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Tank War 2011 A Free Fighting Game
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Tank War 2011 Free Game

Plays: 4990
tank shooting
Toy Massacre A Free Fighting Game
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Toy Massacre Free Game

Plays: 4981
Woodsy the psychotic toy has built a lovely block castle. Unfortunately, the other toys in the room want to destroy his creation. You're objective is to stop the other toys from stealing blocks by chopping them into little pieces. If a block is taken, chase down the offending toy, kill it and then drag the block back to your castle.
Bleach Training 2 A Free Fighting Game
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Bleach Training 2 Free Game

Plays: 4973
Bleach Training 2 is totally addicting action game fun. Welcome to Rukongai. It's where people go when they die. You are a lucky soul brought to this world by Bleaches, the most respected and feared people in Rukongai. They protect the world. Now you will have to train your soul power to become a Bleach. Enter the World of Bleach. Train yourself by fighting an assortment of enemies. Raise your skill level and be the best Bleach you can be.
5 Tower Defence A Free Fighting Game
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5 Tower Defence Free Game

Plays: 4943
An addictive Tower Defence game.
Alien Fight A Free Fighting Game
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Alien Fight Free Game

Plays: 4920
Alien Fighting Game. Use arrow keys and space.
???? A Free Fighting Game
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???? Free Game

Plays: 4912
Kill the Dragons A Free Fighting Game
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Kill the Dragons Free Game

Plays: 4904
This game is a battle against the red, green and blue dragons. Fight them by throwing flames, or pickup more powerful weapons such as a mini-gun, bazooka, shield and much more. The game has a high score table included and multiple worlds to explore, every world has an end-of-level boss to defeat.
Stick Street Fighter 6 A Free Fighting Game
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Stick Street Fighter 6 Free Game

Plays: 4901
Updated: 1.Texture Blood bar
Arnes de Mano A Free Fighting Game
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Arnes de Mano Free Game

Plays: 4867
An awesome stick fighting game with a unique control scheme.
Mobs Down A Free Fighting Game
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Mobs Down Free Game

Plays: 4866
Ever played "Streets Of Rage"?? Well here too the mob just keeps on running into your fists. Eliminate them all in order to move onto the next level. End of level Bosses included.
Putin Fighter A Free Fighting Game
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Putin Fighter Free Game

Plays: 4851
Help to Russian president Putin defeat all enemies
Eraser Game A Free Fighting Game
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Eraser Game Free Game

Plays: 4810
Get the chalk using the eraser. you can play with your firend or play it against the computer.
AssWoopinSurvival A Free Fighting Game
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AssWoopinSurvival Free Game

Plays: 4777
gather as much points as you can without dieing
Black Angel 2 invincible A Free Fighting Game
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Black Angel 2 invincible Free Game

Plays: 4771
The Black Angel in order to deciphering his personal life,battle out of hell, he will face four powerful guard,help him...
Ferma e Lepurit A Free Fighting Game
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Ferma e Lepurit Free Game

Plays: 4767
Ndimoni Lepurin me karrotat duke i mbjellur, ujitur por kujdes sepse ndonjëher shfaqen disa urith hajdut që duhet ti gjuash në kokë me çekan keni kohë vetëm dy minuta...
Rock Paper Shiv A Free Fighting Game
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Rock Paper Shiv Free Game

Plays: 4765
Square off in the craziest version of rock paper scissors you've ever played.
Macaque Fight A Free Fighting Game
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Macaque Fight Free Game

Plays: 4740
Beat wild macaque and get your prize.
Earth Saviour A Free Fighting Game
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Earth Saviour Free Game

Plays: 4693
Just think you are an aero fighter. Now you have to save the world from the aliens. There are three levels. Level two & three are more exciting. Hope you will enjoy the glow graphics. This is its specialty.
Easter Egg Remove
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Easter Egg Remove 'Em Free Game

Plays: 4689
Match Easter Tiles for Special Bonuses!
Fight the Futon A Free Fighting Game
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Fight the Futon Free Game

Plays: 4648
Why? Because you can...

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