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Stick Street Fighter 4 A Free Fighting Game
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Stick Street Fighter 4 Free Game

Plays: 4804
UPDATED:the better ai
Monkey Madness A Free Fighting Game
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Monkey Madness Free Game

Plays: 4766
Monkey Madness is a platform game where you collect fruit and blow up worms.
Twins Fighter A Free Fighting Game
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Twins Fighter Free Game

Plays: 4765
the kung fu Twins Fighting in art school.
Book of Mages: The Chaotic Period A Free Fighting Game
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Book of Mages: The Chaotic Period Free Game

Plays: 4757
In this Role Playing Game, players choose to join one of the six clans, take a side between good and evil, train and climb the Ranking ladder.
Fighting Spirit A Free Fighting Game
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Fighting Spirit Free Game

Plays: 4725
Fighting Spirit is nice & addictive fighting game, With nice graphics and gameplay, Play as Andy and beat all enemies in 10 stage street fighting battle.. to find the strongest!
Save Planet A Free Fighting Game
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Save Planet Free Game

Plays: 4724
Do you care for planet Earth? Do you really care? There's only one thing wrong with this place - too many people. But here's your chance to do something about it! Take this very unique button - the SAVE PLANET button, and hit it to prevent overpopulation. Each time you use it, it sends Apocalipse to man kind. Can you save planet?
U.F.O A Free Fighting Game
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U.F.O Free Game

Plays: 4697
completed and aranged the pieces of ufo picture.
Volley Hurt A Free Fighting Game
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Volley Hurt Free Game

Plays: 4690
A Volley ball game with bonuses, weapons. I plan to add more stuffs like a score system, more characters, and more bonuses. Can be played in two players on the same keyboard.
The Great Falls A Free Fighting Game
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The Great Falls Free Game

Plays: 4662
Want to play a fighter game. But have no one to play it with? Well here is a single player multi-player platform Game.
Little Hungry chick A Free Fighting Game
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Little Hungry chick Free Game

Plays: 4626
Little Hungry chick it's a game for kids, just move your move to feed your chicken eat all possible ants
Revolutionary War TD A Free Fighting Game
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Revolutionary War TD Free Game

Plays: 4620
In the game, you will command your army against the most powerful empire of the world. Features: - game is tower defense type - 30 units army for your select - 6 effects to attack enemies: stun, shock, blood loss, armor break, headshot, 2x damage. - 22 tech to upgrade your army - 10 generals with 10 different skills attack enemies Tutorial: - To receive silver medal and gold medal for unlock next map, you need win at hard difficulty with 3 stars. Only silver medal you will win at normal difficulty with 3 stars
Puppet Melee A Free Fighting Game
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Puppet Melee Free Game

Plays: 4610
You are a puppet master. Show your true colors by controlling your puppet to fight fierce enemies.
World of Fighters A Free Fighting Game
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World of Fighters Free Game

Plays: 4553
Fight against the best fighters in the world to date. All have one mission in mind, to take you out! You are the "Kojo Karate" student, Travis Laser and you have broadcasted a challenge to the world: That you are indeed the greatest. Now, you must prove it in battle. Fight against FIVE of the toughest fighters using Specials and Custom Combos. Enjoy!
Alpha Bravo Charlie A Free Fighting Game
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Alpha Bravo Charlie Free Game

Plays: 4541
In this helicopter recon game, your mission is to pickup the stranded and wounded special-op's servicemen returning from missions.
Lady Boxing A Free Fighting Game
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Lady Boxing Free Game

Plays: 4537
Boxing with celebrity
ICE FALCON A Free Fighting Game
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Plays: 4485
Ice Flacon your way through the Alien Armada, plunder whatever technology you can. Your ship can then gain the upper hand on the mysterious and advanced alien aggressors, defeating the fearsome enemy Bosses will reveal a special upgrade your ship needs in order defeat future Bosses.
Kill Bill A Free Fighting Game
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Kill Bill Free Game

Plays: 4476
Help O-Ren Ishii defeat Crazy 88 army at the House of Blue Leaves.
Lady Boxing A Free Fighting Game
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Lady Boxing Free Game

Plays: 4432
Ladys boxing
Celebrity Smackdown 2 A Free Fighting Game
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Celebrity Smackdown 2 Free Game

Plays: 4428
Stars from Nacho Libre, Superman, and several other films we don't care about anymore make an appearance. It's still fun to give them a beat down!
Toy Massacre A Free Fighting Game
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Toy Massacre Free Game

Plays: 4427
Woodsy the psychotic toy has built a lovely block castle. Unfortunately, the other toys in the room want to destroy his creation. You're objective is to stop the other toys from stealing blocks by chopping them into little pieces. If a block is taken, chase down the offending toy, kill it and then drag the block back to your castle.

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