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Play Valentine Fortune CookiesValentine Fortune Cookies Game

Plays: 5306
Category: Puzzles
How would you like to express your love to your sweetheart on Valentine's Day? Make him/her a box of fortune cookies with best wishes and lucky numbers. sounds cool? Follow the cooking tips and learn to bake the fortune cookies. Have fun!
Play Casino KenoCasino Keno Game

Plays: 5290
Category: Casino
Play keno, the casino lottery style numbers game.
Play Sum-oh!Sum-oh! Game

Plays: 5257
Category: Puzzles
Unique number puzzle game.
Play Many BallsMany Balls Game

Plays: 5222
Category: Puzzles
Many Balls, counting the balls has never been so fun. To succeed, you need to guess how many balls are on the screen. A wrong estimation and you lose lives. A perfect guess and you win lives. Now, warm up your brain and try to reach the top of the leaderboard...
Play KimKim's Missing Numbers 10 - One Piece Edition Game

Plays: 5148
Category: Puzzles
Find the Missing Numbers in each wallpaper. 100 points for each number. Faster clicking gives you more points. Clicking the wrong spot deducts your score by 100. Earn timer bonus at the end of each level. Boost your score with In-game Achievements!
Play Unsigned Int-IIUnsigned Int-II Game

Plays: 5130
Category: BoardGame
This is a math puzzle game that starts easy with addition and subtraction. Later levels, which use multiplication and division, might have you scratching your head trying to solve them.
Play Beautiful Flowers - Find The NumbersBeautiful Flowers - Find The Numbers Game

Plays: 5124
Category: Rhythm is a gaming website.and developing the games for clients.Contact us through [email protected]
Play B-Speed TyperB-Speed Typer Game

Plays: 5117
Category: Puzzles
Test out your typing skills against ever increasing numbers of words, the faster that you type the quicker you clear them off the screen.
Play Blitz 13Blitz 13 Game

Plays: 5082
Category: BoardGame
Blitz 13 is a solitaire tile puzzle game. The objective of the game is to clear the screen of tiles before the player runs out of tiles in their deck and wild cards. Tiles are numbered from 1 to 13, the current tile will be displayed on the deck, and must be cleared by selecting the next tile in sequence with a value of one greater or less. If the current tile has a value of 13 the player can select a tile with value of 1 and vice-versa. Try to string runs together to gain bonus multipliers and extra wild card. Beware long runs require forethought and strategy. Tackle each level one at a time and get the best score possible in each or try the endless mode to see how long you can last.
Play Power NumbersPower Numbers Game

Plays: 5032
Category: BoardGame
Power Numbers is a thinking game in which you must guess a number higher than the computer to win a point BUT be careful you only have a total amount of 100, every guess you take with your selected amount it will be deducted from your total and same will happen to the computer. Be Smart & Play Smart!
Play 52 Taps52 Taps Game

Plays: 5015
Category: Education
Concentrate and tap/click the letters and numbers in the correct order. Start with A and 1, and finish with Z and 26. It doesn't matter if you finish the letters or the numbers first. You have 5 minutes to finish the game, be the quickest to into the highscores. Advanced players can reach up to 30 correct taps per minute. Train daily to recieve good results!
Play Bango ManchaBango Mancha Game

Plays: 4985
Category: BoardGame
Bango Mancha is a challenging board game for people who love numbers and math. Move your tiles from the bottom of the board into the home row at the top of the board. As you move, your tile's value changes. To get into the home row, you must restore each tile to its original value.
Play Constellation PairsConstellation Pairs Game

Plays: 4966
Category: Puzzles
Match the pairs of cards before time runs out. There are nine levels to complete, with increasing numbers of pairs on each level.
Play Slide Your WaySlide Your Way Game

Plays: 4948
Category: Puzzles
Slide Your Way is a sliding puzzle game where you need to slide the numbers in the correct order. Start out with a 3x3 puzzle and if you dare try the 8x8 puzzle!
Play Roxdoku 3D Sudoku Time AttackRoxdoku 3D Sudoku Time Attack Game

Plays: 4901
Category: BoardGame
Roxdoku is a brand new puzzle game, based on the classic Sudoku basics, but rethinked on a real 3D cube. Twist and fill the cube with numbers from 1 to 9 and finally solve it!
Play Mahjong SudokuMahjong Sudoku Game

Plays: 4895
Category: BoardGame
Sudoku combined with Mahjong. Instead of numbers you need to place Mahjong stones with 1-9 dots.
Play Roulette 3D by flashgamesfan.comRoulette 3D by Game

Plays: 4891
Category: BoardGame
Sit down at the roulette table and earn as much money as possible!
Play Sue Hidden NumbersSue Hidden Numbers Game

Plays: 4879
Category: Puzzles
Help Pixie Chatta to find the hidden numbers in the Avata Star Sue image. There is a picture given, your objective is to find the given below numbers which are hidden in the given picture. This game enables you to have full concentration in finding the numbers which are only lightly visible. This makes the game very simple to play and finish in time. You are to click with the mouse which resembles as a lense, point at the right spot where the number is seen. See that you dont click the same spot twice or any area where there is no number.
Play Beautiful Girl Hidden NumbersBeautiful Girl Hidden Numbers Game

Plays: 4874
Category: Puzzles
By finding all the hidden numbers on the pictures as soon as possible complete the game.
Play Math Attack - MemoTestMath Attack - MemoTest Game

Plays: 4866
Category: Puzzles
Find the couples between numbers and operations. Prove your mind with this game. You need to be fast and smart to beat the time!

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