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Online Asteroids Games
Play MeteorsMeteors Game

Plays: 3747
Category: Action
You must survive in the space. Use your weapons to destroy incoming meteors.
Play Going the Distance 5Going the Distance 5 Game

Plays: 3740
Category: Action
The Earth is being invaded by those pesky asteroids! As the only asteroid destroying business on the planet, it's your job to save the planet! Featuring upgrades and leaderboards!
Play Interestellar StormInterestellar Storm Game

Plays: 3705
Category: Shooting
Use your mouse to fly your spaceship through a meteorites storm, you should destroy as many as you can!
Play OblitOblit Game

Plays: 3692
Category: Action
Space Arcade shooter style game with insane powers up, ability to save your game, and cause tons of destruction!
Play MeteoroidsMeteoroids Game

Plays: 3650
Category: Action
A remake of the classic 1979 Atari video game Asteroids
Play Asteroid InterceptorAsteroid Interceptor Game

Plays: 3643
Category: Action
Pilot your Interceptor spaceship to protect the Earth from asteroids heading its' way and neutralize any hostile threats.
Play Astro TrialsAstro Trials Game

Plays: 3632
Category: Action
In this space adventure game, travel between planets in a Lunar Lander style game. The difference: you go for distance instead of landing. Dodge asteroids, defy gravity, even slow down time in this platforming game with 10 levels. One for each of the planets and an additional level. Power Ups: - Fuel Supply - Increases amount of fuel you begin each level with - Time Lapse - Slows down the asteroids - Gravity Control - Changes the degree of gravity according the Gravity Switch - Gravity Switch - Takes the degree from the Gravity Control and either increases or decreases the strength of gravity
Play Heidi OneHeidi One Game

Plays: 3595
Category: Action
Clear all enemy activity to complete a level. Missing a checkpoint costs 100 gold. Shield upgrades become available when you have over 600 gold and fully restored shields. Stay clear of floating mines! Old fashioned retro game play based on a new concept. The game plays like asteroids with lots of new elements of game play added. You are set up with one fighter ship, armed with plasma guns and missiles. To clear a level you need to wipe out all opposition. For each enemy taken down you receive a power up, or gold. You'll also notice checkpoints popping up, missing one costs 100 gold. With gold you can buy missiles, and either restore or upgrade your shields. (the upgrade becomes available once you possess enough gold)
Play Grey OlltwitGrey Olltwit's Asteroids Game

Plays: 3589
Category: Shooting
As a lone fighter pilot leading a convoy of bulk cruisers into deep space, you job is to blow a way through the uncharted asteroid field.
Play Typing DefenseTyping Defense Game

Plays: 3579
Category: Education
Defend the Earth with your keyboard! Destroy the asteroids before they reach and collide with Earth.
Play Meiosis Battle PongMeiosis Battle Pong Game

Plays: 3548
Category: Action
Fire comets at your opponent, dodge asteroids, and keep the ball in play in this fresh twist on the classic game of Pong, all while reviewing Meiosis!
Play TroidTroid Game

Plays: 3544
Category: Action
You control your ship. What about asteroids? Control them too! This is a small 2-minute time waster, please note that I’m not expecting to get high rating with this. Hope you like it anyway, scores API implemented!
Play Interstellar Storm 2Interstellar Storm 2 Game

Plays: 3518
Category: Shooting
On the surface of an unknown planet an interstellar spaceship needs to find its way accross a meteorites storm and the menace of alien spaceships
Play 8bitrocket Retro Blaster!8bitrocket Retro Blaster! Game

Plays: 3514
Category: Action
Blast through 35 levels of pixelated, retroblasting goodness! Keep shooting, buy extra weapons, and prepare to fight the ultimate evil. Game design, game engine, game programming, audio, and music by Jeff Fulton. Art direction, character designer,and illustration by Marc Manalli. Additional programming by Steve Fulon.

Plays: 3506
Category: Action
Invincible mouse controlled space shooter.
Play Floating ShooterFloating Shooter Game

Plays: 3494
Category: Shooting
You have been separated from your ship. You float through space with nothing but your trusty blaster and some knowledge of Newtonian physics. And apparently, some asteroids want you dead.
Play Going the Distance 7 - Going HomeGoing the Distance 7 - Going Home Game

Plays: 3491
Category: Action
The seventh iteration of Going the Distance! This time Alex is on his way home, but his spaceship is out of fuel. His only hope is the use the energy absorbing shield to convert small energy asteroids into working power... but how long will this last?
Play VectorVector Game

Plays: 3477
Category: Action
Asteroids meets geometry wars in this retro styled fast paced shoote em up
Play Mine-X 4KMine-X 4K Game

Plays: 3465
Category: Action
Mine-X 4K is an Asteroids like game played in a 360 degree scrolling world. It was my entry into the Game Poetry / Gaming Your Way 4K game contest. This version is 16K with the addition of Mochi Ads and Leader Boards only.
Play Star Ship Fighter : Space WarsStar Ship Fighter : Space Wars Game

Plays: 3456
Category: Action
Star Ship Fighter is back but this time he is not clearing asteroids. Fight your way through all 10 waves in this exciting space wars game.

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