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Play Ming MangMing Mang Game

Plays: 3165
Category: BoardGame
A board game based on the Tibetan strategy game Ming Mang. The game has four difficulty levels and four different board setups. Can you beat the Master?
Play ChessChess Game

Plays: 3125
Category: BoardGame
The game is well familiar to everyone. Excellent graphics. If you click on the figure on the board you will see all possible moves for this figure. Excellent graphics. Click on the figure, around a green field - is the range of its movements. Now click on any cell of this range and our figure will move there.
Play Dungeon Tactics 2Dungeon Tactics 2 Game

Plays: 3122
Category: Puzzles
Turn by turn medieval Chess/Pacman-like New, nice addictive flash game The dungeon of fear is the only remains of the castle of the families of Cavalades. During the XIIe century, this family is the source of many battles against the neighboring lords. Solicitating the famous battle of Calvary which was the scene of many atrocities. Use Arrows key for ESCAPE BY THE MEDIEVAL HANGING CAGE - BEWARE OF SQUELETON - One step for one step !
Play Check FlagCheck Flag Game

Plays: 3120
Category: BoardGame
Puzzle board game that grows in complexity as you progress.
Play Checkers 3000Checkers 3000 Game

Plays: 3036
Category: BoardGame
A game for two or more players on board multicellular-like chess, checkers, specialized chips. Like chess, checkers reproduce the actions of fighting forces according to certain rules.
Play 2lbs Hamburger Decoration2lbs Hamburger Decoration Game

Plays: 2971
Category: Customize
Make your own 2lbs delicious hamburger with toppings such as lettuce, chess, ketchup, mustard, beacons and much more!
Play Chess Avoidance PuzzlesChess Avoidance Puzzles Game

Plays: 2936
Category: Puzzles
Place the chess pieces provided on the chess board provided so that no piece attacks any other. There are 20 levels.
Play The KnightThe Knight's Tour Game

Plays: 2922
Category: BoardGame
The “Knight’s Tour” is an ancient puzzle in which a knight is placed on any square of a chess board and must visit the remaining 63 squares exactly once. With the 21 levels in this game you can solve step by step this very challenging puzzle
Play Chess lessons. X Ray attackChess lessons. X Ray attack Game

Plays: 2911
Category: BoardGame
The third lesson for chess players. This time you're getting the pack of problems on x ray attach. Interesting and complex compositions! The set of chess problems are arranged by complexity, from the easiest to quite complex compositions.
Play ??????-?????????-??? Game

Plays: 2910
Category: BoardGame
Artificial intelligence Chinese chess game.
Play ChessChess Game

Plays: 2825
Category: BoardGame
Chess Game for two players taking turns
Play Knight-tetKnight-tet Game

Plays: 2799
Category: BoardGame
Collect in a horizontal line a necessary amount of figures of one colour. The figure movement rules are the same as in the chess knight. The figures move by a method drap-and-drop with the help of mouse.
Play Multiplayer ChessMultiplayer Chess Game

Plays: 2799
Category: BoardGame
Are you good at chess? Find out now. Play chess with your facebook friends
Play Chess lessons. BlockadeChess lessons. Blockade Game

Plays: 2795
Category: BoardGame
The fourth for chess players. This time you're getting the pack of problems on Blockade. The set of chess problems are arranged by complexity, from the easiest to quite complex compositions.
Play Captain BackwaterCaptain Backwater Game

Plays: 2776
Category: BoardGame
Get ready for the biggest pirate puzzle adventure ever. Meet Captain Backwater - the most feared pirate in the Caribbean. Help him to loot dangerous treasure caves, find the biggest pirate treasure ever and rescue Backwater's beloved Mary O'Maley. This adventure is a real brain challenge for you full of danger, fun and fame. ? fresh & challenging gameplay ? many extras & special items ? clear 100 treasure caves ? complete the cursed amulet ? become the most feared pirate in the Caribbean ? share your achievements with your friends

Plays: 2712
Category: BoardGame
Show your chess skills and compete against a very strong computer player!
Play CheSSCheSS Game

Plays: 2693
Category: Puzzles
Choose the desired difficulty level of your opponent. Select the color of your chess pieces and enjoy this great classic game of Chess!
Play Monkey BrawlMonkey Brawl Game

Plays: 2573
Category: Action
It's a wild mix of multiplayer tactics and action! Lead a team of savage monkeys that got their hands on mighty weapons: coconuts, palm leafs and tiger jaws! Can you outsmart your opponents?
Play Chess Snake PuzzlesChess Snake Puzzles Game

Plays: 2548
Category: Puzzles
Draw a snake that goes from the lower left square to the upper right square. The snake's path moves horizontally or vertically, and does not touch itself, even diagonally. Each chess piece attacks the same number of segments of the snake.
Play Shape ChessShape Chess Game

Plays: 2537
Category: BoardGame
Shape Chess is an alternative chess game.

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