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Online tetris Games
Play PixusPixus Game

Plays: 5771
Category: Puzzles
A Puzzler that will melt your brain and stretch your drawing ability to it's absolute limit.
Play TetrisTetris Game

Plays: 5717
Category: Puzzles
Drop down blocks, collect rows and score as many points as possible
Play Super AlchemySuper Alchemy Game

Plays: 5484
Category: Action
Use the mysterious alchemy to change the jewels into gold.
Play Pentrix +Pentrix + Game

Plays: 5428
Category: Puzzles
Pentrix + is a tetris-like falling block game where pieces are formed of five blocks rather than four. Pieces retain their shape in the well, and combos can be made with skilful play by allowing pieces to fall in to gaps on lower levels. Three modes are supported; normal mode for arcade style play, speed mode for a fast paced challenge and puzzle mode for the discerning thinker.
Play FG TetrisFG Tetris Game

Plays: 5390
Category: Strategy
FG Tetris is a classic Tetris clone. Try to remove as many lines as you can. You can controle the blox with the arrow keys.
Play Craze TetrisCraze Tetris Game

Plays: 5317
Category: Puzzles
a tetris game is different with classic tetris.contorl your role exploit chunks to evade flooding. total 36 levels,every level have different chunk types,flood raise speed,chunk container height or chunk fall down speed. each pass a level get score = surplus times + 300
Play Circular TetrisCircular Tetris Game

Plays: 5249
Category: Puzzles
A tetris with a circular symmetry. A new look at the classic puzzle. Deal with several falling blocks at a time.
Play Tetrix 2 - EgyptianTetrix 2 - Egyptian Game

Plays: 5237
Category: Puzzles
Did you enjoy the original Tetris back in the day? Then you are going to love Tetrix. It's classic Tetris with the addition of Ultimate Arcade's unique style.
Play Tetrix 2Tetrix 2 Game

Plays: 5229
Category: Puzzles
Did you enjoy the original Tetris back in the day? Then you are going to love Tetrix. It's classic Tetris with the addition of Ultimate Arcade's unique style.
Play Gelly TetrisGelly Tetris Game

Plays: 5194
Category: Strategy
A colorfull, clean and shiny version of Tetris.
Play Drop3Drop3 Game

Plays: 5124
Category: Puzzles
Match falling shapes in groups of 3 or more in this unique physics-puzzle game
Play Buried AliveBuried Alive Game

Plays: 5113
Category: Puzzles
Tetris-inspired survive & escape arcade/puzzle game. Instructions: Avoid getting squashed by dirt, rocks and sand thrown down at you while using these bricks to climb your way to safety! Use the right/left arrow keys to move and climb up small blocks. Make sure not to get trapped on the tall side of bricks because you won't be able to climb over it. Oh yeah, watch out for bombs, incoming walls and scythes as they might get in your way as well. Will you survive all 6 very unique levels and get highest score?
Play Mad BlockerMad Blocker Game

Plays: 5106
Category: Puzzles
Mad Blocker is a puzzle game following in the tradition of Tetris, Columns and Puzzle Fighter. Your goal in the game is to pop the Fluzzel's out of the block like shape's they have become trapped in. Upload your high score to the Leaderboard and see how many Fluzzel's you can save! Minor update's to come... GUI enhancements, leaderboards, Power ups!
Play Tri-TrisTri-Tris Game

Plays: 5105
Category: Puzzles
Play tetris except this time there are only 3 blocks. This results in a more laid back, relaxing and less stressful type of tetris.
Play Tetris ClimberTetris Climber Game

Plays: 5070
Category: Rhythm
The main aim of the game is to climb as far as you can. Extra points are earned by doing combos and also by collecting all the bonuses presented. Avoid the bricks falling since they cause you points.
Play TetriSnakeTetriSnake Game

Plays: 4986
Category: Puzzles
TetriSnake is a combination of Tetris and Snake! Control the snakes into the bottom to fill up the rows and remove them. New rows are added to the bottom for each snake used.
Play Pool Building BlockPool Building Block Game

Plays: 4966
Category: Puzzles
player can use [A]key and [D]key to remove the little guy at the bottom.the guy can climb a block automatic when player move it.the game's goal is collect coins as a much as possible.but all coins be distributed different rows in player let the guy reach each position by heap up chunks and clear blocks,but if stack is full,game will over.this is same with classic tetris.
Play ColtrisColtris Game

Plays: 4930
Category: BoardGame
Match at least three falling blocks of the same color to make them disappear.
Play The Tallest TowerThe Tallest Tower Game

Plays: 4837
Category: BoardGame
Construct the tallest tower by placing the blocks on each other in this Physics Puzzle game. You have exactly 2 minutes to do this!
Play ColorBoxColorBox Game

Plays: 4726
Category: BoardGame
Make Line with boxes arrows keys to move Dwn Key to choose color Enter for bomb color If you loose boxes You'll be eated !

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