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Online tetris Games
Play OrchidiaOrchidia Game

Plays: 10571
Category: Puzzles
The aim of Orchidia is to match 3 or more flowers of the same colour in horizontal or vertical lines – the more flowers you match, the more points you’ll score!
Play Perfect Balance: PlaygroundPerfect Balance: Playground Game

Plays: 10206
Category: Puzzles
40 easy balance physics puzzles for ages 4+. For all who find the other Perfect Balance games too difficult.
Play BloktonikBloktonik Game

Plays: 10167
Category: Puzzles
The newest puzzle addiciton has arrived. Bloktonik is one of the most fun and innovative puzzle games to come along since Tetris. Match colors, earn special items and earn dazzling bonuses to skyrocket your score!
Play LuminesLumines Game

Plays: 9997
Category: Puzzles
Falling blocks game. Create a rectangle of blocks of the same color.
Play ColourTrisColourTris Game

Plays: 9865
Category: Puzzles
ColourTris is a game where you have to match colours that combine in order to score points. The colour combinations are based in the colour wheel and you can play the game with additive colours (lights) or subtractive colours (paints, dyes). ColourTris is a fun way to learn colour theory and what colours combine with each others.
Play Tetris ProfessionalTetris Professional Game

Plays: 9585
Category: Puzzles
Classical Tetris Game
Play Columns MasterColumns Master Game

Plays: 9302
Category: BoardGame
This game is a mix of genre match3 and Tetris. Rules are very simple. On the top three figures fall and you must set them to form horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines of three or more of the same figure. I hope you enjoy it.
Play Tetris of WarTetris of War Game

Plays: 9296
Category: Puzzles
A relaxing take on Tetris. Why Tetris "of War"? Marketing tells us that 90% of games ending in "of War" have made millions and we greatly improve our chances of making millions if we do the same.
Play X-MassX-Mass Game

Plays: 9226
Category: Strategy
Collect as many Christmas presents as possible by dropping them on the Christmas Tree and keep the Tree balanced!
Play SpinjongleSpinjongle Game

Plays: 9138
Category: Puzzles
Spinjongle is a tile matching game inspired by the ancient game of Mahjong.
Play Brick YardBrick Yard Game

Plays: 9096
Category: Puzzles
Five brick stacking modes! Take it easy, race against the clock, or stack even in bad weather! How high can you reach!? Watch out for the divine punishment!
Play PootrisPootris Game

Plays: 8805
Category: Puzzles
It's toilet time and you're about to explode. Unfortunately having a dump is no longer as convenient as it once was. Your objective is to get the pipes from the toilet to connect to the sewer or you could experience some seriously smelly overflow. This is a hybrid of the classic games pipedream and tetris. Enjoy! See in-game for power-up and bonus details.
Play PiggeezPiggeez Game

Plays: 8726
Category: Puzzles
Bank as many coins as you can in this race against the clock. Raise your earnings by banking multiple coins at once, but don't get too greedy, or you'll get locked out of the safe!
Play UptrisUptris Game

Plays: 8710
Category: Puzzles
Like tetris, but pieces fall upwards. Nothing more to it.
Play Block WormBlock Worm Game

Plays: 8478
Category: Puzzles
Guide the dropping egg blocks into place and forming complete worms. A version of the classic game of tetris!
Play T360T360 Game

Plays: 8402
Category: BoardGame
This is a Tetris game where game stage rotates. Each level, speed of a block fall & rotation increases.
Play Column BreakerColumn Breaker Game

Plays: 8075
Category: Puzzles
Shoot colourful jewels to try and create columns of 3 in this physics based puzzle game. Sparkling jewels explode, combos give you extra time, and the magic sphere destroys everything in its path! Bringing together elements from Bejeweled, Peggle and Tetris this game makes for a skillful and tactical experience.
Play Block SquadBlock Squad Game

Plays: 7813
Category: Puzzles
Help the Block Squad retrieve the city's valuables from an infestation of pesky blocks, throughout the twists and turns of this unique puzzler! Have you got what is takes to be a member of the least elite fighting force ever? The Block Squaud are waiting for your call...
Play TetramiTetrami Game

Plays: 7802
Category: Strategy
A tribute to the classic game of Tetris. The new "Achievements" bonus feature will test the skill of even the most veteran players.
Play InvertedInverted Game

Plays: 7683
Category: Puzzles
Practice your multi-tasking abilities with this challenging game! Avoid letting the blocks hit the top or the bottom for as long as possible.

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