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Play Hover PhoenixHover Phoenix Game

Plays: 8340
Category: Shooting
Your mission is to fly the various spacecrafts between each targeted planets and destroy the dangerous asteroids you meet on your journey.
Play Wooly JumperWooly Jumper Game

Plays: 8336
Category: Adventure
You are a sheep and you need to jump on the clouds to get higher up. Don't hit the dark clouds or else you will lose half of your score! Hit the planes and it will double your score! Each time you have jumped on 250 clouds, you will turn into a Super-Sheep which grants you the ability to hover for 10 seconds!
Play Candy MaxCandy Max Game

Plays: 8254
Category: Other
Grow your Candy large and Bump into other Candies to reduce their size and win the game. Hover over the Candy to increase the size and do not forget to move away before you come into contact with other candies.
Play Match PlusMatch Plus Game

Plays: 8220
Category: Puzzles
Click blocks with matching colors to remove them. If you hover with the mouse over a block you can light up the blocks that are on the left, right, top and bottom if they are the same color. 3 different game modes.
Play ConFuseboxConFusebox Game

Plays: 7159
Category: Puzzles
The object of ConFusebox is to light up all the bulbs and connect all the wires. To rotate a piece, hover the mouse over the right or left side of each cell. Try to light up the whole board with the fewest moves.
Play Hover Kart RacingHover Kart Racing Game

Plays: 5606
Category: Multiplayer
This is OMGPOP's newest game, Hover Kart. It's a 7 player Kart racing game with power ups, attack items, upgrades on a variety of lovingly crafted maps. Earn Coins to upgrade your Kart and even purchase Power Ups that will give you an edge. Easy to invite your friends into the game just like all other OMGPOP games. Have a great time and get your drift on!
Play HovernautsHovernauts Game

Plays: 5315
Category: Action
Hovernauts is a real-time multiplayer shooter. It is a team based game with multiple hover tanks to choose from. Many of the amenities of a multiplayer game are here; account creation/persistence, chat, lobby system, and joining of games in progress. There are multiple maps and game modes and we plan on adding more.
Play African SafariAfrican Safari Game

Plays: 4926
Category: Action
African Safari – Lions, leopards and wild animals of every kind! Jump into the adventure and capture your prize. Succeed in making the points quota and prove yourself as "King of the Jungle"! The aim of the game is, with the help of the balls, to achieve the predefined points quota. Every player gets 10 balls, with which he must “capture” the moving animals. To do this you must hover your mouse over the target and click the mouse button. Pick your target carefully – always trying to hit the required target. Hitting the wrong target will result in a points deduction. But be careful, the agile little creatures are not that easy to catch and you need to take account of the physics of the balls. That means that not only do you need to have a good aim, you need to take account of the flight path and weight of the ball you are throwing. The longer you hold the mouse button before releasing, the further you'll throw the ball. You can request new balls at any time, but a points penalty will apply, so watch your ammo!
Play Robots versus AliensRobots versus Aliens Game

Plays: 4674
Category: Action
Take hold of your robot and avoid the alien onslaught as long as you can!
Play SolaroidSolaroid Game

Plays: 4453
Category: Action
Help steer Solaroid away from danger in this simple to play but difficult to master action game. Drop or hover your way from platform to platform without getting destroyed by spikes.
Play Hover Bot ArenaHover Bot Arena Game

Plays: 4148
Category: Shooting
Complete all objectives, leaving only a pile of rubble behind.
Play Hover Kart BattleHover Kart Battle Game

Plays: 3845
Category: Action
Hover Kart. It's a 7 player Kart battle game with power ups, attack items, upgrades on a variety of lovingly crafted maps. Earn Coins to upgrade your Kart and even purchase Power Ups that will give you an edge. Easy to invite your friends into the game just like all other OMGPOP games. Have a great time and get your drift on!
Play Mole MinesMole Mines Game

Plays: 3664
Category: Puzzles
Help Mr. Mole with his digging, be careful though as you don't want to hit any mines in this interpretation of the Minesweeper classic.
Play BounceBounce Game

Plays: 3663
Category: Strategy
Bounce is a Strange Game where you have to keep your mouse over a moving ball. Each time you click you are rewarded 10ms (0.01 seconds) which is added on at the end of the game. To make things harder the ball also shrinks and changes colour.
Play PurplePurple Game

Plays: 3637
Category: Shooting
Hover your cursor over the white dots to gain points, be quick though! You only have 30 seconds!
Play 1313 Game

Plays: 3515
Category: Action
You have 13 seconds to collect all the green pills. Use your mouse to hover over the very middle of them. HINT – Start from the bottom and snake up line by line. DON’T just wiggle the mouse over them or you won’t even get close. Some say this is too hard, some say impossible. It isn’t, it just takes a bit of practise, but that’s what games are about! This game tests your hand to eye co-ordination to the very limit!
Play Hover TwoHover Two Game

Plays: 3510
Category: Action
Owed you touch stars with your vessels for spare time and points attention has that revolves her(it) and direction(management) and that forces and meteorites which apparaitront more you going fast to take stars faster disparaitront meteorites they has there two bonuses a which removes(kidnaps) 10 has the strength of revolve and l other which deletes(eliminates) quite meteorites.
Play 3D Tanks Attack3D Tanks Attack Game

Plays: 3445
Category: Action
You are in a strange planet and you must destroy other tanks.
Play Hover Tanks 2Hover Tanks 2 Game

Plays: 3252
Category: Shooting
Hover Tanks is back! Now with a series of missions to complete.
Play Hover TanksHover Tanks Game

Plays: 3248
Category: Shooting
Blast away at your opponents to set a highscore in this awesome 3D first-person shooter!

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