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Play DONDON'T wake up the girl Game

Plays: 4085
Category: Shooting
Protect the girl from the bugs
Play Magus Tower DefenseMagus Tower Defense Game

Plays: 4051
Category: Strategy
Simple, but solid TD game. There are two types of towers in the game: offensive and support. Offensive towers purpose is to do damage to enemies while support towers increase power of those attack towers. The other twist of the game is that there are multiple paths, but you can’t block or change them, which makes the enemies spread to all directions and you have to strategically plan where are the best spots to concentrate in building your towers.
Play Bug SwatBug Swat Game

Plays: 3993
Category: Shooting
How many bugs can you swat in 30 seconds in this fun little arcade game. Different coloured bugs are worth more points so make sure you aim for the highest first!
Play Keyboard ActionHeroKeyboard ActionHero Game

Plays: 3934
Category: Action
Featuring ActionHero, the superhero made of magical cleaning fluid in a tube. Defeat filthiness by cleaning dirty keyboards while learning keyboard-character placement. Features include: Co-op friendly! Defeat dirt and filth with your keyboard character placement memorization skills (phew!)!, Face three vicious enemies with different strategies to defeat them, Catch the floating health powerups to restore health, Open stages means freedom to take on the Dirtiest keyboard in the world!, Random dirt and enemy generation for maximum replayability!, ActionClean, ActionStomp, ActionJump your way to a more score!.
Play Spider AttackSpider Attack Game

Plays: 3915
Category: Action
A butterfly flew into the spider web! Try to defend it long enough so it can break free!
Play Radioactive ButterflyRadioactive Butterfly Game

Plays: 3816
Category: Shooting
Atomic destruction on a minuscule scale. Blast the bugs!
Play Go Go Garden DefenseGo Go Garden Defense Game

Plays: 3802
Category: Puzzles
Defend your garden for creeping insects! Go Go Garden Defense puts you in charge of a tower-based pest control system. Will you squash them with bleedlings, splatter them with sling berries, or bombard them with chili bombers? The fate of the entire garden rests in your ability to recharge its life force and keep bugs out!
Play CaterPiller KillerCaterPiller Killer Game

Plays: 3780
Category: Action
Kill all of the mutant Caterpillers before they eat you. Use the BugSpray and Spray Them Bugs!
Play Match The BugzMatch The Bugz Game

Plays: 3765
Category: Puzzles
Swap the bugs and try to align 3 or more similar ones in a row to eliminate them, but avoid the bombs.
Play Bugs on the BayouBugs on the Bayou Game

Plays: 3703
Category: Action
This relaxing music game is set in the night sky above the bayou. Catch all the fireflies that litter the sky by encircling them with your trail. Capture various colored bugs to meet the goal to progress while avoid an onslaught of baddies!
Play Fly Or Die Beta TestFly Or Die Beta Test Game

Plays: 3664
Category: Fighting
Turn based multiplayer strategy game, aerial fights. Now in beta version, 4 planes avaible and others changes. Please comment any bugs so I can correct them in the next version.
Play GnatSplatGnatSplat Game

Plays: 3549
Category: Action
The gnats are all over the place again, and they're driving everyone crazy. Accuracy and speed can help get you on the leaderboard!
Play BugStomperBugStomper Game

Plays: 3549
Category: Sports
It's a creaking night! Look out for the nasty bugs and stomp them for good before they bug you with the noise.
Play Frogit 1Frogit 1 Game

Plays: 3521
Category: Action
Use the arrow keys to move the frog in the direction you want to go and collect the required amount of bugs to complete each pond.
Play Whisper Freedom FIghtWhisper Freedom FIght Game

Plays: 3499
Category: Action
Attach wings to the sluggishly moving lady birds before you run out of time.
Play Flower BugsFlower Bugs Game

Plays: 3479
Category: Shooting
Bugs attempt to attack your garden pond, in order to save your garden, a flower box with the mouse to attack the bugs.
Play Computers & BugsComputers & Bugs Game

Plays: 3439
Category: BoardGame
Click on two or more computer components of same type to collect them. When you have all four components you got the computer. When you deal with computers, there's always a bug. Luckily programer will use one computer to remove the bug.
Play Evil Lady Bug PongEvil Lady Bug Pong Game

Plays: 3430
Category: Puzzles
Anasia, the queen of the Pink Ants needs your help from the wrath of the evil lady bugs! Use the legendary purple excalibur and the mysterious metal pellet to fend off these monsters!
Play Bug SplatterBug Splatter Game

Plays: 3429
Category: Action
Shoot the bugs before they escape!
Play Capture the BugsCapture the Bugs Game

Plays: 3395
Category: Action
Drag the forceps with the mouse and capture the bugs. Drop the bugs in the flask by taking them over its mouth. If you drop all the bugs within 30 seconds you go to next level.

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