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Play Spider BugsSpider Bugs Game

Plays: 2463
Category: Action
Spider ladybugs? Lady spider-bugs?
Play Downing Street FighterDowning Street Fighter Game

Plays: 2392
Category: Fighting
Downing Street Fighter is using the concept provided by Street Fighter of fighting a hierarchy of enemies to achieve champion status and turning it on its head. Instead, of fighting to be champion, you are fighting for the freedom of the British people. As the looming General Election of 2010 is almost here and the public still knows nothing of what any of the three parties stand for, it is certainly a novel idea and one that is rather poignant. Created by the leading UK based games design and development team at Tentacle, the game is of a high quality and is completely unique. There are no bugs and glitches in the game at all so you can just get on and play very quickly and very easily. Tentacle designed, developed and produced this game in response to the hottest issue in the British news at the moment, or rather the hottest question – who will be the next Prime Minister? Given the way the polls are fluctuating, nobody knows but that does not mean that the people cannot have a little fun along the way! Tentacle is renowned for its production of virals based on topical and controversial news stories and so Downing Street Fighter fits the bill well. As a reputable company, Tentacle will only ask for relevant information from individual players to register high scores, enable communication and other similar activities that are made transparent on the site. No further information will be requested at all and no details collected will be used in any way, shape or form outside of the game format and service. As such, you can play the game with peace of mind that all that is required from you is a little imagination and fun! What are you waiting for? Get playing Downing Street Fighter today and protect the British people from the Blair Witch now!
Play Dropship CommanderDropship Commander Game

Plays: 2340
Category: Action
Defend your base against an onslaught of bugs. Collect rocks to buy and upgrade various defenses, repairs and turrets to deploy.
Play Princess Fashion CatchPrincess Fashion Catch Game

Plays: 2299
Category: Sports
This is a fun skill game for girls. Our royal princesses are playing the see-saw. They can catch many fashion items like shoes, tiaras and purses while flying in the air. But watch out the bugs and evils! Enjoy this fashion catch with five princesses!
Play Roach SplatterRoach Splatter Game

Plays: 2297
Category: Action
Guide the hand and smash all the roaches. But keep your eye on the pain meter, you won't be able to hit if it runs out. If you get the butter use it to restore the pain meter
Play Army Swat Army Swat Game

Plays: 2292
Category: Action
Shoot the terrorist's but watch out for them shooting back Although they are not very good shots they miss 50% of the time! Any comments regarding this game, how it could be improved should it be made harder, or you find any bugs etc please use the link below to let us know. Tell us what you think of this game.
Play Bug SplatterBug Splatter Game

Plays: 2273
Category: Action
Splat as many bugs before time ends.
Play Save The AntsSave The Ants Game

Plays: 2262
Category: Shooting
Control the ladybug with arrow keys. To exit the level, fly right to the top of the screen and keep holding down the UP arrow
Play bubblePopper!bubblePopper! Game

Plays: 2234
Category: Shooting
Pop as many bubbles as you can! Wacky things happen when little bugs and creatures get caught in the bubbles. Feed the bugs to the bird and the mice to the snake for big bonuses. Pop the gas bubbles and then the flame bubble to create huge explosions that can pop even the toughest bubbles! Can you make it to see the baby penguin dance?
Play Bug BusterBug Buster Game

Plays: 2198
Category: Action
Match as many bugs as possible in this addictive puzzle game.
Play Mighty FishMighty Fish Game

Plays: 2170
Category: Action
It's hard to be a fish. Jump, eat and avoid enemy fishes! Control the mighty fish avoiding obstacles and collect blue fishes or flying bugs.
Play FruityBugs 2011FruityBugs 2011 Game

Plays: 2155
Category: Action
A graphic refresh of the popular FruityBugs; with easier-to-send highscores and multi-language. Guide the ladybugs to the corresponding fruit. Score as high as you can!
Play Winged BulletWinged Bullet Game

Plays: 2151
Category: Action
A bullet with wings travels much farther than one without. Fly through the cave collecting the energy of its inhabitants to power your wings!
Play Love BugsLove Bugs Game

Plays: 2145
Category: Puzzles
Puzzle game, you have 20 minutes to turn all bugs into hearts.
Play Bugs BusterBugs Buster Game

Plays: 2143
Category: Action
Kill the bugs and get the bonus
Play DOLI- Toto Catches ButterfliesDOLI- Toto Catches Butterflies Game

Plays: 2137
Category: Strategy
Toto loves catching butterflies and you need to help him fulfill this skills game by catching all the cute little flying bugs. Have fun!
Play Run Baby Run 2!Run Baby Run 2! Game

Plays: 2133
Category: Action
Run Baby Run 2! is the game upgrade it needed. Many bugs have been fixed and now playability is great. Plus, there have been 3 new levels and their fancy backgrounds added.
Play ShooterShooter Game

Plays: 2116
Category: Shooting
War of people and robots.
Play Bubble BugsBubble Bugs Game

Plays: 2100
Category: Puzzles
Click and drag with the bubble wand to blow a bubble around a bug. The more bugs you capture in a bubble the more points you get. Get more time by capturing clocks and get more bubble juice when you capture a bubble bottle. Have fun!
Play ZerpentZerpent Game

Plays: 2088
Category: Action
Move your zerpent and make him grow by eating the stars. Avoid rocks and bugs. Try circling the bugs for extra points.

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