you even more points. Matching four love cubes in a row earns a special wrapped love that can clear a whole row. You have a time limit so complete the level before times run out. Good Luck Have Fun!
Play Cube Green Men 2Cube Green Men 2 Game

Plays: 1248
Category: Action
The princess of the kingdom of cubes was kidnapped again. This time the criminals want a value of one billion dollars, only that the kingdom has not all this money and you have to rescues - there again.
Play Go Hume Bluck 2Go Hume Bluck 2 Game

Plays: 1189
Category: Puzzles
The sequel for the 1.2 million-hits game is here! Join again our little cube fellow in his quest to find a new home.
Play Cars and Trucks Rubix CubeCars and Trucks Rubix Cube Game

Plays: 1086
Category: Puzzles
Several Fun Rubik Cube Puzzles in 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5
Play Count the CubesCount the Cubes Game

Plays: 1065
Category: Education
How sharp is your geometric sense? Take this test and check it out! Your task in this game is to count the number of cubes with speed and accuracy. At each level of the game you will be given a number of cubes. Observe and count the quantity, then click the numpad on the right or press the corresponding key on your keyboard. If you would like to remove the current answer, you can click the Clear button on the screen. After you have completed a question, click the Submit button to check your answer. If the number you entered is correct, you will receive a score based on the amount of time you have spent as counted at the top of the screen. If you have chosen a wrong number, 1000 points will be deducted and you will need to find out the correct answer in order to proceed. As you advance in the game, the questions will become more complicated, and you need to count carefully or the final result will be unbearable!
Play Late LinoLate Lino Game

Plays: 1033
Category: Action
Once upon a time, in a strange planet called Cube... There is a boy, who just got transferred from the Stellar for a christmas duty--collecting candies. However, it was not as smooth as planned. The path is full of ghosts and Lino need your help! Help him to reveal and avoid ghosts with the Stellar's aid. You only need to hover your mouse and give it a click when it is needed, and absolutely good reflex, good focus and good luck! Enjoy the game and happy holiday from stellar-0!
Play Cube CrashCube Crash Game

Plays: 1032
Category: Puzzles
Make matches of 3 or more colored blocks, dont leave to many behind or you wont progress to the next level.
Play Mr CubeMr Cube Game

Plays: 1013
Category: Strategy
Help Mr.Cube reach his home in this fun physics platform game. Avoid enemies by transforming into cube. You have three lives in each level to reach home. Use Space bar to transform into cube
Play Meme Puzzler 3DMeme Puzzler 3D Game

Plays: 952
Category: BoardGame
Smart and fun logic game. Move all color cubes to appropriate cells. Upper side of the cube with a funny face should match cell's color and picture.
Play Layer Maze 3Layer Maze 3 Game

Plays: 949
Category: Puzzles
Third, the most challenging part of 3D Maze, where you can see only one layer of a 15x15x15 cube! Collect keys to open doors and reach exit. Stars give you time bonus final score.
Play Ice cube!Ice cube! Game

Plays: 857
Category: Puzzles
Help the ice cube to get to the exit
Play Hate CubesHate Cubes Game

Plays: 796
Category: Action
Hate cubes? Kill em!
Play Cube War ZCube War Z Game

Plays: 781
Category: Action
In this game you have to avoid all the cubes in this field of cubes using your left and right arrow keys.
Play SlideTapPopSlideTapPop Game

Plays: 746
Category: Action
SlideTapPop brings you the fun of old school puzzle action with a touch of modern magic. With its awesome "Wrap Around" controls, you will interact with the game in new and exciting ways that you have not experienced before in touch puzzles. Help Cubeboy, your CubeWorld guide, on his journey to find all the golden cubes in a beautifully 3d rendered world. You will love the retro music, sound and feel of this highly addicting game.
Play MechsMechs Game

Plays: 720
Category: Puzzles
Just Deliver a cube to a goal. Increase or decrease a surround figures. This is your purpose. You must have an energy to increase figures. Decrease to get energy. Lets go!
Play Jungle Cube!Jungle Cube! Game

Plays: 701
Category: Puzzles
Cube help to get home!
Play The Floor Is LavaThe Floor Is Lava Game

Plays: 672
Category: Action
You are an ice cube and have somehow managed to end up in a room that is filling up with lava. Get to the switch to stop it! Play your way through 25 levels in this stylish, challenging, and charming platformer.

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