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Online numbers Games
Play Hour MazeHour Maze Game

Plays: 4136
Category: Puzzles
Logic maze puzzle based on the numbers from a clock. Fill in the maze squares with the numbers 1 through 12 in sequence.

Plays: 4089
Category: Action
Test your skills. Press the button corresponding to the number that falls. How many levels can you resist? Good luck! Tips and help: [email protected] Another game by
Play Zombie Kitten AttackZombie Kitten Attack Game

Plays: 4087
Category: Puzzles
Zombie Kitten Attack is a puzzle game in which you need to dodge the explosive radioactive zombie kittens for as many levels as you can until you are inevitably overwhelmed by their great numbers. You have some B-movie props to help you, but the kittens will always win in the end.
Play Tugmath FractionTugmath Fraction Game

Plays: 4077
Category: BoardGame
Get the power to tug by select the biggest fraction from three fraction numbers that available.
Play Hardest Math SudokuHardest Math Sudoku Game

Plays: 4075
Category: BoardGame
Hardest Math Sudoku is a classical sudoku game, which has simple arithmetics instead of numbers.It contains 24 unique puzzles.
Play Lost Numbers 17Lost Numbers 17 Game

Plays: 4071
Category: Puzzles
Try to find all the missing numbers with your magnifier.
Play Fabulous house hidden numbersFabulous house hidden numbers Game

Plays: 4067
Category: Puzzles
Fabulous house hidden numbers Game. Find the hidden numbers and go to the next level.
Play Jungle SquaresJungle Squares Game

Plays: 4063
Category: Puzzles
Slide tiles into numerical order to solve the puzzle.
Play KimKim's Missing Numbers 6 Game

Plays: 4059
Category: Puzzles
Find the Missing Numbers in each room. 100 points for each number. Faster clicking gives you more points. Clicking the wrong spot deducts your score by 100. Earn timer bonus at the end of each level. Boost your score with In-game Achievements!
Play Simple Multiplication math gameSimple Multiplication math game Game

Plays: 4046
Category: BoardGame
Simple Multiplication math game: multiply the numbers and type the product into the field
Play Countdown with Neil HavershamCountdown with Neil Haversham Game

Plays: 4034
Category: Puzzles
1 Programmer, 1 Artist, 8hours, surely nothing of any quality can be made in that time? Well there you would be wrong because Michael Cann ( and Oliver Pitceathly ( present to you "Countdown with Neil Haversham".
Play Moblifun Gamble ColoursMoblifun Gamble Colours Game

Plays: 4029
Category: BoardGame
Gamble Colours is an colour gamble game. Every game you get 10 turns and 3 spins per turn. There are 10 bars that give you an colour and number. How more colours from the same colour the better. How higher the numbers the better. Score so many points as possible and get an high score.
Play Air Traffic ChiefAir Traffic Chief Game

Plays: 4006
Category: Strategy
Organise the busy skies and guide the planes and helicopters to a safe landing. Keep your cool, don't let the numbers overwhelm you, and most of all, don't crash!
Play Connect the Dots - CarsConnect the Dots - Cars Game

Plays: 3997
Category: Puzzles
Connect the Dots is a well-known game also known as dot to dot or join the dots. Easy and relaxing to play.
Play KimKim's Missing Numbers 2 Game

Plays: 3992
Category: Puzzles
Find the Missing Numbers in each room. The faster you find the next number, the better the score. You will lose points when you click on the wrong spot. Earn time bonus at the end of each round. See if you can today's highscore!
Play Numpad MadnessNumpad Madness Game

Plays: 3989
Category: Other
A game in which you'll have to "guess" the correct number. Very bad for your eyes!
Play Math Cross Search 8x8Math Cross Search 8x8 Game

Plays: 3983
Category: BoardGame
Find the chosen sum by diagonally, horizontally, or vertically circling a group of numbers. Beat the clock and score as many points possible!
Play LOLant: Even and OddLOLant: Even and Odd Game

Plays: 3978
Category: Action
Shoot the right numbers that LOL ant is holding :D
Play Amazon ScissorsAmazon Scissors Game

Plays: 3976
Category: Action
The Amazons and the Gargareans meet once a year in order to maintain their separate tribes. The Amazon tribe is strictly of women and the Gargareans strictly of men. If a girl is born, the Amazons keep her, and if a male is born, he is either given to the Gargareans or killed depending on their numbers. The exchanges are often formal and swift. However, the exchanges can be complicated at times...
Play Galactic AdditionGalactic Addition Game

Plays: 3960
Category: Puzzles
Drag the mouse to connect numbers out of the grid needed to reach the specified total before the timer expires. Match up space artifacts to increase your score. The further you travel the quicker the timer moves and the harder the game gets.

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