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Play brickbrick Game

Plays: 3750
Category: Adventure
Sweet platformer. You can choose the time of the platforms' appearance yourself, using game timeline. Turn your enemies into your friends. And you choose in what moment of time will the obstacles appear.
Play Bazonga QuakeBazonga Quake Game

Plays: 3746
Category: Action
Jump'n'slide action platformer with a girl whose bosom causes earthquakes! Explore seven settings, cool graphics and animations, funny dialogues and easy controls via just two keys.
Play The Cave MasterThe Cave Master Game

Plays: 3742
Category: Adventure
In this classic style platforming adventure with 21 levels, attempt to escape the cave before your life runs out!!
Play Tiny Massive GalaxyTiny Massive Galaxy Game

Plays: 3715
Category: Adventure
Tiny Massive Galaxy is a platformer with a difference - the tools for creation are completely in the players' hands! The main game comes complete with 16 levels, but the number of levels is limited only to your imagination since a complete map editor exists within the game. Plus through the shop you can buy a whole 16 new levels and other goodies.
Play Run and JumpRun and Jump Game

Plays: 3701
Category: Adventure
Make your way to the end of the level through the door without falling down holes, hitting spikes or being crushed by moving blocks.
Play Escape from Havoc MineEscape from Havoc Mine Game

Plays: 3697
Category: Action
You are Pick-Axe Jack, a mine worker at Havoc Mine. A cave-in has occurred and you must escape. However, your oxygen levels are low and illegal miners are running rampant in the tunnels. Use your trusty Pick-Axe to escape!
Play Santa Run ExtrahardSanta Run Extrahard Game

Plays: 3687
Category: Action
Challenging Level Pack of 60 seconds Santa Run! Get the fat Santa to the toy factory before the time runs out! Use arrows or AWD to jump and run.
Play Tiny Evolution AdventureTiny Evolution Adventure Game

Plays: 3660
Category: Action
Set on a evolutionary adventure where you must devour the weak and survive against the strong so you may evolve and reach the top of the food chain! Use arrow keys to move, jump and swim Use spacebar to bite. 0 to mute/unmute and - and + to adjust volume You must devour set number of creatures to unlock the level exit, where you evolve and enter a new level. Avoid huge creatures like red eels and giant spiders. Eat tiny creatures like fish, crabs and jellyfishes.
Play PushPush Game

Plays: 3653
Category: Action
Retro platformer with a unique twist: you can push obstacles out of the way! Create your own levels or play any of the 1000's of player created levels.
Play Doom: Flatten HorizonDoom: Flatten Horizon Game

Plays: 3639
Category: Action
Another one Doom style game "Flatten Horizon" with top view gameplay. Many monsters, weapons, blood, horror. Try complete all 12 levels with super boss at the end. About 15 different monsters, 12 weapons. Game with Premium content. Free Resurrection on only. on other sites: use Mochicoins for Ressurection.
Play Diamond AdventureDiamond Adventure Game

Plays: 3628
Category: Adventure
Help your hero to collect all diamonds and eliminate the inhabitants.
Play Ragdoll Clown!Ragdoll Clown! Game

Plays: 3628
Category: Puzzles
Dynamic physical platformer with original concept, in where controlling the clown you will pass twenty unique dungeons, and open achievements!
Play Super Evolver Boy: Turbo SDSuper Evolver Boy: Turbo SD Game

Plays: 3625
Category: Adventure
Evolve your character to take on all challenges. Kill enemies, find secrets, defeat the boss.
Play The Black Knight RisesThe Black Knight Rises Game

Plays: 3619
Category: Action
The princess has been kidnapped by an evil blood sucking vampire! Enter Count Mallgoth's spooky castle, hop, bounce and slice your way through 50 tough and challenging levels, complete with end of level bone crushing bosses! Scale walls and use your trusty sword to cut down giant rats and monstrous enemies protecting the sleeping Count before he feasts on your bride to be.
Play Elevatorz 2 MobileElevatorz 2 Mobile Game

Plays: 3599
Category: Action
Mr. Jitters is back for some more elevator avoiding fun! Your job is again to cross all the floors within the time limit, while avoiding the elevators. But this time there are 5 buildings, with each a different objective!
Play Run The GauntletRun The Gauntlet Game

Plays: 3596
Category: Action
Sprint through varied and crazy death-traps as you make your way through the perilous gauntlet. Only those with the quickest wit and craftiest skill will survive!
Play Neon GuyNeon Guy Game

Plays: 3577
Category: Action
Neon Guy is a one button platform game. Jump over gaps, avoid enemies and master the force of gravity in your journey through 40 mind-bending levels. It is all about timing. This game is also available for iOS and Android (see info inside). In case you are playing on a mobile device and have beaten all levels: Turn your device around 180° and play again upside down for a fresh challenge ;)
Play Golden SkyGolden Sky Game

Plays: 3571
Category: Action
You've always wanted a ship to call your own; finally the time has come when you find a map to the Golden Isle! Save up enough coins in order to buy a ship and sail the seven seas!
Play MaverickMaverick Game

Plays: 3568
Category: Puzzles
Shoot your way across the screen while avoiding spikes, cactuses, and brutal gravity switches. Get through all 15 levels to visit the magnificent magic pig. It's a breeze!
Play Ozee: China editionOzee: China edition Game

Plays: 3564
Category: Action
In this physic based platformer, you can interact with the world however you want. Join Ozee in his jurney and explore exciting land of puzzles.

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